Prayer Summary for Friday, January 15, 2016

Pastor Ray shared…

I wanted to read a testimony from brother Hagin’s minibook entitled Prayer Secrets. In this chapter, he is going through the basics of praying for results. Why else would we pray? We come before the Father and worship and honor Him, but we’re praying to see things happen. He uses John 16:23–24: “And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.”

He has a couple of testimonies about prayer. He talks about this particular minister, I.J. Jamison, who had been a Presbyterian minister. He was well known in the earlier days of the Assemblies of God movement.

[begin quote]
In his testimony, he told that he was lecturing in a western city as a Presbyterian, and there was a forest fire raging in the area. About ten o’clock in the morning, he was at the barbershop getting a shave when a fellow came in with a telegram, asking the people in a nearby tent meeting to pray for rain. The men in the barbershop all began talking about the tent meeting where there were people who believed in this king of thing. But they were afraid to take the telegram over to the tent. So Mr. Jamison agreed to take it and he handed it to the minister. He said that the minister quieted everyone and read the request, where upon everyone began praying. Afterward, they thanked God that there would be rain. The minister gave Jamison the telegram and told him to send one back saying that there would be rain by ten o’clock that night. It shocked him. Jamison went back to the barbershop and told the men what had happened. They all laughed about it and read the weather report which said there would not be any rain for at least four or five days.

Jamison went on to his lecture, and then went home to bed. His wife had washed some clothes and left them out on the line, so he teased her about bringing them in because it was going to rain. They laughed about it and then about 9:30 they fell off to sleep. Directly, they were awakened by thunder and lightning. It was raining.

This really made Jamison wonder. After his own lectures were over, he began attending the tent meeting. He would sit at the back and take notes on everything. He could not understand why he had not seen all these things before. He said he knew there was a woman in the church whose daughter was insane. He had heard that this woman and some of the people were going to meet at the asylum to try to cast a devil out of her daughter. The mother was taking a dozen women with her. Jamison asked if he could go along. He met them at the asylum, and the attendant said they could not go in because the girl was violent and might kill them. They were stopped before a padded cell, where there was a young woman inside who looked like an animal. She hissed and spit; her eyes were ablaze. All this time, the attendant was telling them that they could not go inside the cell because if they did, he would lose his job. Nevertheless, he unlocked the door. The mother went in, and the dozen women fell on their knees and started praying. Jamison and the attendant stood back and watched.

The daughter stepped back and climbed halfway up the padded wall. She made a leap at her mother like an animal, and the mother sidestepped her. The girl fell and then started to get up. The mother held her down and said, “Come out of her, devil, in the name of Jesus.” Jamison stood there and watched spellbound. For ten minutes the mother said this over and over again. Suddenly the daughter relaxed and asked her if it was she. She threw her arms around her mother’s neck and hugged and kissed her. I.J. Jamison witnessed it and said that he wanted the Holy Ghost. He said that he was a candidate for that kind of praying. The mother had believed and she received what she wanted. [end quote]

Isn’t that blessed? I wanted to read these as examples. Each one of us have seen things in our lives that He has done for us. But I want us to look up and out ahead and take the blood of the Lamb with you as you walk out by faith and watch as you go and lift up our voices and prepare with prayer for these times that are to come. We know that there are things that will come up, things that will attempt to derail us, but we’re not asking for Jesus’ sake. We’re asking for our sake. We can call those things that be not as though they were. We can see them based on what the Word says and use our faith for these things to turn out right. Pray as we go.


We call things for that we can’t even see in Jesus’ name
We trust and walk in You
We take authority over every form of doubt and command it to leave in Jesus’ name
Things are changing everywhere—change in the right way
We pray over the election in Jesus’ name
Will it turn out all right? Yes, if we pray
We call for the right person in the name of Jesus
We declare this morning that the United States will begin to move in the right way
Move in Your way, Father
That we would be known as a nation of love, not just natural love but Your love
We lift up every church in America; we speak to you “Wake up and take your place!”
Every state and every governor and assembly in Jesus’ name
We’re looking for doors to be opened and the keys to open them
Eyes to see what needs to be seen
Every lie will be exposed
We cover the borders of the United States and cover them with the blood
Close it up, close up the gaps
Shut down those places of entrance—be sealed!
In the wastelands, we set a watch over the wastelands
My storm, My storm, My storm, My storm
My power, the darkness may increase but the light increases
And the power of God will move in the earth and the storm will come
The storm of the Holy Ghost, the storm of the anointing power and the peace of God shall reign
Shaken, shaken, shake it up and shake it down
Rising, rising, rising… up and up and up and up
The time has come… this is the time… this is the hour
The house of God, don’t hold back
For every way He comes, he will flee in many ways
In many ways, he will run away
We will be victorious, we will overcome, we will stand and not be moved
Strong and mighty
In the name of Jesus, our land, our people, doors open
Wider, wide, wide opening, a wide opening
In the house, we lift up the house of God
Move in the house, have Your way in the house
We set a watch about the house, we hold the blood about the house
Cooperation and unity in the house
Permission and demonstration in the house
A flow in the house, a change in the house
Miracles, miracles

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