Prayer Summary for Friday, October 09, 2015

Jerre led in prayer…

♪ Walking in the light of God, we’re walking in the light of God… To walk, to walk, to walk, to walk, walking in the light of God… ♪

Dave led in prayer…

Lord, we just thank You for your presence and Your Word. We thank You for the Holy Spirit today. Help us and teach us and lead us into all places that You desire for us to be. For we lean not on our own understanding. We acknowledge You in all our ways and we are confident that You direct our paths. Thank You, Lord. We’re so glad we have Him right now. We thank You for the Holy Spirit.

Let’s do that. Thank You, Lord, for the Holy Spirit. We’re so grateful that You are a part of our lives, that You lead us and guide us. We don’t have to rely on our own natural instincts but we can rely on our spirit, which is the candle of the Lord and that we are led into the places for Your namesake that we might establish Your covenant in the earth. That we may accomplish the good that You desire for this earth, that all men be saved, that all men come into the knowledge of the truth. And that we quit squabbling with all these ridiculous ideas. We get Your ideas and we follow Your ideas and we see the prosperity necessary to come into our lives to do the work that You have for us by laying down our thoughts and taking on your thoughts. So we do that, Lord. We look to You instead of looking to our abilities. We look unto You. When we can’t see a way, there is a way. For You are the way-maker. You make the way where it seems like there is no way. And there is no challenge in this earth, there is no difficulty that we can face that You don’t have an answer to. It just doesn’t exist. We thank You for that. We thank You that we have a confidence that we can be assured that as we walk in life that we have a confidence that the Holy Spirit speaks of You what You desire to our hearts and we can walk it out. In Jesus’ name. Thank You, Father.

Dave shared…

I just want to share one thing with you. Yesterday I was talking to somebody about some things that we personally in our business have been challenged with and having difficulty getting through these challenges. I said greatness does not come by what comes out of your head. Greatness comes by what comes out of your heart. Because that’s where the Holy Spirit leads and guides. I don’t care how good you are, what you do, you’re mediocre in the eyes of God. Your ability is very infinitesimal. That’s probably the best word to use. It’s barely measureable in the light of how His infinite wisdom and His ideas and His thinking. We think it’s one way and He’s like, “You’re on the wrong page. You completely see that wrong. By My stripes I said you were healed.” That’s a different way of thinking. In order to think that way, you’ve got to recognize some things.

I was making a comment to somebody that works for me saying, “You can’t be great unless you know how to draw from within. You can’t break through the impossible until you can follow from within.” Because if you could do it, you would have already done it. Right? Therefore, the challenge before us is existing because there is something that we are missing.

In Romans, it talks about us having limitations and we do have limitations. This flesh sometimes limits us too much. Can you imagine when we’re in heaven and we’ve got that body that God gives us, can you imagine being young all the time! I mean getting up and just… “I think I’m going to take a 100-mile run.” You see some of these athletes that break records and do all these things and think it’s amazing. That’s nothing, man. And yet God wants us to operate in the spirit that way at a level that most people cannot comprehend. You ever see somebody who has done something great, you say, “Where did he get that idea? Where did it come from? How in the world did that happen?” Well, I can tell you. They call it inspiration. I’d rather have inspiration than perspiration. The Lord said My yoke is easy. That is His idea. That is not my idea or anybody’s idea. He said let me carry this load. Let Me make it easy for you. And He can carry that. He’s capable of handling that issue.

I say this for this reason. I heard recently something about somebody here talking about getting tired of the status quo. I like that comment. Because in order to have breakthrough in your life you’ve got to get tired of what you have. You got to get to the point where you no longer can stand that thing being in your life any longer and you get desperate and you’re willing to do anything. Desperation is the birth of creativity, is the birth place for miracles. When God sees you desperate, that’s a good place for you. Because you’re willing to stop what you’re doing and take up another plan. And when you’re ready to stop what you’re doing and take up another plan, ha, ha, ha, ha… the Holy Spirit is waiting for you. He said I got something.

