Prayer Summary for Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pastor Ray shared…

I wanted to read something concerning praying in other tongues. I’ve been making for myself opportunities just to pray in other tongues. It’s a decision that we make. I found two things I wanted to read about tongues. The first one is from David Y. Cho. He has over a million people in his church. Something is working right if you have a million people in your church. I wanted to read what he said about tongues.

[begin quote]
As a young Christian, I could not see the importance of tongues in my Christian life. However, the longer I believe in Jesus Christ, the more I feel the tremendous importance of tongues in my own personal Christian life. I spend a good deal of my prayer life praying in my spiritual language.

Sometimes, I feel a burden of prayer; yet, I may not know exactly what I should pray for or I may not have exactly the words to express what I feel. This is the time that I enter my spiritual language and can pierce through my natural inability to articulate to God what I am feeling. I can go directly into my Father’s presence in the Holy Spirit.

During the war in Vietnam, many of our church’s young men went to fight with their American allies in the jungles of that country. Many of their parents would come to me and say, “Pastor, we don’t know how to pray or what to pray for. Please help us because we don’t know the condition of our sons!” My response to them was, “Why don’t we ask God to use our prayer language, since we don’t know what to pray for?” Therefore we prayed: “Dear Heavenly Father, use our prayer language and pray through us for our children. Please meet the needs of our children today. You know where they are. You know their condition.” Soon, we were all praying in our prayer language and we would continue to pray until the burden lifted. Sometimes, some of the parents would continue to pray in the Spirit for days, until the burden lifted.

To be a spiritual intercessor, we must have a desire to stand in the gap. Intercessor literally means to stand between. We must be willing to stand between the need and God, the only One able to meet the need.

We must also be willing to be used by the Holy Spirit in prayer at unexpected times and in unexpected places. We must be willing to be used by the Holy Spirit to pray for needs that we are not aware of naturally. The need may be in another part of the world but the Holy Spirit may desire to use us to meet that need in prayer. God is looking for people who are willing to be used by God. To be a successful intercessor, you should also be willing to pray in the Holy Spirit. (Prayer: Key to Revival, pp. 142, 144, 145—David Y. Cho) [end quote]

Now I want to read a short paragraph from brother Hagin. This is something he said about praying in other tongues. He said this:

[begin quote]
Now, one of the things I appreciate most about being filled with the Holy Spirit is praying with tongues. From that day in 1937 when I was first Spirit-filled to this, I have worshiped and communicated with God, praying and singing in tongues, every single day. And I never have left that place of prayer feeling that I didn’t say what I wanted to say because my spirit was enabled by the Holy Spirit who indwells me to say what it wanted to say.

If you are not doing so already, I invite you to come on in and communicate with God supernaturally. God wants to do so much more for you. He wants to communicate with you in a better way. Know the joy of fellowshiping with the Lord in the spirit.

Speaking in tongues is a continual experience to assist us in the worship of God. It is a flowing stream that should never dry up. It will enrich your life spiritually, and it will enable you to help others and to work with God Himself in the consummation of His work in the earth through the ministry of intercessory prayer. (The Art of Intercession, pp. 67, 69—Kenneth Hagin)
[end quote]

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Jerre led in worship and singing in the spirit…

Jerre shared…

I’m reminded of the scripture that says “keep yourself in your most holy faith, praying in the spirit.” We keep ourselves in our most holy faith by praying in the spirit. So if we don’t pray in the spirit, you won’t go there.


We pray out the ways, each step along the way
The laborers, which way, open the door
Demonstrations, great and greater demonstrations of Holy Ghost power in the earth
We believe and expect to see it
Father, we lift up Franklin Graham and the whole move of prayer across the USA. We lift it up before You. We know June 16 there will be a large meeting at the State Capital. We lift that up. There are other things we can lift up… state after state after state… uniting the body of Christ.
We pray over the tributaries, the waterways, the different streams of ministry
We call them together
We lift up brother Graham and the leadership before You, Father
Messages, words, the working of the Spirit
Calling low places up and high places down
Thousands upon thousands upon thousands
We call “the all”… Come to the…
It’s a higher place, a place of great grace and momentum and power
The fullness, Father, to raise that… it’s a high standard of God almighty
To align the Church together and to enlighten
The mission, the purpose, the distribution centers, the finances, the resources necessary
Increase, wide doors of increase and favor, more and more and more and more
Momentum in that way… highway, the highway
Freedom and liberty and utterance

Group begins to worship and sing in the spirit…

Pastor Ray shared…

It just keep rolling around in me the words “when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Holy Spirit lifts up a standard.” The standard. It’s God’s standard. It’s His standard by the power of the Holy Spirit. Today. We plead the blood of Jesus over the church, the body of Christ, the call, the standard of excellence in the body of Christ, those that are in positions of authority where the enemy has attempted to come in and it looked like he was coming in like a flood, but the power of the Holy Spirit comes and lifts up a standard against whatever the enemy and it comes to nothing.

Continued praying…

What we set our eyes upon and begin to line up our words with, that will bring the standard of the Holy Ghost if our eyes are upon Him and it will lift up the standard. If it’s money or resources or wholeness and health, the power of the Holy Spirit brings that standard up and we rise up with it as members of the Church. The power of the Holy Spirit lifts us up into new days, new positions of authority, new conditions from heaven.

