Prayer Summary for October 13


We desire more of You Father
Knowing there is always more
Thank You, Father, for the peace and strength that comes in Your presence
We will burn brighter and brighter being continually filled
Wisdom and greater revelation of things to come
For Your beautiful presence in our lives – thank You!

The following expert was taken from Herald of His coming by Wesley Duewel:

A New Touch of Fire
We need a new touch of fire! The early church was sealed by the fire of the Holy Spirit. It was revival flame that swept across the city of Jerusalem. It was revival flame that leaped across to Samaria. It was revival flame that like a prairie fire began to leap from country to country and place to place. Brothers and sisters, the church of Jesus Christ moves too slowly unless it is living in the environment of a continuing revival flame.

We cannot do without that holy fire today. We need fire-baptized people whose souls are aflame with a holy passion, who have felt the touch of God, to whom have come the seraphim with the fire from off the altar and set their souls aflame. We need that cleansing. We need that empowering flame. We need the glory of God’s Shekinah to settle upon us again. There is only one way to have it, and that is to pay the price – the price of hunger and the price of prayer.

Over and over, the fiery cloud descended upon the tent of meeting when Moses went outside the camp to get alone with God. The fire came down from heaven on the altar as David prayed. The fire descended from heaven on the offering as Solomon prayed. Watch Elijah, his soul aflame for God, lift up his eyes to heaven and beseech God and see the holy fire descend until the unbelieving pagans cried out, “The Lord, He is God! The Lord, He is God!” (1 Kgs.18:39).

With the shortness of the ages pressing in upon us, and Christ’s return nearing, there is only one way we can reach our generation for God and fulfill the task that Christ has for us. We must keep aflame for God. The fire came down upon the Upper Room and settled upon the head of every one of the 120 as they met and tarried before God. Prayer is the only way to get the fire of God down upon us today.

Without God’s holy fire, we go through the mere routine, the duty, and the busy life and mechanics of modem missions. Without God’s holy fire, evangelism only has decisions, it doesn’t have mighty transformations. Without God’s Shekinah glory, the world ignores us. There is no substitute for the fire of God in our work! We must have a new touch of fire. We must have cleansed workers aflame for God.

We cannot afford anything that dampens that fire. We cannot afford anything that will hinder that flame from burning its brightest. We cannot afford human bigness without divine depth. We cannot afford the confusion and the bustle of an unanointed busyness. There is so much to be done, and if we are not careful we become too involved in our activities.

There is no substitute for the power of God. There is no substitute for the Throne of Grace. We dare not be busier than we are blessed. We dare not attempt more than we can saturate with prayer. We dare not be more active than we are anointed. We dare not substitute our training or our brilliance for fire touched glory. We dare not be satisfied with growth without revival. We dare not multiply our projects unless we also multiply the power.

Continued praying….

That power resident with each one of us – we need more!
We are asking for Holy Ghost fire
We will use what we have and stir ourselves up to heaven’s connection
Thank You, Lord, for Your blood
Coming into Your presence covered in the blood
Wonder working power in Your blood – thank You Lord!
So much is at stake – the blood and fire is the key
Taking a hold and sustained in that way
Taking all of it!
Eyes wide open and ears cleared up
Rolling ahead into another day
Days, weeks, and months – we continue to watch
Occupying in every way – Every part of the body
Unfolding and uncovering the gifts
We prepare the way for it!
Insight into the mysteries for the church – suddenlies!
Declaring! Declaring! Declaring!
For every part and call concerning the Body we speak it out!
Cooperate with Heaven and connect one with another – going forward!
Lining up the parts of the Body through prayer
It’s through the revelations!
Yes there is a speaking it out
Seeing behind the scenes – Spirit of seeing and knowing
In the process of heaven
It’s like a new start – downloads today
Copious, it’s enlarging – it’s simple but not simple
It’s marvelous beyond what we have seen
Should we move? Yes! Moving higher and further
Words from Heaven
Engaging in soul winning – it’s time
So much is at stake – the time is short
Filled with the Holy Ghost and fire to be a witness
Bringing in the harvest – our family members

Annie shared…

What is the fuel for fire? It’s our oil. It’s the oil of our vessel, our lamps we keep filled… drawing the lost to our fire. We have to have the oil to have the fire and the oil in our lamps must never run out. Oil! Oil! Oil! Oil of joy unspeakable because the world is so full of sadness. Oh Lord, they are so full of darkness and sadness and they need the oil of joy. In the Church too – so give us oil in our lamps Lord that our fire would never go out. Thank You, Father.

Continued praying…

Thank you, Father, for the oil and fire of Your Spirit
For the harvest of souls that will come in
We give you all the praise, honor, and glory

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