Prayer Summary for February 25


Father, we are victorious in every way when we stay in Your plan
We run our race hand in hand with You
Seeing it real clear today—which way to go, the words to declare, trusting in You all the way
The Spirit of seeing and of knowing is moving in the Church
We receive the strength of God—we take it!
Taking the sword of the Spirit and declaring obstacles must come down
Nothing can hold it back—that move is coming
Precept upon precept
Supernatural ways—miracles
We are the sheep of Your pasture and nothing is impossible for us
Oh the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever
We make much of the blood and declare it over the Church
For the Church is functioning and walking out heaven’s plan declaring “This is the way it shall be!”
The mercy seat, the mercy seat
This is the time for the Church to rise and shine
We’ve waited for this time from the ages and ages—and so it is now
The door is open; it’s finally wide open
Expectations never seen before for this time—exploits!

The following Prophecy was given by Kenneth Hagin on July 27, 1977:

There will come a time, and we are right on the threshold of it, when further revelation concerning the power of God and concerning how to activate faith will come—truth has been revealed.

Truth, and light, and revelation in line with God’s Word comes as you teach the Word, as you study the Word.

But there will come further revelation concerning the power of the Lord to heal and concerning faith to operate that power that it will seem as though the Church almost immediately will rise up as a spiritual giant. And there shall be a release of power in our day, and in our age that man has not seen before.

There is coming an hour—gird up your loins, and rejoice, oh ye people. There is coming an hour. There is coming a day and is not far off, when the truth, the full truth, the whole truth, the revelation of that truth that has come here a line upon line, precept upon precept, shall come into full revelation. And men upon this earth shall walk and talk and act like God. For they wiII live in the power of God, motivated by His power, motivated by His Spirit.

But you will see greater manifestation. You will see those that are bound mentally by chains of darkness and demons unloosed in a moment. For in the Word of Faith they must go. And you will be glad you lived in this day, in this hour when the power of God is in full manifestation. Another will not have to run and tell thee, “I saw thus, and I saw that.” but thou shall see with thine own eyes and shall know and shall rejoice in it.

And there shall be those called to me, saith the Lord, and equipped by my Spirit who will stand in the offices that I have placed in the church. Those who will stand in the office of the prophet, and like the seer of the Old Covenant, will see and know things supernaturally. Yea standing upon the horizon of time they shall look into two worlds—into the world of time, earth… earthly but, at the same time, into the world of spirit, heavenly.

The seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days in time that go by and so those who know God, know their God in these days shall be strong and shall do exploits. For there is an army of the Lord that is being raised up in this day and in this hour. Some have called them, a new breed and speaking thusly, it is true and it is so. Men and women, boys and girls, young men and young women who will know and do know their rights and privileges in Christ Jesus, who know the power of His name, who know the might of His Spirit, who know the secrets of His faith, and appreciate unto themselves that which has already been given. And so it shall be said of these as it was said of the early disciples.

They that have turned the worlds upside down are come hither also.

The Lord is raising up an army that will not run away and hide—not run away in darkness to abide but an army of light, an army of truth, an army of power that will go forth with His equipment and with His power and will storm the very strongholds of the Devil and the strongholds of Satan will fall flat just like the walls of Jericho fell down flat when the army of Israel, when the people of God, did what was revealed unto them by God Himself to do.

Though foolish it seemed to be, though so simple… until the natural man would deride and laugh and say, “I will not stand by their side.” But obeying the Word of the Lord they marched as one man around the walls and not a word did they say. They marched again, and again, day after day—in quietness and silence, and not a word was spoken and then the day came when they marched seven times and then all with a shout, praised the Lord, and the walls fell down flat. And so shall it be that the Lord is raising up and will raise up a spiritual army who will go forth with His power. In fact, many of those here tonight are a part of that army. You can be one if you so desire. Purpose in your heart that you will not be lazy, that you will not draw back, hold back, or sit down but purpose in your heart that you will rise up and march forward and become on fire.

Continued Praying…

The enemy must return what was stolen—seven fold in Jesus’ name
Father, You are preparing Your strong arm to do battle
We are strong in the power of Your might—greater works we shall do
Every place we put our hand to we take for the kingdom of God
When the enemy comes in, like a flood the Spirit of the Lord raises up a standard
It’s a glorious time for the glorious church—from glory to glory and strength to strength
Going up and up in the glorious flow—come on up!
Open up that realm
Thank You, Father, for giving us everything we need
Let the fire fall, let the rain of the Spirit fall, let the river flow, let the wind of God blow
Father, we plead the blood of Jesus over the leaders in the Body—declaring revelation from heaven, hearing, and seeing all the way through
Let the leaders lead in Your way!
To the weary we say “a new refreshing, a new boldness, a new love of your call”
You will run your race and be strong in the Lord—you are the ones that will do exploits
This is the time so REJOYCE!
No weapon fashioned against you will prosper—His angels have charge over you
Walking in the new!
Father, we say yes to Your will and Yes to You plans—Yes today!
The Lord reigns—let all the earth be glad!
Father, You are good and only good
We give You all the praise, all the glory, and all the honor

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