Arising, the level to arise now in every realm and on every side and every dimension
Your Word in power and demonstration
Words, words, words… Your Word
An injection of Your Word into the very center of the situation… declarations
Talk to it… tell it “It shall be…”

Pastor Ray interjected…

Sandy and I have a Greek friend and if things get stirred up and ramped up, it is “Opa!” That keeps coming up in my spirit as we’re praying this morning. “Opa!” moments. Moments of great jubilation and greater celebrations and shaking out of the old ways and out of the old places where our feet were walking and stepping out into the new where there is many more “OPA!” moments! We see that picture for the Church, great celebrations in the body coming up to the table, so to speak, drinking the Word, overflowing in jubilation. That’s the word I get—jubilation. Great jubilation.

Jerre shared and prayed…

I keep hearing in my spirit, “Have you heard the good news?” We don’t jubilate because we’re listening to the bad news. We’re not supposed to live there. We fight there but we live in the good news. I had this thing about the church that the great jubilation and the great power that we have to be able to jubilate comes from the Holy Ghost, from the filling of the Holy Ghost. You shall receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you and I just know that in my tongues I was praying for the church to be Spirit filled. Then He took me to the Spirit filled church and He said to declare that the Spirit filled church was really, truly Spirit filled. Every person walking the way the Holy Spirit would have us walk. So we lift up the Church, Father, so she can be jubilant. In Jesus’ name, I ask You for eyes to be opened, ears to be unstopped. I bind the Devil from blinding those eyes and stopping up those ears to the light of the glorious Gospel, the good news that the Holy Ghost is here in His fullness.

The laborers into the camps
Open eyes and show them the precious gift of the Holy Ghost
A great outpouring, Father, a great unifying and outpouring
Walking as one in the Spirit
Great jubilation
We pray for the leaders whose hands hang down… we lift them up
They look to the light, not staring at the darkness
Declaring into the darkness… “Light be!”

Group singing in the spirit…

Erika shared…

I’m going to read part of a prophecy that came in 2002.

[begin prophecy]
As we’ve been praying for America, the Lord has shown us that He is going to bring great revival to this nation. One of multiple prophecies. Glory to Him. Who was the president of the nation was vital. As we were praying during the election battle, the Lord showed us two highways. There was a highway of holiness, life, or a highway of death. And in the natural, the highway of holiness was represented by the actual I-35 which runs right through Austin, Texas. For in Isaiah 35… ‘I’saiah 35… the Lord says, “And a highway will be there. It will be called the way of holiness, for God means to bring a move of holiness and pour out His spirit in this nation. The time of wandering is over. As we walked in the way of prayer, the Lord began to show us that this move of the Spirit was like a river with a great force and great momentum and a definite direction. His river of life, flowing from the throne room of heaven. And even as He showed us a highway in the natural, He showed us a river in the natural, the Mississippi at flood stage. Then one day He said where I-35 the highway of holiness and the river meet is the place this revival will begin. I looked at the map and it was Minneapolis. Glory to God!

Over a year ago, a fellow intercessor and a friend gave me a tape to listen to concerning the move of prayer coming before revival. It was an unmarked tape. I don’t recall who was giving the message. I just received the word. The man of God was recounting when he was a young evangelist. He went to a church and upon his arrival, he met a little grandmother who walked with a cane. She was an anointed intercessor of Jehovah by the blood of Jesus. She and other women of the church met and prayed and prayed and prayed. Little grandmothers, full of the Spirit of God, yielded vessels of the Most High. After the first night, the evangelist spoke, she tapped him with her cane and said, “Sonny, we’ve prayed for God to send us His best because we need it. And if this is His best, you need a lot of prayer.” She proceeded to take him to their prayer room where they surrounded him and prayed all night until morning. Then prayed like that for ten days. They gathered in the meeting and as the young evangelist began to speak, fear began to cloud his mind. Granny could see it. She stood up and said, “Now stop that, Sonny. You’re ready. You speak out.” And he did. He began to preach and prophesy by the Spirit. One man who had controlled the church through money cried out in repentance, falling down. The entire church stampeded the altar and repented and a great revival broke out. I did not know who the evangelist was, his name or anything. Yesterday morning, the Lord woke me up early and I came into the living room to pray. But I got sleepy and decided to go back to bed. Just as I was getting up, the Lord showed me a man. He had a longish nose, sandy colored coarse or curly hair and he had on a suit and all around him was lightning. I never seen this lightning before. Not striking out from him but bright, white bluish lightning of God. It flowed down over him, permeating him. It framed him. I saw him clearly. Last night I just happened to turn on the TV. There was the man. His name was Dwight Thompson. He was preaching at Mac Hammond’s church, Living Word Christian Center in Minneapolis. Mac Hammond’s wife, Lynne, is an anointed intercessor of God who speaks and prays at prayer meetings. As I watched Dwight Thompson preaching in Minneapolis, he was recounting the story of when he went to a church and he heard a little grandma calling him Sonny. Yes, it was the man I had heard over a year ago on an unmarked tape. Glory to God! It was the man the Lord had shown me in the morning and he was preaching on the power of prayer and the move of prayer that will come out of the church in Minneapolis. It was powerful. He wept and cried that this nation is going to experience great revival and it begins with prayer. And he cried out especially for the youth of this nation with impassioned pleas from the Spirit and the heart of God. Jesus was in their midst crying out for a generation of young people. The move of God is coming. Pray for Mac and Lynne Hammond and many who came forward that night. The last several times she was driving to church having a prayer meeting, she saw a rainbow in the sky and that means the promises are coming to pass. This move of the Spirit is for harvest of souls, a great gathering of a great harvest of God. And the wandering youth of America will be birthed by the Spirit of God into a mighty army of light. And all the enemy has brought and done, schemed will be vanquished. One bright shining encounter with the risen King of glory. Keep watching in the spirit and pray. Glory to God. Is it not written, My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God. [end prophecy]

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