Prayer Summary for February 3


The blood of Jesus still lives, speaks, and works today
Thank You that the precious blood of Jesus keeps the destroyer back
The blood brings light and it brings life to us, Father
You, Lord, are always the same and You never change
Father, Your mercies are new every morning
Your arm is not too short to perform Your plan and Your will in the earth today
Thank You that you have provided every resource we need to be more than conquerors in Christ
You have called us into the kingdom of God for such a time as this
What You have begun in us, You will complete it, Lord
Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!
Thank You, Father, for the operation of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit reveals, discloses, unveils, and transmits the things of the Father to us
The eyes of our understanding are being opened up to the great inheritance that is ours in Christ Jesus
Declaring supernatural change in the Church from one degree of glory to another
Glory to God!
Our ears are being opened to hear from heaven today
We are doers of the Word of God and not hearers only
God, You are so good!
Thank You, Father, that You are providing us with everything we need to accomplish Your will and Your plan
We call for those things that need to come forth, to come forth in Jesus’ name!
Give us boldness and courage, Lord
Nothing missing and nothing broken


The following prophecy was given by Kenneth Copeland on August 22, 2013:

“You have been being prepared,” saith the Lord of grace. “You have been being readied for this very time. For this move of My Spirit not only has there been launched the largest gathering of souls mankind has ever seen on this planet, but also the breakdown of Babylon’s influence that came onto mankind and has been cheating him out of his life ever since the tower at Babel. Aha! But My people have been prepared and you’re part of the team,” saith the Lord. “I am ministering to you and bringing to you and placing in you solutions that people have been begging for, for centuries. And with the anointing of the Spirit in you and on you, you’ll be able to share these things with people that will deliver them, that will deliver their businesses, that will deliver their children, that will remove debt and all of its pressures out of their lives. And you’ll be able to get involved with evangelism. You’ll be able to get involved in your church. You’ll be able to get involved in all those things that before you’ve wanted to so deeply but thought you didn’t have the resources to do it. Ah, but I have prepared you, and I have brought you to a place where you are ready. More ready than you know you are because you know more than you think you do. And My time has come,” saith the Lord. “So prepare yourself here and again and now and again and then this place and that place as I speak to you and tell you to minister to people to pray for them to minister to them of your goods and so forth. And you’ll see it multiply right in front of your face, for the time of Amos has come when the sower and the reaper are walking side by side. You sow it and multiply it right in front of you. So give the Lord praise and honor and glory and thank Him because you are part of this congregation and you are part of the team that I’m raising up all over the earth. For you have listened to My voice and you have taken heed to what I have said and you’re in the place that I called you to be in and as you walk in that more and more and more and more and more, you will prosper and questions will be answered. And you’ll say when you get through, “My, my, am I glad I heard that because my life will never be the same again.” Hallelujah!

So whatever the Lord tells you to do tonight, be obedient to do it and expect it.

The following prophecy was given by Bishop Keith Butler on March 25, 2011:

We’re going down the stretch.
We’re coming down the stretch for real.
We’re coming down the stretch.

This is the generation. Everything will be alright if you do what you’re supposed to do. And make sure you do what you’re supposed to do and don’t worry and don’t fret and don’t take care. And get the Word out to others. Get yourself delivered from being attached to the world’s system and get yourself in a position that you can do what God said at a moment’s notice. And be READY to let go of whatever you got.

I was a pastor of a church for 32 years in Michigan. Go down to Texas and start over. 55 Years old. Like a 55-year-old man having a 2-year-old kid. God had an assignment for me.

Be prepared that God can uproot you and use you and He will take you … I’m telling you by the word of the Lord to these people in this room…out of your comfort zone.

Whatever God’s talking to somebody about here tonight and your head’s going “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.” Let me tell you what’s on the other side of it—peace and a joy like you never had before.

Down the stretch God needs His elite soldiers. Those are the ones that God has fed, that God has trained, He’s taught them the Word, He’s raised them up, He’s taught them how to pray, He’s taught them how to believe, He’s taught them about the future, He’s taught them how to lead, and He is not going to allow you to sit on it DOWN THE STRETCH!

He sent me to tell you that He is sending you to a leadership post like you have not seen before. And what He is gonna ask some of you to do will be uncomfortable when you think about it. And He said don’t let care… all this talk about how you believe God… you gonna get a chance to prove it.

When they see these things begin to happen, they are going to begin to come to us. And we’ll be ready. “Let me teach you everything I’ve learned for the last 20 years that Mac Hammond taught me…let me show you what the Lord brought to me through Lynne Hammond…let me show you the things the Lord taught me from whoever.” And you sit down and quickly God’s gonna open up their understanding. They are gonna be able to receive twice as fast as you were.

And God will cause you to be out there, to be led by the Holy Ghost, and He will lead you to people He has made ready; He will lead you to towns and cities and nations and circumstances. But you must be willing to go instantly. Even if it means you leave everything you’ve done for the last 30 years. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to put yourself in a position where you can go where God wants you to go (snap). That’s the key.