Wednesday we were in here praying and I asked the Lord something in that prayer about some of the challenges we were having that we couldn’t get through. And it’s a big deal. These things we’re dealing with has everything to do with the future of the company. And we were having some problems. I said, “Lord, I know You know the answer. I don’t know right now in my head the answer but I know there is an answer because this can’t exist unless there is an answer.” I asked Him, “Lord, reveal that to me and show me the answer.” That was around noon. By 1 o’clock I had the answer. I was talking to somebody. We found something. We were going through some procedural stuff and there was something that I had heard in the past that I didn’t remember and the Lord brought it to my memory. He said, “Remember this?” and as soon as He told me that, bing! A light turned on and I knew the answer. We had it. Breakthrough. We’re past this point. As soon as I got that, I knew in my spirit like I know the sun is coming up in the morning, I knew that I knew that I knew this was the answer.

And the person that was working with me just starting talking about all the things that couldn’t happen. And that’s natural man that talks that way. “Yeah but…” I said we’re not going to talk about the “yeah buts…” You’re going to get on the phone and tell that person this. You tell them this and things are going to change. He did that. I went into my office. He came in 20 minutes later and he said, “Hey, that’s going to work.” Hello? You see how when you get to a place where you give up on your own ideas… You know you’ve heard people say, “All we can do is pray.” Boy, if we could get there quicker. We could eliminate all these challenges, eliminate all these stops in our lives and we can get an answer quicker. But we tend to think, “I’ve done this a thousand times. I know the answer to this.” We get into our own minds and we start recognizing that this is what I do. I can do this. This isn’t hard. And we tend to step aside from what the Holy Ghost is telling us and take upon ourselves to try to make it happen. It doesn’t work that way.

I’m saying this for a reason. I’m going somewhere. The comment I made about “I’m tired of the status quo.” We need to be tired of the status quo, right? Because when you get tired of the status quo, you’re willing to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. I remember as a younger man, I was in a meeting at school at Rhema. One day, I was having the worst day I ever had in my life. I was really depressed. And I was hearing the Word every single day. I’m going to pray and doing all these things and I’m doing everything that a Christian should do to have victory. And I wasn’t having victory. How is that possible if you do everything that you’re supposed to do… if you read your Bible, if you pray every day and go to church and do all these things and still not have victory, what’s wrong!

I’ll tell you what is wrong with that. For some reason we tend to think that those things are the things that keep us in a place with God where we see Him and His grace every day. And that isn’t it. I’m not downing prayer or these things. I do these things. I see value in them and so does the Lord. However, it’s a perception of your reality. And back then when I had that experience and I was having a bad day I remember I woke up in the morning and looked into the mirror and I had to tell myself to rejoice because I did not feel like rejoicing. I had no desire whatsoever or no natural reason to rejoice. I had nothing that indicated that I should be happy as a Christian. Nothing in the natural. Zero. As a matter of fact, it not only was not there, it was the opposite of that. I had everything to complain about. Sickness. Financial problems. One of my parents passed away while I was there. I got the news that day. It happened all in one day. I remember that day very clearly … not because of all the problems but because of what the Lord did that day. I got to the point where I gave up. I had three months of school left and I was going to go to school that day, come home, pack my car to go home. I was done. I figured, “Lord, if you’re not going to help me, I can’t do this by myself.” I was quitting! I remember what He said to me. First of all, He wasn’t ruffled by all my issues. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t even an issue for Him. But yet it concerned Him in that He is a high priest who is able to be moved by our infirmities and weaknesses. That weakness was such a weight on me that I lost so much weight, my roommate had to force feed me to try to keep me healthy.

I was in a meeting that afternoon and Keith Moore got up and started playing the piano. Keith said, “Sometimes life deals you problems, challenges. You get difficulties in life and it gets to the point where you get ‘I’m tired of this.’ You want to quit.” He’s talking about this and he said, “Sometimes you just can’t handle it.” As soon as he said that, the Holy Spirit said, “If you do what I tell you to do, I will take it all away.” That’s what He said. All of it. Everything you’re dealing with, it will all go away.

