Prayer Summary for Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jerre led in worship…

♪ Let our lives be pleasing to You, our King… Let all our ways be worthy of You in everything… Filled with the knowledge of Your holy will… Strengthened with all might in joy, joy, joy ♪

These are things from my heart but they’re not my words. But they’re words of someone that knew God and hungered after Him. These are the apostle Paul’s words. I just put them to music. That’s probably not the way he would sing it. But yet the truth of the Word is still there. And the heart of the apostle crying out is there. So our hearts should be blended with this prayer. I’ll sing it one more time. Remember that it’s the apostle Paul’s words.

♪ Let my life be pleasing to You, my King… And all my ways be worthy of You in everything… Filled with the knowledge of Your holy will… Strengthened with all might in joy… ♪

Erika led in prayer…

Thank You, Father, for the victory that is ours in Christ Jesus. Thank You that You in deed and in truth and power are the Alpha and the Omega. You are the author and finisher, Father. You that began a good work in us will see until the day of completion. You are the one that causes us to will and to do of Your good pleasure. So, Father, we stand on the everlasting Word of the living God on His faithfulness on His truth on His justice and righteousness. We stand upon the Rock today. But we have the victory in Christ Jesus. Thank You that You are working in and thru the Church in this hour, that You are working in ways and means that go beyond man’s scrutiny. And we receive encouragement about that. We thank You for the body of Christ. We’re not willing that any one of our members should be without or lack anything. We’re looking for the victory. We refuse to have any part or member of our body to be deficient. We’re looking for wholeness—spirit, soul, and member for everybody. We’re looking for the greater operation for the Holy Spirit to have His way. Revealing the all-sufficient One… Entwined with Your Spirit and Your Word… Mingled with Your love, make us one

Pastor Ray shared…

Acts 4:31, “And when they had prayed, the place in which they were assembled was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they continued to speak the Word of God with freedom and boldness and courage.” (Amp.)

I saw this verse in a different way when they had prayed. So they’re gathered together, the place in which they were assembled was shaken. I always look at that as they were assembled together and then there was a shaking. But the way it says it in the Amplified Bible is “and when they had prayed they were assembled…” That’s just a different way of looking at it. They prayed, they were assembled, united as one, and they were shaken. They were all… how many? ALL filled with the Holy Spirit and they continued to speak the Word of God with freedom, boldness, and courage. Then verse 33 says, with great strength… that’s what you’re praying about. Great strength and ability and power, the apostles delivered their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and great grace, loving kindness and favor and good will rested richly upon them all. How many? All of them. But the key was that they began to pray. Then they got assembled. And then they were shaken. I believe they were shaken out of… they weren’t standing on the Word of God maybe. Maybe they didn’t have freedom. Maybe they weren’t bold and maybe they were not courageous. But they were shaken by the Spirit and then they were able to speak with boldness and courage, the Word of God and His grace dwelt richly upon them and they went forth in great strength. I’m summarizing your prayer…


We lift up the prayer groups that need to arise
That need to have the anointing of the Spirit upon them
Father, we lift up prayer
Prayer is from You, by You, initiated by You
We’re looking for a change in that department, that more would be awakened and called to prayer
Called even when they don’t know what it means
We’re believing You would get in the middle of them
We believe for assemblies to go on
Hearts changed
Bring them and gather them
The family being gathered by the Spirit
Even those that say “I will never pray,” You draw them by the Spirit and say “Pray!”
In denominations, You go and show Your presence and power
We invite, You, the supreme Holy Spirit to come in our midst
Hurting and sick hearts, sick bodies, sick minds, helpless
Reveal Yourself in our midst

Jerre led in worship…

♪ What a sweet sound, sweet sound, the sound of Your people in prayer… Lifting their voices in one accord, doing Your will, O Lord… What a powerful sound, oh a powerful sound… The sound of Your people in prayer… Lifting their voices in one accord, let there be one accord, O God… Doing Your will, O God… Beautiful body of Christ… Oh let there be a spirit of revelation… O Lord, upon Your body… Open their eyes, open their ears a spirit of revelation concerning prayer, O Lord… Open, open, open and lift Your people, Lord God… Revealed by Your Spirit, O God, reveal, reveal… Beautiful body of Christ… We lift it today… Coming up, coming up… We hold you in our heart, beautiful body of Christ… (praying in the spirit for the body) ♪

Even in the night visions, You reveal
We undergird her
Into the place she has been ordained from old
Higher, higher, higher
For those in authority, reveal, Father
Open eyes and open ears to the high calling of God
Outward, outward, out of their hearts—expand their vision, Lord
In the name of Jesus, expand their vision
Put them in their places, Father
We are drawn by Your Spirit, Lord
We are drawn by Your love
Open their eyes, Lord, and cause them to see who You really are
And to come to You