No more excuses. This is NOT about you, and it’s not about what you can do. It’s not about what you can figure out. It’s not about any of that. It’s all about HIM. He wants you to say “yes” and do one thing after you say “yes.” Your Dad’s gonna tell you what to do and you obey. Hear, and obey. Hear, and obey.

You don’t need to see it. You just need to believe it!

Continued Praying…

Calling down seducing spirits in Jesus’ name!
No, we will not be sucked in by lying demon powers of the enemy
You gave us Your Word and Your Spirit, and we hear from heaven today!
We will find safety in the assembly of the church and will not be drawn off by itching ears
That pastors and teachers would preach the uncompromised Word of the Lord
Applying the precious blood of Jesus to our eyes, ears, and our hearts
No weapon formed against us would prosper in the name of Jesus’
Some are giving up and some are caving in but, Father, we call out and send laborers to them
Strengthen them and quicken them to break those things off in the name of Jesus’
Believing for the Holy Spirit to illuminate and reveal to them the truth of Your Word
There is victory in the blood of Jesus today!
Applying the blood of Jesus over their minds and hearts, over the seeing eye and the hearing ear
We will continually draw nearer and nearer to You, Father
That the infallible Word of God would be in our hearts, dear Lord
The word will be our foundation and it will lead us all the way up and all the way through
We will not move off of Your Word
Applying the blood to all the outside influences that would attempt to bend our minds
But our eyes are fixed and focused only upon You
You alone, Father, have the words of life
We thank You that every believer will step up and take his/her place
Declaring that each and every one would fulfill his/her call and go all the way in victory
Calling for those offices of authority, that they would be filled with the right people at the right time
Pleading the blood of Jesus over those transfers that need to be made
There will be some transfers going out and transfers coming in
We call those things to line up with the Word of God in Jesus’ name!
The body of Christ will take action, doing those things You have called them to do!
They will begin to stand stronger than they ever have before
Continually standing on what the Word of God has said
This is the time and this is the hour to walk in and to walk through
Praying for those leaders to lead!
Transformers are being transformed by Your Spirit
By the anointing of the Holy Ghost, we are being transformed to carry out Your will and Your plan
Applying the blood over every detail of that, Lord
The timing of the Holy Ghost is right on time and right in time
Calling for revelation and inspiration by the Holy Spirit
We will not come up short in any way!
You have given us everything we need to fulfill Your plan
Steady and fixed on You, under the shadow of the almighty
Divine expectation of and by Your Spirit
It is in the finishing, Father
We will not shy away, but will finish strong
It’s a paradigm shift—it is an adjustment in the thought process
We beat with Your heartbeat, Lord
Calling in the souls of men—it is time!
Fields are waiting and now we call in the harvest
We call in those laborers to bring in the harvest, Father
This is the day that You have made, and we will rejoice and be glad in it
We will not be ignorant, but ask for utterance from the Holy Ghost
Words from heaven are rearranging and changing things today!
Preparing a highway for our God
Thank You, Father, that we can fix our eyes on You
You have called us to the kingdom for such a time as this
A Word of the Lord came forth…

“There is a call, there are calls, there is a call specific to each individual, but there are calls that have been sent out to companies, watchers. And the calls have gone out to bring those in the body up and out of some places where they have been. But what I kind of heard was—where have they been living? In the places where they have been living in, I’m not talking just apartments, homes, or cities, but positions they have been living in. There are calls right now… And I’m hearing it like this by the spirit—Calls, and I’m calling you and I’m calling each one of you individually today into a further place than you have ever been in your race. I’m calling you upward. Don’t take it casually. I’m calling you further, and I’m calling you out and calling you beyond where you ever dreamed you would be. And this drawing, or this calling, is by My Spirit, so do not put your brain on it; do not attempt to understand every step that you will walk out. For those steps are in me,” saith the Lord.

“You won’t see them, you won’t do them, you won’t walk in them other than if you walk in Me and allow Me to continually show you the steps and the plans that I have called unto you to walk out. It will be like a dream. It will be ministry of the Spirit, and ministry through the Spirit. Not just praying in other tongues, although it is that. But in your heart of hearts, you know you are called, you know you have been equipped, you know that every resource necessary for you to do it has already been provided.

“So step up in your spirit, step out in your spirit and through your spirit. And you will see that dividing line from what your brain thinks—oh no, you can’t do that—no, no, no. And you will step over into what we would call new, into new territory for you individually but for the church for My body corporately. It’s what it’s all about in these hours and in these times, for the Church to walk up, and not be so sublime, or in a status-quo kind of way. And press, push for more of Me, and I will take care of that, that you have been called unto. Do not question My will or My enabling power that I have placed within You. And do not fear the new. For the new will be and continually will be blessed for you—days of glory, days of My presence, new days, and new times.”

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