Prayer Summary for January 31


The following excerpt is taken from E.M. Bounds on Prayer by E.M. Bounds:

Unction, the Mark of True Gospel Preaching

Unction is that indefinable, indescribable something which an old, renowned Scotch preacher describes thus: “There is something somewhat in preaching that cannot be ascribed either to matter or expression, and cannot be described what it is, or from whence it cometh, but with a sweet violence it pierceth into the heart and affections and comes immediately from the Lord; but if there be any way to obtain such a thing, it is by the heavenly disposition of the speaker.”

We call it unction. It is this unction which makes the word of God “quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” It is this unction which gives the words of the preacher such point, sharpness, and power, and which creates such friction and stir in many a dead congregation…

Earnestness is good and impressive; genius is gifted and great. Thought kindles and inspires, but it takes a diviner endowment, a more powerful energy than earnestness or genius or thought to break the chains of sin, to win estranged and depraved hearts to God, to repair the breaches and restore the church to her old way of purity and power. Nothing but this holy unction can do this.

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Father, we are looking to go through a new way
Daily throwing all of our dependence and trust on You
Not looking for security in our own ability or knowledge
Moving out of the mental realm and moving into the realm of the Spirit
Greater manifestation of the Spirit so we may go!
Calling for distinguishing marks to be on display
Not lacking in any good thing
Holy Spirit, have Your way!
In the prayer place, we speak and declare, drawing close to You
Faith works by love!
Coming out of self-pity and selfishness
Only by You can we finish the last leg of the race
There must come a turning now
Father, we must walk accurately with You in this day
Lifting up the businessmen—there must be a separation unto You
Our determined purpose is to know You and the power of the resurrection life
We do not want to labor in vain, but want to see Your kingdom be established on this earth
Lord, we apply the blood over the Church for cleansing and purification
The enemy cannot stand against us!
Calling for unity within the body of Christ!
Every resource coming forth!
Walking in the fullness and glory of God!
Everything we need is found in You; we receive Your wisdom!
It is time to wake up and be on the alert!
Your plans and purposes being revealed and uncovered!
We apply the blood to the heads of households
A fresh anointing to snap them out of the lies and cares of this world!
Getting back on track and moving forward
Some things have been stuck, unable to be moved
There are many gears that must be oiled by the Spirit and turned
We pray for the elders—calling up the positions of authority in the body of Christ!
There is a higher place for us to go!
By the Spirit, the Church will endure walking in the right way
Obedience to the direction given in the Spirit
Calling for the gears to move in the right direction and in the right time!
Lifting up embassies and covering them in the blood!
Holding up the spiritual ambassadors—that they would go and speak the truth!
Calling for strength and endurance to walk that through!
Restoring connections that were once broken
That we would go all the way through to what we have been called to
Father, when we hide in Your hiding place, everything else becomes clear

Scripture Focus…

“Lord, you are a paradise of protection to me. You lift me high above the fray, and none of my foes can touch me there. I will live enthroned with You forever! Guard me, God, with your unending, unfailing love. Let me live my days walking in grace and truth before You. And my praises will fill the heavens forever, fulfilling my vow to make every day a love gift to You.”
(Ps. 61 The Passion Translation)

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