Prayer Summary for October 12

It is well with our soul, because of what Your son did on the cross for us
Your blood lives and speaks today
Father, You have rescued us and have brought us out of the darkness
You have changed us and rearranged us and brought us into the light
It is our desire to prosper in our souls, mind, and in our emotions
We declare today that it is well with our soul!
Jesus paid the price so that we would be free from the things of this world
Separate us unto You, Lord – spirit, soul, and body
Our eyes are fixed and focused on You, Lord
We adore You, Father
Reveling in Your goodness, mercy, and love
Calling for the church to be whole and in perfect rest and peace!
Pierce and penetrate our hearts, Lord
We are so thankful and grateful that You have redeemed and saved us
Father, we the church, will be Your hands and Your feet
Praying that every member of the body would be healed, healthy, and whole in Jesus’ name!
Linking our shields of faith together today, Father
We reach out in the spirit and call for an exceeding abundance of Your Spirit, oh God!
Walking accurately and carefully in the precise purpose and plan of God
Stepping away from any hurt or injury!
Entering into the fullness of our destiny that You have set before us
It is crucial that each and every one would take their place of authority that You have called us to
You have called us for such a time as this
Calling for soundness and wholeness in the body of Christ today!
Each and everyone has a purpose and a call!
Moving from one degree of glory to another, that You would be seen and You would be glorified
The anointing of God would minister life and health to those without, Father
Covering them with our love and with our prayers
Show them the full and complete will of God, that You have for them, Father
Open their eyes and reveal each and every detail that You have laid before them, Lord
The harvest is ripe and we call in the harvest of souls today!
We take back those territories in the name of Jesus!
Strengthen them with internal strength; quicken their bodies, spirits, and their minds
Calling them blessed, calling them to succeed, calling them to excel!
Turning in the Master’s way!
All those dormant anointing’s will be released in the name of Jesus!
Calling those things by faith and we send a supply of Your Spirit, Father!
Restored, reconnected, and renewed in the body today!
Ears and eyes be opened in Jesus’ name!
It is not too late to reinstate!
Doors of opportunity be opened up
Glory be to God!

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