Prayer Summary for January 18


Saturate us with Your presence, Father

May Holy Ghost fire burn deep in us, Lord

We are flooded and filled with You

Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise today

You are so worthy, Lord

We give honor to Your name—Jesus!

As long as I have breath, I will praise You

Steps, You are leading and guiding every step we take, Father

Thank You, Lord, for Your precious Holy Spirit

Direct us today, Lord

We will keep our eyes fixed and focused on You

Receiving peace and rest from You and You alone, Lord

Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise, today

Every good thing comes from You

A Word of the Lord came forth:

This is one of the ways that you will go through the new door, by lifting up your voices in one accord, giving worship, giving praise. For praise stills the voice of the enemy. The enemy’s voice continued to say “you cannot go through” but I have made the way for you to go all the way through. So as you lift up your voices in one accord, giving worship unto Me, singing in other tongues, lifting up praise, the voice of the enemy will be still! So lift it up this day, lift up, lift up and worship the King of all Kings, the Father of all Fathers. See for yourself, see all of the new that you will walk into. It is not by your strength. It is not what you necessarily decide to do. I did it for you, so take it by faith, lift up your voices, it is a prayer unto Me in heaven this day.

Combinations of things working together, combinations of giftings flowing together in one accord, with such purpose in these last days. You will see My glory shining, shining, shining now. All the parts and pieces, all fitly joined together, they are coming together, they are coming together, every part and every piece working and flowing, working and speaking, such, such, such working, working together now. Together in one accord, My people. Oh you will see a rising up now, seeing and working, signs and wonders, touching here and touching there, making things as they should be. Hallelujah, glory, glory. Hallelujah, glory, glory! There is a shining now, a shining now, a shining over the people of God, Jesus flowing in and through each one, each one. Thank You, Lord, thank You, Lord, thank You, Lord. Glory, glory, honor and praise. Glory, glory, thank You, Lord.

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