Pastor Ray shared…

Jerre, you were speaking about hearing the sound of prayers, people praying together. I was coming to work one morning and the message on our sign said, “Need Prayer? Come to the chapel at 8:20.” I’m like wait a second, you mean “Need to Pray? Come to the chapel.” But I get it. Our prayer is our connection to heaven. Someone asked me, “When people come to the chapel, are they coming in need of prayer. Is that why they’re coming?” I said, “No.” The people that come are coming to give that love from heaven and minister to others that He sends our prayers to. In prayer, as we give and yield and sow into the spirit and speak forth these words that He gives us to speak, be it in our natural language or praying in tongues, sometimes He will minister individually to each one. It’s a promise. It’s the Word. What you sow, you will reap. And so we always say just come and we do what we can do to move out of our own thoughts and move into the Spirit and be that company of pray-ers that we’ve been sent here to be. We’re just “a” company but there are thousands and thousands more out there. I saw that when you were singing. Many groups of pray-ers doing the ministry, speaking, declaring, taking authority, lifting up words of adoration and worship to the King of Kings. But all the time, keeping our eyes looking up but also looking out ahead where He might send our prayers this day as we gather together in unity. I feel that’s the best way to be unified—in the place of prayer. Another way to become connected to one another. And I do feel that across the earth as one company begins to lift up their voices to the Lord, they become connected to other companies across the earth. There are no limits. It’s so much easier to pray for nations other than our own when we know we’re connected to these nations by the Spirit.

Erika shared…

As we were praying about all the pray-ers and the companies of believers praying, my heart was drawn toward… I could just see in my spirit grandmothers laying in their beds by themselves, yet not alone. Lifting, praying, seeking the face of the Father, interceding on behalf of their families and their nations. Father, let them know their value and how precious they are and how necessary they are. Let them know today they’re not alone. We esteem them, every single prayer, everyone that is by themselves praying, everyone that prays with someone else, everyone that is in a cave, everyone that is in a hamlet or a village—let them know, Father, they’re not alone. Strengthen them. Cause them to continue to forbear. Let them know answers, let them see the fruit of their labors in their old age. Let them see and know and partake of that fruit, let them be encouraged in their hearts today. Let them be quickened by Your Spirit… We release a supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ to them today…

Jerre, I had this. We’ll release our faith to receive and for the body of Christ to receive. If you could sing a love song from the Father to His precious body, that every member and every part would know experientially for themselves again and again and again, wave after wave after wave of the breadth and depth and height and length of His love for each one.

Jerre sings…

♪ I see you, each one of you… and I hear every sigh, every groan, every prayer… My eyes are upon you… I see you when you have knelt there… every time you lift your voice… I’m there with you… Right there with you… And I long for My people to just come and be with Me… So I can pour out My love on you… The heights and the depths of My love on you… Healing, delivering words of My substance upon you… My people come, come, My people, and be with Me… For you have not known the heights of My love… There is so much more that you have not tasted the depth of My love… There is so much more… In My Spirit, as you come more and more and as you yield more and more, I’ll show you, you’ll experience the greatness of My love… My love will cover you… with light… My love will cover you, it covers you right now in this place… My love covers you and you are changed from the glory of My love to another degree of glory of My love when you come to Me. ♪

♪ We come to You, Lord. Father, we come. Rain Your heavenly rain… Bind up the broken heart, Lord… Right here, right now by the power of Your love, O God… Your love, Your great love, O God, it heals and heals and heals… Lord, Your love sets the captives free… When I look into Your face, it takes me to another place… When I look into Your eyes, it takes me to another place… Beholding You, O my King… Beholding You takes me to another place… ♪

It’s a divine exchange, says the Lord… For when you seek Me, you will find Me, says the Lord…

Pastor Ray shares…

I’m so thankful, Jerre, what you sang by the spirit, words of love to the body of Christ from heaven. As you kept speaking that out, I kept thinking that too. When you’re finished and we’ve heard from heaven, what we do is lift Him up and lift our worship to Him, the King of Kings. And there’s an impartation. It’s like a fireplace or something. An internal burning that continually burns hotter, as we give, we worship, we yield, and we keep welcoming His presence.

Jerre led in worship…

♪ I worship You, almighty God, there is none like You… I worship You, Prince of peace, that is what I was born to do… And I give You praise, for You are all my righteousness… I worship You, almighty God, there is none like You… ♪

Pastor Ray shares..

While we were worshiping, Israel and Jerusalem came up. I saw us stand in the streets and declare in the authority that He’s put within each one of us, holding the blood of Jesus and the name that’s above every other name and take authority over the enemy that’s trying to come against the people of Israel.

So we declare today, “Stop in your maneuvers. Desist in your plans. Calm down. Be removed. Shut down. Be stopped in your tracks. Turn around and get out, in Jesus’ name. We come covered in the blood of the Lamb. We come in the authority of the King of Kings and we declare “Peace be there!” The peace and strength of God. Nothing broken. Nothing hurt. Be still in Jesus’ name. (praying in the spirit) We stand in unity with them. No weapon formed against Israel will prosper.

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