Prayer Summary for March 27


We thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness
You are so powerful, and we are so thankful for Your presence
Father, You loved us so much that You sent Your Son to die on the cross for us
Holy Spirit, we welcome You in this place
We open our heart and our eyes to You, Lord
Yes, we cast all of our cares on You
Humbling our hearts before You, we give You the right away in our hearts
We decrease so that You can increase; have Your way in our lives, Lord
Thank You that You are working in and through us today
Those things are being moved out of the way
You are answering prayers, and we thank You for those changes, Father
May our hearts be softened and shaped in ways they never have been before
We are a people hungry for You, Lord
Yes, we pray for a spiritual download into our hearts today
Declaring for a greater hunger for You in these last days
Thank You for the deep things of God
Hallelujah, glory to God
We give ourselves to You, Lord
Yes, we worship You, and we ask for eyes to see
Anoint our eyes to see You; we pray that hearts would be softened today
Invade our hearts, that there would be a revealing
We pray for answers to come to pass in these last days
Thank You for burden-removing, yolk-destroying power to be released
Devil, no weapon formed against us shall or will prosper in Jesus’ name
We cast down pain and fear in the name of Jesus
Declaring that the power of God would cover those in need
Breaking every chain that would try to hold them back
Casting down all confusion in Jesus’ name
We call for an opening over hearts, minds, and bodies today
Thank You for supernatural downloads now!
Praying that You would send a release of Your Spirit upon Your people
Today doors are being opened, ways are being cleared up and out
You have sent answers!
We receive those things and we will grab hold of those things, Lord
Thank You that heaven is opening up now!
Father, we thank You that You are lifting us up
Praying for power, grace, and practical assistance
We command the angels to lift us up and out of that place and out of status quo
Yes, we will fulfill the plans that You have for us, Lord
You are chasing after Your people, and You will never relent
Thank You, Lord, glory be to God
We worship and magnify You, Lord
Praying for hearts to be opened up; we pray for an opening of hearts
Angels and ministering spirits, go and work on our behalf
Declaring unscheduled visitations!
Calling for visitations of Jesus to show up in the darkest of places
Faith is rising up for we are truly entering the last days
We pray for a strengthening in the body of Christ today
Calling for restoration of every kind in body, soul, and spirit
It is time for healing, it is time for restoration, and time for alignment
We pray for supernatural preparations to be made
Thank You for a new rhythm, a new cadence, and a new synchronicity
You have called us for this time and for this hour
The church is coming up higher and higher
It is time to harvest those souls that have been lost
We call for a responding and an obedience now!
Praying over the church in our nation and in our land
Father, it is time to step up now and to step out now!
We lift up our nation, and we pray for the Spirit to fall afresh on America
Open up now, nations open up now!
Lifting up those that are beyond reach; we pray for Your hand to reach out to them
We pray for families today, and we call them out of darkness in Jesus’ name
Casting down confusion and chaos now!
Calling them out of trauma, abuse, and discouragement
Thank You for the glory of God today!
Break now, darkness is being broken, deception breaks!
Casting down demonic spirits in the name of Jesus
We call You up and out in Jesus’ name!
Those things are being broken off; every shackle is being cast down
Praying for light to illuminate those situations
No, we will not go another day the way things are
We pray for new days, new situations, and new answers
There are restorations taking place today!
Declaring for those things to be restored
Doors are being opened, ways are being made straight
Father, You are closing some doors
We pray for acceleration in these days
Lord, we pray that those doors would be locked shut
Thank You that You are the only way to go!
You are preparing the way, and we thank You for it, Lord
Calling for an increase every day; there is an unleashing now
There is a heaven opening into earth now
Yes, we are in alignment with the spirit dimension
Praying for schools all across this nation
We pray for the Spirit to be in motion now with Your glory
You are coming very soon, and we will be ready
Shaking those things off, shaking off those things that would hold you down
Today is a new day, and we will respond in a new way
God is about to do a new work and a new plan
Your glory is filling the earth, and this is the time and this is the hour
You have called us for such a time as this
It is time to reap the fruit of the earth
Yes, it is time to become a living epistle
No, we will not stay status quo, but we will continually move ahead to the things of God
Thank You for restoration; thank You for restitution
It is time for the fullness of all things
It is time to sing; it is time to shout
You are having Your way and You will have Your say
No, no, no, church, you are not going to withdraw
Praying over hearts and minds today
We pray over the control center – the Holy Spirit
God is able to do more than we could ever ask or think or imagine
Thank You for greater transformations in these last days
We bless Your name, Jesus
Yes, we worship and love You, Lord
Your presence is all we need
Situations are being changed today!
Glory be to God, we love and welcome You in this place
You are addressing hearts; You are addressing situations and conditions
Have Your way in us, Lord, we surrender to You
You are our everything, and we love You, Father
Thank You, Lord, we love and worship You
We honor and reverence You, Lord
Bowing our hearts before You
Have Your way in and through us
Your faithfulness, kindness, and mercy is all we need

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