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Brother DJ…

Good morning, everybody. We’re coming to you live from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. We are going to believe today that the peace of God which passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus and give you directions, ideas and plans what He wants us to do the rest of this year in 2024. Hallelujah!

Sister Cindy…

I want to sing a song about the blood. It just came up in my heart. The blood that Jesus shed for me, way back on Calvary, the blood that gives me strength from day to day. It will never lose its power. It reaches to the highest mountain. It flows to the lowest valley. The blood that gives me strength from day to day, it will never lose its power.


The blood of Jesus… the blood that gives us power… resurrection, power, wonder-working power… that strengthens us. It reaches … there’s power in the blood of Jesus … we apply the blood of Jesus to everything. We apply the blood of Jesus to our hearts and mind… it’s the power that raised Jesus from the dead… resurrection power applied to the mercy seat on our behalf. It’s the blood that drives out all disorder and brings back everything to God’s order, His original creation and intent.

Father, you bought us back with the precious blood of Jesus and today we are magnifying and making much of that blood and applying it to our hearts and minds, applying it to those that we are standing in the gap for, applying it to this nation, applying it to this church, applying it to everything that affects us in the way of authority figures, those that make decisions that affect how it’ll go in this nation. We apply the blood of Jesus to the hearts and minds today for rightness, Father, for order for everything brought back to the way you intended it to be… those offices of authority that you instituted and ordained, and that you said if you pray and intercede on behalf of those people that are being operated by wicked forces and evil assignments, they are broken off today because you said the heart of the king is in your hand and you turn that towards your wisdom.

Thank you for all the offices of authority from the highest down to the villages… in the city and state, in the local governments in our Congress and Senate… the President, all of his advisors, we apply the blood of Jesus … and that blood is right now purging out all evil works. The blood drives out a bad conscience and gives good conscience that’s sound and fulfilling its station, and sees the forest for the trees and knows how to judge rightly, a discerning and a turning to the righteousness of God… that we would be a nation that is called by your voice… Blessed is the nation whose Lord is God.

We thank you for godly decrees being made even right now from those places of authority.
We thank you, Father for all of the bad works turning to good works… for the blood of Jesus purges our conscience from all dead works to serve the living God and newness of life.
Thank you, Father, for hearts turning to you today. Thank you for Damasus moments… for complete turning around and flipping of the tables where the commerce and the exchange is wicked and putting people in bondage, Father, but we thank you that we can command light like you did. You said let light shine over all the disorder and chaos… and it was good.

We thank you, Father, that you are breathing through all the houses, including the White House… all the houses where we live, and you are breathing out all the stale air and all the confinement and all that bondage that keeps people prostrate to fear and the systems that entangle and keep them in a place where they don’t see how to get out. But we shine the light in those areas and there is a clear highway where they can turn and be changed in a moment.

Sister Cindy shared…

On Monday I had an assignment for my ABTC class, and that was to do a 10-minute sermon. And I had shared about strength. So I thought, you know what? The Lord was leading me to talk about strength. And then this morning I go, “Lord, would you like me to read something?” And then I opened up this book by Nancy Dufresne from when she was here. And she is a powerful word of faith and love minister. And I want to glean from all of that. The book I want to read from is called “The Greatness of God’s Power: Releasing God’s Power for Daily Living.” I feel like God’s leading me to read a little bit out of this to put us into remembrance of what we know… to stir up the gift that’s in us and to know that we have a source of power in us that raised Christ from the dead. It’s in us! And He’s wanting us to release it… walking with Him and doing and saying everything He’s leading us to do. And then that power comes. We set our hope on that, that Jesus appears in power and glory in the moments that He gives us, whether they look good or whether they look like you just want to turn around and “I don’t want to deal with this.” But he says that if you set your hope, there’s going to be some power for a turnaround in this situation. And listen and obey. It’s the only way to be happy in Jesus.

