Updated Prayer Summary for March 16 (see correction below)


We need You today, Holy Spirit
Opening up our hearts to yield more to You
We hunger for a greater impartation from You
Giving our very self to You
We don’t know what to do apart from You
You speak to us, lift us, strengthen us, heal us
Worship and adore You

Pastor Ray shared…

I received a text this morning and this was not just to me, it was to a few other people.

“We let go of all the doubt. How do we do that? We just let go of it and in letting go we yield even more to Him. So this morning we let go of all of the doubt, all of the weariness and we receive a fresh anointing from the Most High, the Lord of Hosts, a refreshing, a fresh anointing from heaven from the Lord of Hosts (angel armies) no worries. We lean in; lean on the One, the finisher of our faith. He is so with us now! We don’t have to wait until later. Faith is our receipt of purchase, title and deed. He authorized and paid in full today. Today is our best day ever. Why? Because today is the day the Lord has made and we WILL rejoice and be glad in it.”

Isn’t that good? Don’t you want to be on that list? I like when my phone lights up with the Word. Hallelujah.

Today I feel like there is such a peace in here that we would not rush it, not get out ahead of Him but just rest, rest, rest in You this morning, Lord. Reminding ourselves of Who You are in us. It’s you and not us and recognize and realize that we need each other. We need the body, the parts of the body. We need the supplies. The Father, He set it up this way that we be compacted together. I don’t know if we have the total revelation of that but just blessed to be with one another, believers. Hallelujah.

Yesterday we were just talking a little bit about the third person, the person of the Holy Spirit and I had someone, some parents yesterday called and said there was a problem with their adult son. They had to bring him back from another state. He was in college. To them, it seemed like it was out of the blue that he had become bipolar and manic depressant. That is what the doctor said once they got him back here to Minneapolis. I want to have us be in agreement and we will enter the room where he is by faith. Our prayers are not limited to where we are standing but they move because there is no distance in the realm of the Spirit. Today we can pray a prayer here in Minneapolis and it can bring about change and so surely in this city we can pray from one side of the city to the other and it will have an effect.

Father, in Jesus’ name we lift up this young man before You this morning. We are not familiar with what took place in His life, what the influence might have been but we know where it has come from. It’s come from the enemy. So we plead the blood of Jesus over him this morning and declare the blood of Jesus there. Where? Right in that hospital room this morning. We come by the blood of the Lamb and we move in by the blood, covered in the blood and plead the blood of Jesus over his mind, over his body in Jesus’ name. We take authority over every attack of the enemy. We get ourselves in agreement with the parents and declare that no weapon formed against you will prosper in Jesus’ name and we declare a stoppage in Jesus’ name. A turnaround, an absolute turnaround, a sudden change in Jesus’ name.

Enemy, you take your hands off this boy in Jesus’ name. Get out and get away. We plead the blood. We’ve come by the blood and we declare he shall finish his course. He shall do what You have called him to do. He is up and he is not down. He is full of the Spirit. He is not full of the enemy but in Jesus’ name we declare a finish in Jesus’ name! Finished in Jesus’ name. No further. No further. Thank You, Father, that this was revealed to the parents in time. They saw it. They responded to it and did what they knew to do but now the power of Your precious Holy Spirit, move into the room. Precious, Holy Spirit, we pray for Your anointing. We send a supply.

Things that we don’t know about, other influences, things in the past, we lift it. We lift this same situation, this same deal for others, others, others, others. Maybe they are young. Maybe they are older. No, we declare a good report. We declare the report of the Lord is true. We say no weapon formed against the body shall prosper in Jesus’ name.

Great demonstrations of Your power in these hours that we are living in right now. Sudden changes, sudden rearranging, what the enemy has meant for evil it shall be turned around. We say. We see it. We believe it. We receive it by faith. Declaring this morning all kinds of turnarounds. Thank You, Father.

The Lord just reminded me about yesterday when suddenly names… there were different names that were spoken out but He reminded me in praying in other tongues and when the anointing was there for names that even just the names that were declared with our natural ears in English here in this room that it went out way further than we would think. Because it was mixed in with other tongues and many other names were declared yesterday morning for the plan and the purpose, for the move of the Holy Spirit, for change, for rearranging for the glory of God, His people, God’s people, God’s children, for the light of the Holy Spirit.

I have something I want to read from Brother Hagin about speaking by the Spirit, in the Spirit.

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin on February 20, 1997 at Winter Bible Seminar:

Speaking by the Spirit,
not just speaking words out of your own mind or thinking,
but speaking by the Spirit;
Words that are inspired by the Spirit of God;
Words that well up from within you out of your spirit,
given to you by the Holy Spirit.
Those words, spoken boldly bring forth great happenings.
Speaking by the Spirit,
and so the Glory of God shall come into manifestation.
And some will see it like a cloud that hangs over the heads of the people.
Others may not see anything but they sense the mighty move of His Spirit.
Speaking by His Spirit, yielding your tongue unto the Holy Ghost.
But, you see, taking time to pray in the Spirit,
Taking time to pray in other tongues,
will get you tuned up; will edify you,
and get your tongue hooked up to your spirit,
so that then He who dwells in your spirit can give you utterance,
Then He takes over.
And you speak out what He says, not what you think.
Speak out what He wants. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
And so the Spirit of Seeing and the Spirit of Knowing
into a greater manifestation shall come.
But all of these.
All nine of these manifestations,
all of them worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit.
And, at the same time, the inspirational gifts.
Men, women, speaking by the Spirit,
By prophecy, inspired utterance;
By tongues and interpretations;
shall bring forth marvelous statements
and bring to pass and bring into being
in this sense realm where men can see and know the operation of the Spirit
of God and the manifestation of the Spirit of God,
and the demonstration of the Spirit of God.

Annie led us in worship…

Continued praying…

Hallelujah, from the least to the greatest
We are not moved by what we see but what You said
Let the weak say I am strong
Let the poor say I am rich
Let the sick say I am well and healthy
Lands on the earth, gathering places
Outside arenas – gathering places – the glory of God will penetrate these places
Moving into these places!
It will be a showing of Your great glory!
Blood covering over things needing to be lined up today
One step after another after another – every step walked out in entirety
Such accuracy in it – from glory to glory to glory
We will not miss one of the steps!
Help from heaven now for the body of Christ
Speaking strength and increase to the body
Spirit of Seeing and Knowing today over the body
Declaring some openings to receive and give and walk
The best, the best, greater leads to greater and greater
Thank You, Lord, for the House of God – You made each one of us a house
All the doorways, avenues, and pathways – entering into great cooperation
Mighty, precious Lord!
Dates and times and positions!
Wherever the eagles gather!
Assignments – individuals we believe to see and do see them
Pleading the blood over the ears of our spirit to hear clear the still small voice
Come unto Me – we yield to You, Lord

Annie sang in the Spirit (corrected version)…

So learn of Me, I am meek, so meek, lowly and gentle in My heart
So come to Me, and learn of Me for I am meek, lowly of heart
Come to Me, Come to Me, Come to Me
Oh I am meek, I am gentle, I am lowly of heart
And You will find rest, find rest for your soul
For the yoke I give is easy and light, it’s easy and light, it’s easy and light
Because in Me You have My Spirit, it’s in Me, It’s in Me
So come to Me My little one, My little one, My little one
Daughters and My sons

Continued praying…

So we continue to say “Yes” to You, Lord
Yielding to Your ways, Spirit, blood, steps, plans; to what You have called us to
All the way through
We thank You, Lord, for it today

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