Prayer Summary for March 14


Thank You for Your wonderful presence, Father
We love You, Lord, and we worship You today
Our eyes are fixed and focused on You
You are so good and so beautiful to us
We lift up Your precious sheep, Father
Thank You for Your cooperation, fellowship, and contribution in our lives, Lord
Your grace, favor, and blessings are surrounding us today!
Praying that You who have begun a good work in us, will continue to the day of the return of Jesus Christ
You are perfecting and developing that good work in us!
We will continue to have clear conviction and stand firm in the truth of Your Word
Father, You are working in and through us in these last days
Yearning for more of Your presence today, Lord
Your tender mercies are new every morning
Perfect love casts out all fear, and we thank You for it, Father
Praying that each and every one of us would be able to sense what is vital and prize what is excellent
That we would recognize what is the highest and the best and distinguishing the moral differences
Open our hearts that we would be blameless, untainted, and pure
That we would be sincere and certain in our walk with You, Lord
May we abound in and be filled with the fruits of righteousness and right standing with God
We give You all the glory, honor, and praise today, Father
Continually giving thanks to You, Lord
No, we will not cease to pray, but fill us with the full, deep, and clearer knowledge of Your will
Give us insight into the ways and purposes of God
We will continue to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of You, Father
Our desire is to please You in all things, Lord
Praying that we would be invigorated and strengthened with all power according to Your glory
Your Word is light and life to our lives, Father
That we would transition from one degree of glory to another
Esteeming and valuing one another, You have a specific plan for each and every one of us
Discerning the gifts of God that He has given, individually and collectively
You have called us for such a time as this!
Declaring that every spot and every wrinkle would be removed, Father
We are shaking off some old things, and we will put You on in every way!
You are the way, the truth, and the life, Lord
There is an alignment along that way
We seek more of Your will, more of Your way, and more of Your Word
Yes, we are hungry for more of You, Lord
Hearts are being changed in a new way; there is a greater yielding unto Your Spirit
Love will transcend the fray of the world
Calling for transfers of every kind!
There will be an abundance of transfers
Join us together, Father
There is divine aid and assistance!
We cooperate in that way today
Give us ears to hear, eyes to see, and feet to walk!
You are providing us with everything we need to fulfill the purpose and plan that You have for us
There is a strengthening, and we call for that power from heaven to be around and about us today!
Your glory is pouring out over us
We call for healing, restoration, wholeness, and fullness from heaven!
Liberty, liberty, liberty!
Calling for Your presence to overflow in and through us, Father
Declaring for the Church to rise up and walk in this way!
It is time now, it is time now!
That we would blaze the way, by the glory of God
Pleading the blood of Jesus over those decisions that need to be made
The blood is flowing, let it flow, yield to it, declare it!
This is the day that the Lord has made!
It is a new show, the members shall glow, for this is the way to go, overflow!
Contending for it, speaking to it, and calling for it!
It is the glory road; it’s the glory way and glory days!
Open, open, open!
It is a deliberate step and it is a deliberate way!
We take those things by faith today!
Expose those things, Father
There is power in the name of Jesus!
Declaring for a greater cooperation in the body!
Send us supernatural steps from heaven, Father
Pressing into You, Lord, like never before
Holding fast to Your Word, and we will never let it go
We take our seat in heavenly places with You
Entering into Your presence today, Father
Praying for each and every member to take their places in the body
That we would esteem these ways and steps for more
Thank You for Your presence in our lives
We trust You, Lord

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