Excerpt from Nancy Dufresne’s book, “The Greatness of God’s Power”

“So great knowledge comes through the Word. God works in the world. God works in the earth through knowledge. He can’t work through ignorance. To receive from God, you have to gain knowledge of how He works and then walk in the light of that knowledge. The devil works in the earth through ignorance. When people are ignorant of the Word of God and how it works, then the enemy can work unhindered. The devil is counting on the ignorance of man to work his plan against them. Hosea 6:4– 6 tells us, ‘My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.’ The word destroyed means ‘cut off.” God’s people are cut off from the blessing of God through the lack of knowledge. Notice that this verse doesn’t say that God’s people are destroyed because of the devil or because of opposition, but because of the lack of knowledge of God’s Word. God’s Word reveals how God works. When people are ignorant of how God works, then the enemy can gain the advantage over them. But as we gain knowledge of the Word of God, we can keep the door closed to the enemy.

“Great faith comes with great knowledge of God and great knowledge of God comes through His Word, His Living Word. It’s knowledge that far surpasses mere knowledge without experience. It’s experiencing Him. It’s knowing Him in those moments. Just setting your hope on, ‘I got to see what you’re doing here, Lord, and how you’re going to change the situation.’ And then He shows you, and you gain a knowledge and you gain understanding. We don’t pray for faith. For faith comes by hearing the Word. But we do pray for greater knowledge of God experiencing Him and the God would give us through His Word, us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. Ephesians 1:7.

“Paul prayed this prayer for other believers, but you can also pray this or claim these things over your own lives. God longs for us to have the spirit of wisdom and revolution in the knowledge of Him. So I claim these things for my own life. Regularly, I say ‘I take unto myself the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the strength, the eyes of my understanding are being enlightened, that I may know what is the hope of His calling and what is the riches and glory of His inheritance to me. And I know what is the exceeding greatness of His power towards me. For I believe.’

“And I said you can pray this prayer over your own life or you can claim it for yourself, but you can’t claim things for others like you can for yourself. So when it comes to others, you need to pray this for them. In fact, this is one of the best ways to pray for other believers. The prayers in Ephesians 1:16 through 19 in Ephesians 3:14 and 21, as well as other prayers recorded in the epistles are to be prayed regularly for other believers. The epistles are the New Testament book, starting with the book of Acts through the book of Revelation. As you pray, claiming these Ephesian prayers for yourself, you will move into wisdom and revelation. You’re going to let your light shine, you’re going to command light, and it’s going to come through that place, that united vital union with God because you’re praying for Him to show you things so that you might beam forth, declare, and cause light to shine in areas where people are shut up in darkness and don’t know their head from a hole in the ground. And they need to make right decisions.

“And nobody chooses to go to hell in the light. So we are here to command light. But we pray for ourselves to have that spirit of wisdom and revelation for this purpose. We are here on earth for such a time as this. Ephesian prayers for yourself. You will move into the wisdom and revelation you’ve never had before. As you pray these prayers for others, even inserting their names into these verses, then God will move to show them things they have never seen before.”

Brother DJ added…

You know why she’s reading this one. I was reading the same this morning. Kenneth E. Hagin, his book called, “The Believers Authority.” He said he told his wife, “Don’t disturb me.” He would go next door in the chapel, and he would sit down there. And he would open his Bible to these prayers and leave it open. And he said he prayed these prayers thousands of times. And he said after that praying these prayers, “What have I been preaching all these years?” His eyes were enlightened.

So let’s pray those prayers. But then when you say light… you keep saying the light. I was reading this word in Philippians. I was seeking the Lord and heard “murmuring heart.” We pray for the murmuring heart all the time that people have a calm and peaceful heart. But this was murmuring heart, meaning complaining and murmuring heart. He said “They murmur and complain for everything in the wilderness and they die.” And not only that, the snakes came and start biting them. He said, “Do all things without murmurings and disputings: That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.” (Phil. 2:14–15)

Do all things.” I’m going to talk about the light. He said, “Do all things without complaining and murmuring.” All things. I thought maybe some things I want to do with complaint. He said, “No. Do all things without complaining and murmuring.” Doing this, he said, you are the children of light in this dark world. But just doing two things. We bring light to the world where it say complaining and murmuring. “Oh, now I have to go to church here.” Murmuring and complaining. “Oh, I have to go to work now.” Complaining and murmuring. “Oh, I have to clean the house.” I mean, we are complaining and murmuring. And he said do all things without complaining and murmuring. So you and I shall be the children of light in this dark world.

In this dark world, we can bring light. It says to “let all bitterness, jealousy, complaining, murmuring, we vanished from us.” So we will be the children of light in this dark world.

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