Prayer Summary for March 2


We welcome Your presence in this place, Father
Thank You for Your precious Holy Spirit that lives on the inside of us
Calling that wealth transfer to come forth in Jesus’ name!
Fill us up, we desire for more and more of You
You have called us to a higher calling in Christ Jesus
We love Your ways and Your touch
Your grace and mercy are overflowing in our lives today


The following prophecy was given through Mark and Trina Hankins in March of 2015:

Vision 2015—Tongues and Interpretation

There is a wealth transfer that is coming in this hour both personally and corporately in the body of Christ. I don’t know how far it’s going to come from away, but it may be traveling right now to you, to finance God’s righteous cause.

Trina gives message in tongues… For the chariots of God…(tongues) and the angel of the Lord, (tongues) for it is (tongues)

Mark Hankins gives the interpretation: For the chariots of God are thousands and thousands and the angels innumerable are now moving in all of heaven’s resources, arranged and working together, for as you exercise your authority on the earth, now something is happening in heaven. And heaven is responding and moving now. And the angels go on assignment and are causing the money to come and the blessing of the Lord, for this is not a natural thing. This is supernatural. It is taking care of business supernaturally. So yield to the Holy Spirit and recognize your authority and lift your voice for in this hour, there is money that is moving and shaking that the enemy has hindered and held back for years. But now it shall move and it shall come and the money will come. And you will be laughing and rejoicing at the goodness of God in your house and your children and your children’s children. And the wealth of the sinner now is shaking and moving into the hands of the righteous. So do not be passive in this area but lift your voice and lift it up with strength and lift it up with boldness, for now you know and now you exercise your authority and business is taken care of here in the house of the Lord. And the glory of God fills the house and you’ll find a breakthrough and increase in your house and in your business and your finances and you will rejoice at the good ness of God.

Shout about it!

Trina gives message in tongues.

Mark Hankins gives the interpretation: For there is a righteous cause for in this hour and in these last days, the Spirit of God shall move and things shall be turned and changed and rearranged. But the authority lies in the believer and in the Church—all the power in the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. But you must exercise that authority and the powers of darkness will be pushed back and the devil will flee away. And you’ll find a breakthrough of the increase and the blessing of the Lord, for this is not just a single person. This is a corporate vision. Corporately lifting our voices together, corporately joining our faith together and corporately giving together shall cause a blessing that shall multiply upon your house and upon those things that concern you. So that you’ll not only be blessed in the area of the things that you need, but there shall be a breakthrough even in the things that you have dreamed and desired. For it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. It is His good pleasure now… Oh the Lord Himself shall open those things up from His good treasure because He loves you and He wants these things to happen for you. For Jesus has provided it so you take your place of authority, and you’ll find that not only will you be blessed but increase shall overflow and you’ll enjoy the blessings of the Lord. For this is that season and hour, so you must not be silent, but lift your voice. And then rejoice and magnify the Lord, and you’ll find the harvest will come and you’ll rejoice in the goodness of God.

Lift your voice and praise the Lord!

Trina gives message in tongues…

Mark gives the interpretation: And you will rejoice and gather up the spoil that belongs to you, for Jesus is Lord and He is master and His victory is yours. So therefore you exercise this authority, and you’ll find the enemy will flee and you’ll find the blessing of the Lord shall break through and run over in abundance in your house. And you will be a sign and a wonder to those that are around you even in your own family that as you have obeyed God, as you have been faithful in a few things and faithful financially, now you’ll find the increase and the blessing of the Lord that shall come into your life and God said I do this because it is My righteous cause and now you will be blessed and increase will come into your house and many will say “That surely must have been the hand of the Lord.”

Shout about it!

Scripture Focus…

(6) “For thus says the Lord of hosts: Yet once more, in a little while, I will shake and make tremble the [starry] heavens, the earth, the sea, and the dry land; (7) And I will shake all nations and the [a]desire and the precious things of all nations shall come in, and I will fill this house with splendor, says the Lord of hosts. (8) The silver is Mine and the gold is Mine, says the Lord of hosts. (9) The latter glory of this house [with its successor, to which Jesus came] shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts; and in this place will I give peace and prosperity, says the Lord of hosts.”
(Haggai 2:6–9 Amp.)

Continued Praying…

You are our provider and the way-maker
Thank You wonderful, precious Holy Spirit
We hold fast to those things You have promised us, Father
By faith, we receive those things by faith, and we will never let them go
Enemy, you are under our feet!
Turning our eyes to You and putting all of our hope and trust in You, Lord
We will continue to press ahead, for we know the best is yet to come
Hallelujah, Jesus
There is a day coming when that harvest will come forth
We call for an outpouring of Your power, Lord
Rains and floods of Your Spirt are coming, and they cannot be stopped!
Your Spirit will be poured out like a river of deep water
Calling for the fullness of the ministry of Your precious Holy Spirit
Rain from heaven, pour out upon us
We call for prayers that are fed from heaven today, Lord
There are keys that unlock things, and those doors will be opened
Supernatural aid and assistance, Father
There will be a move of the Holy Spirit like never seen or heard before
Bondages will be broken and there will be deliverance to set the captives free
Every mountain will be made low, and every valley shall be filled in
There is a highway being built for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
This nation is being delivered and set free in Jesus’ name!
Open, open, open!
There will be a shaking in the halls of Congress this day!
Anoint their mouths, that none can mock!
Make a way, Father!
This is so vital, that every heart would be opened to the truth of Your Word
Thank You, Lord
We praise Your name, Jesus!
Declaring alignment in the body of Christ today in Jesus’ name!
Rain from heaven, come down!
Bring in that harvest, Lord
Devil, you can’t stop this!
We know where the blessing and increase come from
It comes from You, and from You alone!
Jesus, You are so wonderful and greatly to be praised
Victory is ours!
We love and magnify You, Lord
Thank You for strength from heaven above, today
Giving You all of the glory, honor and praise

A Word of the Lord came forth:
It’s not just my expectation and your expectation about the transfer of the wealth and the changes and the things that will come, but it’s My expectation, saith the Lord, operating in you, operating through you, and operating around you. There will be others that will want to join up with you when they see Me operating through you, so watch over that, that comes your way, for it shall be breakthrough, after breakthrough, after breakthrough that will come forth operating in you and out of you and bringing about change for those that are related and for those that are not. But in My body, it will be My expectation in you bringing about the change that you have been looking for. So continually lift up your eyes unto Me. Put all of your trust and hope and stand strong upon that foundation of My Word and it will, it is, and it shall continue to operate through you. Abundance is Mine, saith the Lord, but abundance is yours in Me, saith the Lord, so watch and pray and call things your way, that expectancy every day we will see it come forth over, and over, and over, and over more and more and more and more, there will be days when you will be so over-the-top thankful. But that’s not the end of it, for there is more, for greater days lie ahead. My abundance—it’s not in your head but it’s in your expectation, My expectation in you believing, waiting, receiving, seeing it, and grabbing hold, and never letting it go.

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