Prayer Summary for Friday, April 15, 2016

Dave shared…

We’re learning how to pray all the time. It’s not something we learned in school and we move on. Learning to pray and to respond to the Holy Spirit is a lifelong thing. We never ever accomplish it. It’s more something we maintain. We maintain a place in God. We need to get used to not knowing what to pray for as we ought. This morning somebody told me they lost a loved one and I started praying for them from my understanding. I didn’t have a lot in that direction. I didn’t have the unction to pray that way so I just started praying in the Holy Ghost. A lot more came that way.

It seems to me that in the life we live, the Father is constantly trying to get us into a place where we rely on Him. That’s the key. What I meant by a place in prayer and maintaining that place of prayer is that you kind of have to get used to not doing it “your way.” Like today, we came in here and it’s like, “What are we going to pray about today?” I could get wigged out about it. “What am I going to do!” I don’t do that anymore, because I found out that when I’m praying in the Holy Ghost, He usually goes a different way than I want to go anyway. Naturally, we want to respond relative to our surroundings. But there will be times where you just have a burden on your heart and then you get into prayer and all He wants to do is worship. How does that solve this problem, this situation, Lord? Worship may be what you need to get your mind off of that thing so you can relax and recognize that it is His grace and love and compassion that leads us into the path of righteousness for His sake.

He loves us so much. He leads us down the path of prayer or whatever we’re doing in His name. He gives us the direction, the peace so that we’re not just beating the air. But we’re in faith and we’re praying from a place of authority and a place where we’re not just… “Oh no, I got to pray for this.” Praying like that is frustrating because it doesn’t get you very far. You walk out of the prayer closet and in your mind you think you covered what needed to be done, but something inside you feels like it’s not done. Then the Holy Ghost leads you into worship and praise and focusing on Him and thanking Him and loving Him and then right in the middle of that, the Holy Ghost says to you, “Don’t worry about that. I got that thing covered.” And all you needed was the “Don’t worry about that.” You didn’t need to pray for a half hour. You just needed to know that He’s got it and everything is going to be okay. How many have experienced something like that? You got a “knowing” inside you that everything is going to be okay. That can save you a boatload of time.

I’ve learned it the hard way. I remember one time praying for several months on just one subject. Praying about it every day, every day, every day. Only to find out after eight months into praying about it and feeling exhausted, I just dropped it at the Lord’s feet and said, “I just can’t do this anymore. I can’t carry this burden anymore.” Then the Holy Spirit said to me, “I know. That’s My job.” He said to me, “It’s about time.” When He spoke that to me, in my mind I thought I had wasted eight months of my life. That’s insanity. It’s because that’s what we think that the more time we spend in prayer, the more effective we’re going to be. That’s not true. One five-minute prayer can cover a year’s worth of work if it’s done by the direction of the Holy Spirit. He knows! I heard somebody say this: “Prayer is more about you than it is about Him.” And I truly believe that.

I said that to say this. A lot of times the reason why people don’t pray and the reason why this room isn’t full is because people tend to have this religious idea of what prayer is. If you know that prayer wasn’t just about sitting there and if I told you all you had to do is come into prayer for five minutes a day and that’s all you have to do. Everybody would like that, right? We’re kind of like the fast-food world. We want it fast. We want it now. But the Lord just wants us to be in a place where we don’t think about those kinds of things. We just think about Him, and put Him first and we acknowledge Him in all our ways and He directs our paths. That scripture also references a time in prayer too. As we’re led, He wants us to get out of that place where we “push” in the flesh because we got to cover this. Let’s call a prayer chain going!

So after this eight-month period of time, He’s telling me “I’ve been waiting for you to let up on the gas.” But I couldn’t hear Him because I think in my religious thinking that I’ve been taught to “press in and grab the horns of the altar and don’t let go until you get a result!” Only to find out, all He wanted me to do was just back off and relax. Really, what He was telling me was, when you boil it down, “you’re in the way.” That’s what He was telling me. And if you just relax and just take time in prayer and worship and know that He is God, you’ll get a lot more done that way than doing it the way you’re doing it. After that, everything started breaking loose and changing. It was rough. For eight months it was rough and we didn’t know why. We were questioning our faith, right? We were taught prayer and this is what you do. Why aren’t my prayers being answered? Then when He said, “It’s about time…” I backed off.

