Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, March 30, 2023


Thank you, Father, for this day. Every day is a new day full of promise, full of joy because you said it was coming in the morning. Thank you for your joy. Without you, everything would just cease to exist. So there’s no reason why we don’t have joy.

I thank you, Father, for this hour and a half of prayer now. Thank you, Lord, the hour and a half of prayer we ask for the wind of your Spirit to come as we mount up waiting on you in divine expectation of you coming in and doing more than what we expect.

Father, we wait on you by praying in the Spirit in an unknown tongue, speaking to our Father through the Son of righteousness.

Thank you for divine perspective. Thank you as we wait on you, we rise up in our perspective. We rise up in the way that we see things. The world’s debris starts to fall off. And we said it before, it’s like we are in this world and naturally you’re in this world and you’re going to get a little dirty, but every morning or evening you take a shower, so Father, we thank you for the washing of the water of your Word.

Thank you, Lord, that we can be refreshed in your presence and refill us once more.

Lord, we want understanding. You said in your Word, in all you’re getting, get understanding. So we’re growing every day in knowledge, walking out freshly spoken words, flowing in those forces, Lord. So we thank you Lord for the delightful ways you’ve prepared us a good meal today. You’ve prepared words in season… you’ve prepared rest for us as long as it’s cold today.

Thank you, Lord, for great is the peace and undisturbed composure He gives our children. It’s growing and increasing every day.

We lift up the concerns of our heart hidden and the ones that we know. We thank you, Father, for searching our hearts, putting spotlight on things that we need to address.

You know what’s going on all over the earth, Lord. We make ourselves available, Lord, as you’re covering prayer, covering force, special force…

Father, the orphans, the widows, the foreigners … let there be no lack, let them be fed and visited. The prisoners, those who’ve been held captive through fear. We blow on them right now, a breath of freedom by your Spirit. There’s a boundary of time and space drawn around them … a boundary of freedom to search around and to feel and find you. We shine light in those boundaries and we say to the enemy, “you may not cross.”

Father, you said that you would pour out your Spirit on all flesh. So we ask according to your perfect nature, Lord, excessive and good and weighty and able and willing. We cover our communities. We cover this that you have given us the land, the territory in which we live. We cover it in the blood of Jesus. We command light to shine… we command goodness to ensue

Let the excessive goodness and overwhelming abundance supply that comes from being translated into your kingdom be on display. Let the world stand up and take notice.

We release provision into the world, into those places of want and need. Father, let that standard be risen. The standard of abundance.

We become one in heart and soul and mind with you… we’re a well-tuned instrument.

Lord, you’re the potter and we’re the clay. We make ourselves available to you, whatever you want to do, Lord. He conforms His will and His passionate desires, places them in our hearts and we become one in heart and mind. 

Cindy shared…

I was coming here today and I started crying. I said, “Thank you, Father, for your goodness.” If you’re old enough to remember, they had like encyclopedia salesman that would come to your door and they’d sell you all these volumes. And I’m like, my “thank you” is anchored with more volumes than I can count of reasons why He is so good. So I understand that it’s better than life. This life, it’s better than this life on earth. This is just a brief blip on the radar. So I don’t care to hold tightly to it, but He chose to come and rescue us. And there’s a purpose. And it’s more than we can ask or think or infinitely higher than our highest prayers and dreams. And He grants prayer.

So every time I’m leaning into Him, my prayers are going higher. I mean things that come out of your mouth. It’s like, “God, you granted that.” And the more that I give Him place… It’s just a privilege and an honor.

Barb Tafoya’s husband, Dave, used to come and pray here. But he said, “Every time you show up and you just do whatever He says, there’s those steps that you take where you heard His voice and now you have to walk it out until it comes to pass.”

Well, those steps are like, “God, I’m trusting you.” But then the more you do that, the more you’re tuning into His Word and you’re tuning into the fact that He said, you get used to Him showing up. It’s like, “I don’t know how you’re going to show up, but you’re going to show up.” Hallelujah.

Just magnifying Him over everything. He’s so good. I stir up by way of remembrance every good thing that He has done for me in the past, every way that He showed up. And then it builds confidence and He’s like, “Thank you for paying attention to Me and not all this other stuff, because I’ll never leave you. I’ll never forsake you.”

This is more going on than we know. And there’s a greater understanding. I don’t want to be like how the Bible says a mule that has to be beaten because I’m stubborn.

DJ …

I thank you, Father, we pray Psalm 91 over Living Word Church. We cover all the members with the blood of Jesus… we are dwelling in the secret place of the most high God. We abide under the shadow of the almighty God. We say the Lord is our refuge. He’s our fortress, our redeemer, our healer, our provider… We trust you, Lord. We say the Lord is our refuge, our redeemer, our healer, and everything else. And therefore, no evil shall befall you. No plague, no virus, no sickness or disease. No accident will come near you. In the name of Jesus.

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