Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, April 19, 2024

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Morning Chapel Prayer Today

Brother DJ…

Good morning, everybody. Today is good Friday the 19th in Minnesota. Hallelujah.


We worship you… There is no one else like you.

You are my shield, my refuge, my deliverer… in you I put all my trust in you.

Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses, but we will trust in the name of the Lord.

Let’s put our trust in Him this morning.

In Him, we live and move and have our being.

In whom I will trust. Even the dollar bill says, “in God we trust.” He will meet your money need, the financial need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

As long as I can sing, I sing you’re my refuge, my fortress, my healer, my provider, my protector, my physician, my doctor, my attorney in you.

Prayer for needs…

Someone is saying, “I need this prayer for my needs.” You’re watching. We know we will be praying for your healing, for the need you have, the finances, and every other thing. We hear the Word from God to meet needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Let’s worship Him. In Him He will meet all your need.

Prayer for sons and daughters…

He will draw your sons and daughter. You worry about your sons and daughter. I got children. You got children. He said, “Don’t be anxious for anything, but in all things, give thanks to Him and bless His holy name.” That means prayer will take anxiety away. Pray for everything. And give thanks to Him. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

When the problem try to get in our brain and heart, there is a guard of peace. Peace says, “You cannot come in.” Peace will guard. The second thoughts come, peace will say, “No! By the stripes of Jesus, I’m healed.” When trouble says, “This is going to happen, that is going to happen?” The peace of God in Christ Jesus will guard your heart. And your mind will say, “No, you’re not coming.” Peace of Jesus.

Sister Cindy…

You are the God that perfects everything that concerns us.

You supply all our needs according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

So I’m lifting up the word “all,” Father. That’s everything that concerns us, everything that comes against us. Everything that we need to walk out what you called us to do here on earth. Everything! All of it. Even the things that we’re not aware of, Father, you’re aware of them.

All, all, all… When I heard that, He said “If Jesus be lifted up, He will draw “all” things to Himself.” And it’s drawing people to Himself, but He also drew the sin and the sickness and the disease and the frustration and the torment and the ridicule and all of that was like a magnet drawn to Him. He took the sin of the world, all of it. And then I heard that He’s the great stain lifter. You know, All. I don’t know if it’s still on the market, but it’s a detergent called All.

You know how commercials stick in your head? I saw those stains bubbling up and coming out, and apparently I saw that in a commercial one time. But He’s the great stain lifter. Sin is like a stain we can never get out, but the blood of Jesus cleanses us by the water of His washing. And we defer to you in everything that you took the penalty for our sin, sickness, everything that sin led to.

So the law of sin that leads to death in all of its varying degrees that we do and today refuse in the name of Jesus. That’s not for us. We take the “all” of our needs by the blood of Jesus, the great stain lifter, and we allow you to wash us today, Father. Wash us completely pure and undefiled, presented before you blameless because it was your kind intent to do so… to give us strength, to give us beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness.


I got up this morning and thought I’m going to read something. And I have piles and piles of books. I’m not very organized; I’ve got books and books and books in boxes. I have no system. So I grabbed one sheet that I make prints of things and I started reading it. I’m like, “Oh gosh, this is so good. Thank you, Lord.” Right away, I don’t have to search for a bunch of different things. It’s just right here. But the dog had chewed corners out of it. And so I’m like, “Okay, can I try and figure out what those last lines were?” And I said, “I have that book somewhere.” But it’s in piles and piles of boxes. And so I opened one box and it was sitting right at the top! I said, “Oh Lord, do you want me to read this? Okay!”

Excerpt from “Life of Faith” by Mrs. C. Nuzum…

And then DJ was talking about joy… joy is our strength. And this is a chapter on strength. Chapter six of “Life of Faith” by Mrs. C. Nuzum.

“I find many people who lay hold of the Lord and get healing, but who remain weak and seem unable to get strength. Yet God has provided strength and it is obtained from Him in the same way as healing. Namely by repentance, obedience, and faith. My God shall supply all your need applies to strength as well as to healing. And He supplies it in the same way and with the same willingness, strength for spirit, soul, and body. Jesus bore our infirmities, weaknesses as truly as He bore our disease. And for the same purpose that we might be freed from them because He bore them. We do not have to bear them. He does not want us to bear them and is delighted when we rise up and refuse to bear them. “Neither give place to the devil” applies to weakness just as much as it applies to sin and sickness. Weakness is part of the curse as truly as pain is. And Christ hath redeemed us from the curse.”

“All of it,” it says in parentheses.

“It is in the past tense. It is done. For He is not only the redeemer to buy us back from the curse, but also the deliverer to set us free from it. And longs to see all the travail of His soul, the results of His suffering to be satisfied.”

We want to satisfy God today and refuse to take these things that just try to cling to us. We shake them off and we say, “Father, we receive your strength today according to your Word. We open up our mouths and we speak what you say. We remind ourselves of every good thing that we have in this beautiful gift in Christ Jesus that you’ve given us today. We don’t let it sit on the shelf unwrapped. We unwrap it with our mouths. We speak the things that you say. We watch strength come.

I don’t know about you, but just get into the Bible. Even if you’re feeling like, “I don’t want to read the Bible because I’m tired” or whatever. Just get in that Bible, start reading it, and next thing you know, you’re walking around the wherever you’re living and speak until this circumstance and situations with a new strength that He gives just for the asking. And it comes through obedience.

So He says, “Meditate on My Word day and night. Just turn that TV off. Stop meditating on what the world’s talking about and start getting into how I see the situation. And you’ll flip the table in Jesus’ name.”

Psalms 29:11 says the Lord will give strength unto His people, but some of His people are not strong. First Corinthians 6:20 commands us to glorify God in our bodies. A weak body does not glorify God. I’m going to continue to do what God has called me to do and watch strength their eyes and everything that’s contradiction fall. Like the shield, like a mounting guard over my heart and mind, that peace of God.

When DJ was saying that, I saw like a shield and like bugs trying to come in at 90 miles an hour and they hit that shield and they just “boom” to the ground. That’s the strength of God. He surrounds us with such a great cloud of witnesses and such an armor of light. And everything that we need is in that armor. We put it on today, the helmet of our salvation, the breastplate of righteousness. We’re the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. We take that sword of the Spirit. We’ve taken the time to put the Word in our heart that we could yield it at your direction. You just take those words and give it to us in the season that we’re in so we can divide and conquer the enemy.

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