Instead of getting up early to pray, I started sleeping in. Boy, that’s kind of like to the religious side of you, nails on the chalkboard. I started sleeping in. I heard Keith Moore say, “Sometimes you go through battles in life, sometimes you deal with things and sometimes instead of praying and shouting, it’s better just to go to sleep.” One might say, “You’re just burying your head. You’re not dealing with it.” Well, that’s correct. You’re not supposed to deal with it. We’re supposed to cast the cares onto the Lord and let Him deal with it. Once we’ve given it to Him there is no sense in us wrestling with it, thinking how we’re going to do something about that to make a change. All that is going to do to you is frustrate you and hurt your faith. And then you’re going to back off and not push anymore. That’s how people get frustrated in prayer a lot of times. They’ll pray for something over a period of time and not see results and then they get frustrated and back off. All along, the very thing that is causing them to be frustrated is the thing that they’re doing.

Why am I spending time on this? Because it all comes back to the place of learning how to just rely on the Spirit of grace. That means I don’t need you to do what I need to do. That’s what grace is all about. People say, “I don’t know if that fits within my religious view or my theological upbringing.” Well, let me just share this one tidbit with you. When you got saved, Jesus didn’t need you to get you saved. You weren’t on the cross. The Father had a plan and it did not include you. And if it did, you’d probably mess it up. He didn’t need you to save you. All He needed from you is get in agreement with Him that He paid the penalty. That’s liberating, isn’t it? We don’t have to save ourselves. Yet, a lot of times we try to save ourselves by the way we pray or the things we do. That’s what the whole thing about praying in the Holy Ghost is all about.

Pastor Ray has been talking about that for the last couple days. Praying in the Holy Ghost covers all of that frustration praying. When you feel frustrated, stop doing it that way! I used to have pages of things that I would pray. Before I leave the prayer closet, I’m going to pray for this, this, this. Now, looking back at that, I think it’s funny. That’s totally not how God works. It’s kind of like “Okay, I won’t be needing You, Holy Ghost. I’ve got a plan and this is going to work.” How absurd is that, right?

All praying in the Holy Ghost is doing is recognizing the need to pray but not getting in the way with all your ideas. It can remove a tremendous amount of junk out of the way. I could give you countless testimonies of things that happened in the past where I’ve been frustrated with things but when I started praying in the Holy Ghost things would turn around.

I’ll give you an example. I was working for the government on a military project. There were 50 of us engineers working on this project. Fifty people, working eight hours a day on a problem and can’t solve the problem. Three months into the project, nobody could come up with the answer. Not only could we not come up with an answer but it was going in the wrong direction. One of the managers called me in and said, “Can you take over this part of the project, cuz this person is not getting results on this.” I said, “Sure.” So I took over the project and it was in a mess. I had to undo basically everything that was done. I got to the point where I couldn’t figure it out. One day I was in my office and the Holy Ghost said, “You need to get up and go into the area where they build everything and walk around and pray in the Holy Ghost.” I got up and left for a half an hour and prayed in tongues. I came back and I had the answer that 50 engineers had been looking for, for three months. It just came to me. How does that happen? I’m not smarter than 50 people. It’s just Holy Ghost inspiration. He knows the answer and what to do.

I don’t have any problem not knowing things. I used to. When I first started out, I did. But now I don’t have to know everything. And I’m okay with that. As a matter of fact, not knowing everything takes a lot of pressure off you. Cuz if you don’t know it, then people can’t demand the answer. He’ll make you look really smart. “Wow, where do you come up with that?” I had somebody ask me that once. I work in a creative, invention area. That’s what I do for a living. I create things. I invent things.

Several years ago, I invented this technology for a new up and coming industry. Somebody asked me, “Where did you come up with that idea?” They were looking at me like I’m some bright, amazing person. I was startled by the question because they wanted me to come up with “Well, this is what you got to do… Here are the five steps to coming up with an idea.” And it isn’t like that. Coming up with ideas to change your world is inspirational. It’s an inspired thing. It isn’t something that you work and go to school… You can go to all the schools you want and get all the paper on the wall you can, but that’s not going to give you the ability to create things and be creative. It’s inspiration. It’s a lot like music.

When you come up with a song, what happens with that is you’ll just be tooling along with a melody and then He’ll start giving you words to it. And it’ll come more and more and all of a sudden, BOOM, you’ve got a whole song. How many have seen Keith Moore operate in that? The most amazing thing! It’s as if he wrote the song down before he got to the piano and then played it. You would not be able to tell. When I first saw that when I was at Rhema, I was like, “Wow, that is amazing!” That’s exactly how God is.

