Prayer Summary for March 15


Thank You, Jesus, for sending Your Precious Holy Spirit
For the influences and power He brings—we need You, Holy Spirit
Desiring more of You today

The following excerpts were taken from Fueling the Fire compiled by Phillip Curtis:

Rick Renner:

Jesus is Lord, but the Holy Spirit is the One Who lives in us, leads us, guides us, teaches us, reminds us, comforts us, seals us, sanctifies us, empowers us, and works to produce the character of Christ in us. He has been sent to reveal the will of God, which is the mind of Christ, and to give us the victory that Christ won through the cross and the resurrection. He is here for us. That is why He was sent.

If we are going to move beyond our fear of the unknown and experience real, supernatural Christian living, then we must come to a place of surrender to the Holy Spirit.

There is not Christian life without the Holy Spirit. Remove the Holy Spirit, and all that is left is dead formalism and religious traditions. The Holy Spirit is the life force of Christianity.

The Holy Spirit is the great revealer and teacher, and without an intimate relationship with Him, we cannot have a deep spiritual relationship with God.

John Osteen:

The Holy Ghost is the executive power of God. God the Father did His job in planning salvation. Jesus came down and completed His redemptive work. He has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. This is the age of the Holy Ghost.

I do not know of anybody in our day that is living, raising a family and trying to serve God that does not need the ability, efficiency and might of the Holy Spirit!

When you get the Baptism in the Holy Ghost, you touch a realm you never before touched, even in your deepest dedication. It is a dimension where the gifts of the Holy Ghost operate. It is the realm of the supernatural! You begin to live in the same Holy Ghost-charged atmosphere as those in the Book of Acts.

You must realize that you are not prepared to touch the world effectively until you are clothed with power from on high. That clothing comes in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Remember that the Holy Ghost is in us to bring about a demonstration. He is eager and jealous for Jesus to be glorified. He is zealous to perform this demonstration. He will rise quickly to come to the aid of every believer to demonstrate to the world that Jesus has completely conquered Satan and every demonic force.

After Jesus ascended to the Father and sprinkled His blood on the mercy seat, we received the right to have our bodies become the temples of that same, mighty Holy Ghost. We could then partake of the dynamic, supernatural, flowing energy that Jesus had during His earthly life. Jesus knew the power of the Holy Ghost. He knew that it was so good and so wonderful that He could come to earth as a man, demonstrate it, and then die that all might have it.

The baptism in the Holy Ghost is not a goal, but a doorway to the supernatural power of God.

Since the baptism in the Holy Ghost is God’s method of clothing His people with power to destroy the works of darkness, it stands to reason that the devil would lie about it, criticize it, make fun of it, and do everything else possible to hinder anyone from receiving it.

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, that someone saw fit to pray for us
Drawing close to You—waiting on Your manifested presence
We welcome You, Holy Spirit, here today

Annie led us in singing “Welcome Holy Spirit”

Pastor Ray shared…

I just had a little picture of Him really big in us and unable to stay inside. He is to get out, the flow of the Holy Spirit, the rivers that are to come up and out of us. When we say “live big inside of us,” that it would be so much more Him than us and we would get the revelation that it is not us in our own selves. We don’t have enough words to express what He wants to say but in Him, living big inside of us, that it would be Him, all Him and not us, so our words would be so much more His words. We yield our lives and humble ourselves before You. We have come to a fork in the road. We believe to turn one way or the other. We believe to turn in the right way individually and corporately. It’s time for the Church to rise up and take it’s stand, turn in the right way, be bold in what You have done and the bigness of You in us and let Your words come through, let Your written Word come out through our mouths and continually speak it forth and call the things that are not as though they absolutely were, seeing ourselves seated in heavenly places way high up above looking down over the earth and praying over situations that need praying over today.

Continued praying…

Aid and assistance from Heaven
Tara, I am praying the gospel light upon You
The revelation of who He is in you
You will step out and step into new territories today
Seeing things you never saw before
Debbie, John, Adam, we plead the blood over every member of the body
Thomas, in Jesus name
I send laborers today to these people
Lifting up the names before heaven today
Caleb, entering into different and much greater
Lucy, up! Move up, look up
Linda, some are in and some are coming in but everyone is coming up
Miracle, signs, wonderful situations in Jesus’ name
Patty, all kinds of names covered by the blood!
Equipped to carry it out
Entering in to a greater flow, a greater know
Stability—be strengthened in the power of His might
Matthew, growing daily, brought to the throne daily
Different clothes and different ways to walk
Suddenly there is another place, places in Jesus’ name
The rooms, the rooms, the rooms
Destinies—lifting them up in Jesus’ name
Directing, setting it up, and preparing the way!
Arise and shine, arise and let Your light shine
In America declaring the works of God almighty
In the senate and congress—unity
Angels, thank You for unity and harmony in our government
Seeking You, knowing their need for You, Father
Coming against ugly division and strife
Our leaders rest and trust in You, Father
We are asking for peace in our government in Jesus’ name
Your ways are great, O Lord
Show us how to love more, Lord
You have shed Your love abroad in our hearts; it’s in us, Lord
Asking for more and more of You—giving more place to You in our lives
Jehovah Jireh, You are so great!
Thank You, Father, for revival in the land
Praising You for the great move in China
For all other nations coming to You!
Glory and honor to Your name—praise to the King of Kings
You are wonderful, marvelous, and beautiful
We are the healed by the stripes of Jesus
It is finished—we praise You for it!
Father, thank You for strengthening and healing our pastors
The blood that protects them and for laborers called to come alongside them
Honoring them and giving them first place in our lives
Speaking only the best over them and all others
Thank You, for everyone here being diligent to pray
That we would simply reach out and lay hold of what we need in Jesus’ name

Pastor Ray shared…

It’s my confession that when we come together corporately like this and spend this time together and welcome the Presence that we leave filled every time. There is power, there is increased wisdom and understanding and revelation too, and everything we need filled to overflowing. So we come one way but we leave another way, up another step, another degree in Him. We thank, You, for it today. We believe like You said in Your Word that You are directing us, You are leading us, You are guiding us. Precious, Holy Spirit, thank You for the direction for today, for the leading today, for words to say, other prayers to pray, thank You for it in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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