Prayer Summary for January 19


Father, we yield ourselves for more of You
Staying filled and overflowing—we know it is critical
Making a difference in others’ lives
Thank You for Your presence this morning

Word of the Lord came forth yesterday:

This is one of the ways that you will go through the new door, by lifting up your voices in one accord, giving worship, giving praise. For praise stills the voice of the enemy. The enemy’s voice continued to say “you cannot go through” but I have made the way for you to go all the way through. So as you lift up your voices in one accord, giving worship unto Me, singing in other tongues, lifting up praise, the voice of the enemy will be still! So lift it up this day, lift up, lift up and worship the King of all Kings, the Father of all Fathers. See for yourself, see all of the new that you will walk into. It is not by your strength. It is not what you necessarily decide to do. I did it for you, so take it by faith, lift up your voices, it is a prayer unto Me in heaven this day.

Combinations of things working together, combinations of giftings flowing together in one accord, with such purpose in these last days. You will see My glory shining, shining, shining now. All the parts and pieces, all fitly joined together, they are coming together, they are coming together, every part and every piece working and flowing, working and speaking, such, such, such working, working together now. Together in one accord, My people. Oh you will see a rising up now, seeing and working; signs and wonders, touching here and touching there, making things as they should be. Hallelujah, glory, glory. Hallelujah, glory, glory! There is a shining now, a shining now, a shining over the people of God, Jesus flowing in and through each one, each one. Thank You, Lord, thank You, Lord, thank You, Lord. Glory, glory, honor and praise. Glory, glory, thank You, Lord.

The following excerpt was taken from Herald of His Coming by Wesley L. Duewel

“Will You Pay the Cost”

What price are you willing to pay? Nothing we can ever do can earn God’s blessing—every work of God and every good gift is by His infinite grace (Jas. 1: 17). Nevertheless every movement of God in which we are called to have a part involves a cost. God has chosen it to be so. It is of God’s grace that He has called us to be His co-workers. It is His grace that honors us with a share in paying the cost of the salvation of people and the advance of His kingdom. What cost are you willing to pay?

Blessing is costly. Only God could pay the infinite price that made our salvation possible. There was an infinite cost to God the Father. Was it a trivial matter for God the Father to see God the Son depart from heaven on His redemptive mission to earth? Was it trivial for God the Father to tum His back on His Son to let His Son feel the fullness of divine wrath for sin as He bore the sins of the world? He who thinks this has never understood the heart of a father, nor the heart of God. The whole Trinity paid an infinite cost in redemption at the Cross. God’s price is paid. It is finished.

Today there is a Cost for you and me today. There was a price to pay in Paul’s day, and he gladly paid (Col. 1:24; see also 2 Cor. 11:23–28). There is a price to be paid today. Every age demands new sacrifice. Every day sees a new cost being paid. The victories of God and His kingdom do not come cheaply at any time.

No generation is ever moved for God without great cost being paid. No great revival is obtained at a bargain sale. No mighty awakening is born without hidden travail. There are no shortcuts to a miracle. There is no Pentecost without a Calvary.

God’s work is hindered today by the shortage of God’s children willing to pay a high price. It was true in Isaiah’s day. The Triune God was waiting for someone to do and go (Isa. 6:8). It was true in Ezekiel’s day. God was searching for someone to stand in the gap and hold back the sins that were destroying the land and calling for God’s judgment (Ezek. 22:30). It was true in Paul’s day. The apostle often seemed to be alone in the battle for souls; most others seemed to be seeking their own interests, their own advantage, their own comfort (Phil.2:20–21; 2 Tim. 4:9–11). It is true today. The majority of Christians are nominal; they do not know there is a price to pay. The majority of spiritual Christians are sleeping; they are unaware of the cost they could and should be paying. We are faced today with spiritual shortages. There is a reason that in spite of many encouragements the mighty revival movement of God for which we long is not yet here. There is no shortage with God. God’s resurrection power is still mightily at work in wonderful ways. There is no dispensational problem. This is still the day of grace; the dispensation of the Spirit He is here in all His miracle working, in conviction, conversion, sanctification, and revival. This is the dispensation of ”times of refreshing,” of outpourings of the Holy Spirit (Acts 3:19).

Nevertheless, great spiritual need exists. Gracious blessings are many, but the mightier movements of God are few. The hymn goes “Mercy-drops round us are falling, but for the showers we plead.” Good Christians are perhaps more numerous than ever before, but giants of God are few. Wistful well-wishers of revival are numerous among spiritual people, but great price-payers are few.

Spiritual shortages are great. There is a shortage of prolonged praying. There is a shortage of fasting. Much seed is sown, but little is sown with tears, and hence there is comparatively little reaping (Ps. 126:5). There is a lot of talk about “accepting Jesus” but little about taking up one’s cross. There is a shortage of mountain-moving faith. There is a shortage of men and women who know how to wrestle in prayer (Col. 4:12). Prayer is for most people a casual social conversation with Jesus, not a Gethsemane-shared intercession.

Your part has probably been good—good, but ordinary. You have probably not crucified Christ afresh by blatant, overt sins, but has Christ often had to say to you “Are you still sleeping and resting? Look, the hour is near” (Matt. 26:45)? In all probability your tomorrow will be much like your past. It is all too easy to make excuses.

There are too many reasons why you may continue much the same as you have been living! You are too busy to pay a great price! You cannot afford it! Prices are high! It would cost part of the time you spend reading the newspaper or watching TV. It might cost some of your mealtimes to fast and pray. It could cost some of your habits, your hobbies, and part of your work that till now you have thought no one else could do.

The cost is very great! But I challenge you to pay the price regardless of the cost. I challenge you to really make some radical changes in your life in order to put prayer and Christ’s kingdom first. I challenge you to choose Gethsemane. I challenge you to put your prayer closet before yourself your appearance, your friends, your work. I challenge you to do something drastic and definite. Will you pay the price now? or never?

Continued praying

Father, we desire to pay the price for more
Holy Spirit, fall fresh and new on us
Connecting together with other gifts and supplies
Shining brighter and brighter in unity
Living for today and into our future
Thankful for everything You have already done, Holy Spirit
For everything You are doing today and in our future
Great expectations of Your moving in our lives
Cooperating more and more with You
Expecting to lay hands on the sick and see them recover
Speaking out Your oracles
Wisdom to hear and speak right
Hearing You say “Expect more lost to come in”
Thank You, Father, for greater displays of Your glory!
No limits, no boundaries
Nothing can hold us down
Turning from sad to joy
Those promises shall come to pass!
Let the weak say “I am strong!”
Let the poor say “I am rich in every way!”
Pressing out and through
Speaking it and seeing it come to pass
Calling for the Glory
Alignment of numbers—day after day
Walking by faith the steps that have been preplanned
Praying over the harvest
Thank You, Father, for the rain of Your Holy Spirit
Breaking away from old patterns
Lifting and magnifying the name of Jesus!
Seeing things differently—people and things
Strengthened more and more for the positions we are called to
Every knee will bow and every tongue confess Jesus as Lord
Thank You for strong bones, hearts, and whole bodies
For the finished work of the Cross – Victory
Taking our place and keeping in the race
We can do all things through You, Lord
Thank You for this blessed day in Jesus’ name

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