Prayer Summary for Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pastor Ray shared…

There’s a scripture that I wanted to read in Isaiah. I found something in the Revival Bible about these two scriptures. The verses are in Isaiah 43:18,19. The Amplified says, “Do not [earnestly] remember the former things; neither consider the things of old.” Not that we’re to not remember what He’s done. That’s not what this is saying. I like that the Amplified says, “earnestly” where we might be thinking, “I just want to go back there.” Cuz verse 19 says, “Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” He’s doing a new thing—now! When I read that I think of the things that were impossible, there is a way because He made the way. I like these two commentaries by Charles Spurgeon and the other one is Charles Pierce that are in The Revival Study Bible which is available in the bookstore. It’s full of commentaries from different ministers, mostly concerning revival. In this particular commentary, this man was late 1800s up until 1945. He was from Britain and he said, “In vain, we pray for the revivals of yesterday.” I hate doing that because yesterday is over. And Ms. Erica reminded me the other day that in God’s time, we only have 2 ½ days so we better get on with it. It’s just a matter of hours. Let’s continue… “In vain, we pray for the revivals of yesterday. Revivals only come through those inspired men who look into the future and not into the past.” Otherwise, I’m looking back and I know what took place 20 years ago or 30 years ago or whatever and I’m so thankful for it, blessed because of it, but there was a purpose that God had when He visits. Every time there is a purpose for it. And in that purpose is change for us, that we’ll move on, that we’ll go forth. So he said also, “The heavens begin to stir when the heart cries of hungry people, not satisfied with the status quo, begin to pour through the portals and reach the ears and the heart of God. Revivals never come through the smug complacency of self-satisfied Churchianity. No man can ever see the light on the hills of tomorrow who is constantly looking longingly back at the road over which he came yesterday.” (Charles Pierce)

Not everything was great in the good ole days. We like to think that. People always say, “The fifties…” I was around in the 50s so it wasn’t that great. I’m looking ahead. That’s the point of this scripture here… to stop looking back. If we keep looking back, we won’t be looking ahead and we won’t be expecting what that second verse says: “I’m doing a new thing now.” We’ll be looking back and miss “the now.” So Charles Spurgeon said, “Behold I will do a new thing. Has not our unbelief sometimes fed upon the novelty of the promised blessing? It seemed a new thing to you sinners that the Lord should in a moment pass by your sins, and make you righteous in the righteousness of Christ; yet the new thing has come to pass. When we hear of a more than ordinarily successful Christian work, many who have not been favored with such prosperity cannot believe it to be true. Had they seen two or three people converted and added to the church in a year, they would have said, This is the finger of God. But if they hear of 40 or 100 or even a thousand converted during a gracious revival, they are very skeptical. The conversion of thousands under one sermon they admit may have taken place in Old Testament times but that is a long time ago; we cannot expect to see such things now. Thus, they reason in their hearts and insinuate that the Lord’s arm has waxed short. Oh, brethren, if God has given us a promise which has not yet been fulfilled, and if there never has before occurred anything like it, this is no excuse for our disbelieving the divine Word. Has He not promised, “Behold, I will do a new thing”? Did He not say to His people Israel, “I have shown you new things from this time, even hidden things, and you did n to not know them”? Is not everything new when for the first time the Lord reveals it? (Charles Spurgeon)

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Pastor Ray shared…

I perceive that fear has begun to enter the Church last year into this year and it’s been on the increase because of what the eyes of the Church has been looking at. But in My Word, did I not say I would make a way in the wilderness and rivers even in the desert. So look up from where My help is coming from and enter into the authority, the anointing that’s been set within you as members of My body. And take that authority every day, every hour, every second and begin to declare fear out. Remove it and keep it away. For fear will hold the Church back and make it look back to the days past, but freedom from fear strengthened by the power of My precious Holy Spirit will keep My Church on the road of victory and every care and all of the anxieties will exit there. For My power and authority in My body will keep it moving, keep it going, keep it stretching ahead. Keep on looking for what I said to you this day—new things now!


Father, we hold fast to Your precious written Word and to Your words spoken by Your prophets throughout the centuries. And things that have been declared even now this year for 2015 that the door has been opened for more. So we see to keep our focus these days off of what the enemy or the world or our friends are saying, but to keep our eyes on You and what You’ve already said. Mysteries, hidden things, we know that You are the one that reveals. Strength, endurance, compassion, we know that’s not us but You in us. So we each take our turn and do our parts but we connect with our hearts…
Not coming behind in anything
Watching as we pray
Calling those things up that were below
So much is at stake—we remove the limitations and hindrances
For our part, we pull up those stakes that have held us in
We press up and out and move ahead with a brand new Holy Ghost shout
Strengthen again and again
That’s a limitation that has to go away!
Bodies will limit and minds will hold back, but the Spirit will shake us up and out into what has been promised to you and me
There’s a mandate for it now
We watch over that
We set ourselves in harmony—every detail and every part
Come on up and move ahead and declare it
You’ll march every day and move victorious and not look back
There is room for increase and momentum
The Church will grow up and go there
Some things have been pent up and shut up but now they’re being loosed in Jesus’ name
Don’t lean or trust in that
Press beyond human frailty
Move in the realm in the spirit, the supernatural
Believing and speaking and declaring in accordance with Your belief system
Where fear would be replaced with boldness and grace and endurance to take the place that we’ve been called to walk in
Strength, endurance, persistence and a press—it’s a good press
It’s not our strength, it’s the Lord’s strength, His power from on high
We see that… that’s a preparation for the prayers of the Church for the tower that goes up high, for the power from heaven distributed on this earth—signs and wonders and miracles galore, supernatural events that are in store
Age will not make a difference; it doesn’t matter how young or how old, but the glory and the power and the strength from heaven will take the Church through
For assignments right now are being handed out
We receive by faith every assignment—we take it now
We reach and stretch out for more
Demolishing the power of the enemy

Pastor Ray shared…

I was watching and waiting for the word and it was demolish and I could see it in my spirit but I couldn’t say it. There’s about to be some demolishing if and when the Church stands up, occupies the space that it’s been called to occupy. For if we do not occupy this space, there will be another that will occupy it and make the Church go in the wrong way. So it’s time for the Church to rise up and occupy. Rise up and move ahead. Rise up and declare “This is my church and this is the way it shall be and every hindrance must come down in Jesus’ name. Be demolished. Blown up. Disposed of. Denied, as though it never existed.

Continued praying…

To see the things that have not yet come to pass—the Spirit of seeing and knowing
Waiting for this time for this hour for this people to be trusted with the assignment for the end of days
We will not fail, for we are crowned with His strength and power and His might
His yoke will be easy and His burden will be light
The crooked will be made straight
The lower roads will be raised up and the mountains brought down
We cannot fail, we will not fail for we are His people and the sheep of His pasture
He has given us all authority and power to the pulling down of strongholds
So we step up—the joy of the Lord is our strength
Nothing is impossible to those who believe
We believe
Let the sleeper awaken
Let the rising Church, the giant rise up, shake off her bonds, gird herself for war
We will not stop and we will not be denied our victory
We have been given the blood, the Word, the sword of the Spirit and the name that is above every name
We receive right now as members of the body of Christ—physical strength and spiritual strength

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