Prayer Summary for January 30


Father, thank You for Your manifest presence today
We are not in this alone; You are always with us!
We magnify and glorify You
In You, every day is a new and good day
Thank You that we always overcome through the blood
We will walk out the calls that You have placed within us
Thank You for connecting all of our calls
We receive Your strength, love, and peace today
Nothing is impossible in You!
Lord, we rely and rest upon You!
We pray over the nations and cover the Church in the blood!
We NEED more of You!
You have put within us a call and strength to pursue Your will!
Lord, we ask for a fresh infilling of Your Spirit
No weapon formed against us, the Church or the leaders in the Church, will prosper
We have protection through the blood
Great days are ahead and many souls are still to come in
Calling for evangelists to walk in ways they have never walked before
Seeing souls coming into the kingdom in droves
Praying over the finances of the ministries in need!
We are looking for resources, gifts, and people to come and take their places
For all to know their places and run with their callings
Supplies of anointings working together to produce a great work
Calling for time-released anointings to be released
Each one tuned by Your Spirit into a great symphony
We draw nearer to You, Lord!
Tailor-made days and divine strategies coming forth now
All gifts rising up now
Father, strengthen the inner man, lift the hands, and strengthen the knees
Assistance must come now
Casting aside the cares and moving forward
Lord, You are so great!
We are in such need of You!
Praying that faith would come forth now
Lifting the hiding places of the leaders in the Church
Lord, we call for a de-cluttering and a clearing up of that place
There is protection in the cleft of the Rock from the attacks of the enemy
Pleading the blood over the leaders that they would be set apart only for You
A supernatural shield protecting them
Seeing them take drastic measures to step away from the chaos of the world
We must have more pray-ers to stand on the wall and watch
Devil, we declare you will not touch our pastors, teachers, and leaders!
Father, give them strength to obey!
We pray over the highways—the ways the Church has been called to walk out
Lifting up the forerunners and pleading the blood before them
Calling low places to be filled in and high places to be leveled
Nothing can hold these calls back!
We pray for the platforms of ministry
Pleading the blood over them and cleansing and purifying them!
Removing the things of the world
Father, we ask for an internal boldness to rise up within the ministry gifts again
To stand and declare the truth of the Gospel without fear or intimidation!
Calling for clarity of sight, vision, and call
Standing strong on the platform of Your call under the shadows of Your wings
Seeing leaders stepping out of their shells!
Freedom to pursue the things God has called them to
We purpose to lift up positions of authority today
Lord, we give You all of the glory and honor


The following excerpt is taken from E.M Bounds on Prayer by E.M. Bounds:

Prayer and the Promises

You need not utterly despair even of those who for the present “turn again and rend you.” For if all your arguments and persuasives fail, there is yet another remedy left, and one that is frequently found effectual when no other method avails. This is prayer. Therefore, whatsoever you desire or want, either for others or for your own soul, “Ask, and it shall be given you.” —John Wesley

WITHOUT the promise, prayer is eccentric and baseless. Without prayer, the promise is dim, voiceless, shadowy, and impersonal. The promise makes prayer dauntless and irresistible.

If you would like to purchase this book, please contact Living Words Bookstore online or call (763) 315-7015.

The following excerpt is taken from How to Have a Revival:

Nothing Can Hinder a Revival in the Church That Prays

Jesus taught “that men ought always to pray, and not to faint” Luke 18:1. Two things remember: First, “Always to pray,” and Second, “Not to faint,” or as Weymouth translates it, “Never lose heart.” This means that Christians should never be without a definite petition before the throne of God, with their minds fully made up to get the answer. The chief ingredient in real prayer is the purpose to get the answer. Jesus said, “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in heaven” Matt. 18:19. The main thing that we are to agree on, is that we will not stop praying until we know we have the answer. The mere asking without importunity, without a purpose to get the answer, is not what the Bible means by prayer. Some people do not believe God will answer prayer at all; others think He will do so once in a great while, but let me say, friends, He always answers real prayer, for Jesus said, “Everyone that asketh receiveth” Matt. 7:8.

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