Prayer Summary for Friday, February 27, 2015

Pastor Ray shared…

I wanted to share a word that were spoken through Mark Hankins on Wednesday evening. Trina got up and sang in the Spirit and then brother Mark got the interpretation. She first gave a message in tongues and then Mark interpreted it:

…so open your heart wide and draw near to the Father. Come boldly because of the blood and fellowship there in the presence of the Lord. Sweet fellowship with the Father and receive all that He has for you. Come boldly and receive mercy, find grace to help you in the time of need. Come boldly and receive from His wisdom, for His Word and His thoughts come down like rain and His Word will saturate and soak into your heart. And new things will spring up—God’s thoughts and God’s ways—and you’ll walk in a new way. You’ll cast down every imagination and every thought that would hinder you from cooperating and receiving from the Father. So open your heart wide and receive the Word of God. Hear what He’s saying to you in this time and this season of your life, for there are fresh things and new things and new blessing that will break out and spring forth in your life. And you’ll look back and say, “In this time and in this season, the Lord was preparing me, preparing me to walk in a greater measure of His blessing and a greater measure of His glory. So I yield to the Spirit of God and I receive the Word of God and that Word works mightily and effectually in me.”

Trina gave another message in tongues
: For what He has done in the beginning, He will… (tongues)

Mark Hankins gave the interpretation: For the Lord will teach you a new way to walk and a new way to follow Him and teach you in ways and things that you’ve never learned or seen before. And He’ll bring to your remembrance all that He’s spoken to you. For you can see His way and His pattern, all the way from the beginning in His provision and abundance for man and you’ll see as you walk in that way that the blessing of the Lord will grow and multiply and you’ll see the love that the Father has for you. For it is a Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom, for it has already been provided. It’s already available and already belongs to you. So step on in and as you receive the Word, act upon the Word of God and declare the Word of God and you’ll find mountains shall be removed. And the scenery will change and new things will spring forth and I’ll make the crooked things straight before you, saith the Lord. I’ll make darkness light before you and you’ll prepare the way for the glory of the Lord to be revealed and that glory shall bring ever increasing blessing, ever increasing changes. And you’ll go forward, blessed in the goodness and grace of God that you’ll laugh and rejoice and say, “Look what the Lord has done.” And others will look at you and say, “The Lord has done great things for them.” And you’ll be a testimony of the goodness and the grace of God. So open your heart wide, open your mouth wide, and receive the Word of the Lord and act upon that Word and new things shall spring forth. Are we interested in the new? Yes! Like the Lord has said in His Word, every day is a new day. His mercies are new every day. There are many more steps that we’ve been predestined to make. [end of word]

Father, we receive that increase by faith that even crooked ways, these ways You said by Your Spirit through Brother Mark, these things would be straightened out. The word that comes to me is “enlightenment” concerning the plan and the destiny that the Father has called each one of us to. I’m taking a drink of the precious waters, the power, the strength, the encouragement, the spirit of seeing and knowing—taking in more of Your purpose, Lord, to walk it out and do what You’ve predestined us to do. Every time we get more over into Your presence, everything begins to look up. Everything begins to work out and we begin to see things the way You see them. So we purpose this morning to put our eyes upon You and stay strong in the Word, stay standing on the Word and operate through what You’ve said we could do. You said we could do all things through You. It’s not us, but it’s You. We believe to apprehend and hold fast to what You’ve called each one of us to do.


For each member of the body of Christ, all the children of the King
Be strengthened today in Your purpose
God has put within you a call and that call is calling you upward
It is calling you outward, beyond the things that you can do in your own strength into what the presence or the power of the Holy Spirit will do through you
We love You, Lord
Thank You for the precious blood of Jesus
For the body to be united together and words of faith being spoken
We open our hearts and our lives and bow down to You
Whatever You want us to do and wherever You want us to go, we’re ready
Anoint our eyes to see, anoint our hearts to see, anoint us, O Lord
Work through us, Lord, more and more
Going higher, to do the greater
How wonderful You are, Lord, and we praise You for Your mighty works You are doing here
You’re doing it through us right now
Work in our lives and in our ministry
Beginning to receive the things that have been sent
Nothing is impossible
We can do all things through You, Lord
Mighty works, mighty plans, mighty steps
Fulfilling every thing that we can see
We are so glad, we receive
There is an expectancy now
Open, open, open
Fire, fire, fire shut up in our bones
Momentum in the Church
See her (the church) rise, up, up, up

Ray shared…

Secret Codes! That’s what I’m picking up. Secret codes for the body of Christ to be declared in this hour, things the devil will not understand. It’ll come forth, a prophecy here and there, a word spoken by the Spirit over there, it’ll come forth and be declared but it’ll be a secret and it will not be known but the Father knows. And by the power of the Holy Ghost, that is the way it shall go. Secrets will unfold, many will come in… it’s like a blast off, bold declaration by the Spirit in other tongues spoken to the Father that will bring about great demonstrations in these days in the Church that the world will see and say, “What on earth is happening there?” But it will not be from the earth. It is from heaven above. We believe it, Lord.

Continued praying…

Declaring some things
It will bring out things that you can’t even describe it
Can’t even wrap words around it
It’s a revelation for the revolution
Revelation, opening the doors
It’s unlimited
The power has been given, the anointing is there
The prophetic is a surprise attack, for the enemy has no time to short circuit it
It is spoken and set in motion and nothing in the darkness can do anything about it
It’s put in motion and beginning to work now
Mighty working in unusual ways and unusual places
He’s using unusual people, using audacious people, people of courage
Surprising the enemy, speaking a prophetic word, setting it in motion
Every believer becomes an assault weapon in the hands of God
We take the mountain by force and by the blood
Speaking by faith, calling it forth, receiving it external and internal
Rooms, territories, regions, resources, abundance
Abundance in finances, in health, in anointing, in glory, of power, of breakthroughs, of joy
It’s an “all clear” to go ahead
Every great and mighty plan completed
From our neighbors to the south, the Latinos to those in the north, the black and the white, the red and the yellow working together, flowing together, the anointing destroying every yoke and bringing unity in the body of Christ, a white harvest coming in
For these are the days that the glory of the Lord shall be seen on the earth
Not in a small way but in a great and mighty way
You will be witnesses of My glory and you will walk in the fullness of My anointing
My body will be strong and My body will walk in the mighty power of almighty God
It’s our destiny, Lord
I hear the sound of the glorious Church shaking off her sleepiness, gazing before her and seeing what must be done
She rises in boldness, unafraid, clothed in the glory and power of God
Robes dipped in the blood of the Lamb
Taking on the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, and carrying the sword of the Spirit
She makes war and brings terror to the kingdom of darkness
And the enemy who thinks he has won shall see that we take back what he has taken from us
We engage and we take everything God has told us to take
In schools, in universities, in the entertainment industry, we take it back
We will not be moved but run in the power of God
The world has never seen a Christian like this one

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