That’s where I was at, at the time. Today is different now. I see things differently. I know some things different than I did back then. He told me that if I did what He asked me to do and what He asked me to do, I didn’t want to do. Back then, I’m not a guy that gets up and dances in the spirit. I didn’t do that. Ridiculous. You don’t need that to get God. And there are a lot of people that think that way. Fine. You think you don’t need that, then don’t do it. But the very thing you don’t think you need, is usually what God asked you to do. Because it’s not the thing He’s trying to get you to do, but He’s trying to get you out of that thing. He’s trying to get that thing that is between you and Him which is your pride…it could be a lot of things. Your perception of who He is or you’re upset because you didn’t get what you thought what you were supposed to get. Whatever those problems are… And that thing is between you and Him. That is the thing that is holding it from heaven. Not your praying… It’s the obstacles that hold you back.

He said, “I want you to get out in the aisle and dance.” Keith was playing very lightly and the Lord said, “Dance like you’ve never danced before.” First of all, the people I was with and hung around with, were people that didn’t do that. They were all PKs. If you know anything about PKs, they’re not a highly motivating group. But you know what, that day was different cuz I had the worst day I ever had. At that point, I didn’t care any longer. Because how You bring it and how You give it to me, as long as I get it I don’t care how it comes.

It’s like being healed. We see examples in scripture about people being healed and not wanting to be healed the way are given to be healed. Naaman, right? Here’s the deal. I’m going to heal you if you do this. Yeah but… I said all of that to say this. When you get to the point where you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of the status quo, you’re ready. So when I heard that statement earlier, I was excited! It’s time! If the leader is at that place, it’s time to get ready. Something is going to happen. That’s right! We’ve been praying for this for a long time. Yes! This is exciting.

So to finish the story. I made a deal with the Lord. I said, “You save me from this embarrassment, I’ll do whatever You ask me to do.” Just not this one. I got out of the aisle and as soon as my foot hit that ground the anointing just got all over me. I mean, the Holy Ghost took over. From that point, He not only delivered me from my fears, from that point on, I don’t care anymore. You give it to me however you want. I’ll take it. You want me to stand on one foot and lift my hand up to heaven and bounce for an hour. Guess what I’m doing. I don’t care. And the reason I don’t care is because I more want Him than I want anything that I want. And that is the heart of those who will see God. The one who will do anything to see God.

Remember the woman with the issue of blood? “If I can just…” you see that desire and yearning? You get desperate. And all of a sudden God says, Step aside and watch. And then He is God. You get the testimony and you get to stand and say that the Lord is good and He did this and this and this in my life. You don’t get the testimony until you get to that place. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. Your connection and touch with God, that touch is what gives you that testimony and it’s what will bring you through the rest of the days of your life. It will give you the inspiration. It’ll get you in the low spots. It will get you up when you’re down. It’s those times with God that will make the difference. So you see how important it is to just say, “Lord, I don’t have the answer.”

I’m saying this for a reason. Because we need to get rid of misconceptions on how God moves. We have this idea that God moves because you. And that’s a bad idea. I’ll tell you why. It’s not because of what you do He moves, it’s because of who you are why He moves. You see that? It’s because I love you so much, I gave my only begotten Son that whosoever believes, it’s because of that. It’s because of His love for you. That’s it. Period. That’s all it is. And if anybody tells you differently, they’re blowing smoke at you. And if we can hold on to that reality in the low times the high times and prayer times, we would see God in greater measures than we do today. I know this. I like what Paul said. “I’m the Jew of Jews. Circumcised and whatever and gives his credentials and says this is who I am. I studied with the best of them. I am the Pharisee of Pharisees. I am the whole package. He said that means nothing. Absolutely zero. Because at the end of the day, that doesn’t get me saved and that doesn’t deliver me and that doesn’t provide for me. I thank the Lord because He has brought this to us in this body. When I see words like “I’m tired of the status quo.” We also are tired of the status quo. How many want to see people walking out of wheelchairs? How many people want to see the things we read about in the Bible? Absolutely. This is our divine right! This is preordained for us in this hour. This isn’t a good idea. This is absolutely His will. There is nothing that can keep His love from us and He has provided this for us. When we walk in the fullness of this, He’s says, “Now you’re cooking with gas.”

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