So when somebody asked me how I came up with this idea, I said, “I was just praying in the Holy Ghost and it just came to me.” “You mean you didn’t do this?” “No, I didn’t do any of that. It just came to me. Literally.” I was sitting at my desk and praying in the Holy Ghost and it came to me and I wrote down three things on a piece of paper. I called in one of the engineers that worked for me and said, “Go down stairs in the lab and do this.” He came back a few hours later and he said, “this works!” I was like, “Praise the Lord. Let’s do something about that.” Six to eight months later, we’re filing for patents and changing the world. Isn’t that amazing? That didn’t come by all the smart paper and everything. It was just letting the Lord be the Lord.

So if you can think about your situation or any of the prayers that you prayed in the past you can spend like I’ve done in the past eight months’ worth of prayer with nothing and then He can just say, “I’ve got this. Sit back.” And watch, within a week things turn around. I feel like I want to do it the easy way, right? Keith Moore said, “In prayer, if it’s not easy, you’re not doing it right.” That’s a good statement. The burden is not on you. It’s His burden. It’s Him bringing you the revelation.

Boil all that down and this is what I’m getting to. Reliance on His ability… that’s it. Just learning how to get out of the way. That’s really what grace is all about… how to get out of the way! Let God do His job. Concerning healing, that’s exactly what it’s about. Getting out of the way and allowing Him to do His job.


Father, we thank You for Your grace and Your Word that helps us understand that it’s not by our might and power, but it’s by Your Spirit that we overcome.
We lean on Him and acknowledge Him in all our ways
You direct our paths
You can solve our problems
We lean into the Holy Spirit to help us pray
We confidently know that when we do that, work is being done
The answer will come to us
Thank You for the Holy Ghost
We thank You for the Teacher, the Revelator
Signs and wonders will follow those who believe
The revelation of the Spirit of grace will come forth and blossom and bring forth fruit
Signs and wonders come in the place where the Holy Spirit leads and directs
The doors of finances that are necessary for this time and this move will come into existence for those who believe
Days of heaven on earth where the reality of the Father’s plan comes into existence
No poverty, no sickness, no lack
Days of heaven on earth!

Dave shared…

Somebody needs to hear this. Sometimes in life it feels like you don’t really have a choice. You feel like you’re a victim without choice. He gave us the ability and the most precious and at the same time the most devastating thing is choice. We can take choice and choose to do something that can hurt us or we can take choice and do something that can help us. If you’re feeling like a victim of circumstance and difficulties, then what is needed is you to start praying in the Holy Ghost. By praying in the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit will lead you down the pathway of choice. You will come to the point where both your will and your ability to do will be affected. Now you feel like you’ve been bound by not having a choice because you don’t have the ability to choose or you feel crippled … you don’t feel like it’s an option. “Yes, I could choose that but that would mean this… That would mean I would die or this would happen.” You feel like that’s really not a choice. It’s absolutely a choice. But making that choice on your own is not a wise decision. Choosing by the direction of the Holy Spirit is the thing that will cause that inability to press pass that point. It’ll give you the ability to press beyond that point and have the faith and courage to stand up against that obstacle. But it takes some time just praying in the Holy Ghost and getting the plan of God. And turning off that television that’s telling you to do it another way or turning off that outside influence that’s saying there’s really nothing you can do. You need to get away from that. You need to start praying in the Holy Ghost. At that point, no matter what He tells you, guaranteed, it will work. And a lot of times, it’ll be something that you may in your mind might not want to do. But remember this: He gives us both the will and the ability to do of His good pleasure. So you don’t have to worry about whether you have the courage. The courage will come to make the decision. Because what will happen is you will come to an impasse in your life. You’ll get to that point where it’s the fork in the road and the decision has to be made. And something inside of you will rise up to make the right decision and the courage will come at the right moment. You’ll step into it and miracles will happen. Creativity will come. It will destroy that which has been holding you in the place that’s made you ineffective. It will change the way you see that and it will destroy that and then you will see it no more. So there is the answer. You don’t have to do it alone. It’s the Holy Spirit. It’s His job to give you what you need to achieve what He’s called you into. And what He’s called you into is health, wealth, peace, joy in the Holy Ghost. He’s called you into all these things.

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