Prayer Summary for April 8


Thank You, Father, for Your precious Holy Spirit
By faith we receive increase now—more of You today


I want to go over something about being filled with the Holy Spirit this morning from Smith Wigglesworth. He should know, right? He knew some things about being filled with the Holy Spirit, operating in the power of the Holy Spirit, raising people from the dead including his wife. This is what he said from II Corinthians.

The following commentary was taken from The Master’s Healing Presence Bible by Smith Wigglesworth:

The most important thing, the one thing that counts, is to see that we are filled with the Holy Spirit, filled to overflowing. We are commanded by God to be filled with the Spirit, and in the measure that you lack this, you are that far short of the plan of God. The Lord wants us to move on from “faith to faith” (Rom. 1: 17), from “glory to glory” (2 Cor. 3:18), from fullness to overflowing. It is not good for us to be always thinking in the past tense; rather, we should be moving on to the place where we dare to believe God. He has declared that after the Spirit comes upon us, we will have power (Acts 1:8). I believe there is an avalanche of power from God to be apprehended if we will but catch the vision.

We can understand Christ fully only as we are filled and overflowing with the Spirit of God. Our only safeguard from dropping back into our natural minds, from which we can never get anything, is to be filled and filled again with the Spirit of God, and to be taken on to new visions and revelations.

The reason why I emphasize the importance of the fullness of the Holy Spirit is that I want to get you beyond all human plans and thoughts and into the fullness of vision, into the full revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you want rest? It is in Jesus. Do you want to be saved from everything the devil is bringing up in these last times? Receive and continue in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and He will be always revealing to you that all you need for all times is in Christ Jesus.

I desire to emphasize the importance of the Spirit’s ministry and of the manifestation of the Spirit that is “given to each one for the profit of all” (1 Cor. 12:7). As you yield to the Spirit of the Lord; He has power over your intellect, over your heart, and over your voice. The Holy Spirit has power to unveil Christ and to project the vision of Christ upon the canvas of your mind. Then He uses your tongue to glorify and magnify Him in a way that you could never do apart from the Spirit’s power.

There is another side to this. God wants the assembly to be as free as possible. You must be prepared to allow a certain amount of extravagance in young and newly baptized souls. It is a pity that some people do get sobered up, for they are not where they were in the early days. We have to look to God for wisdom, so that we do not interfere with or dampen the Spirit, or quench the power of God when He is manifested in our meetings. If you want to have an assembly that is full of life; you must have an assembly that is full of manifestation. –Smith Wigglesworth


I am reminded of something Pastor Lynne told me 20 years ago after I had a supernatural experience with the Lord that changed me. That’s what He does. Isn’t that right? He changes us on the inside. I had a concern that after a while I would just slide back to the way I was before. What she said was if she is busy in the middle of a project or traveling that she never goes beyond two or three days without listening to anointed teaching and worship to keep herself stirred up so she don’t slide back.

For us we are so blessed. We are in a born again, Spirit filled, Holy Ghost, Pentecostal church and we could just get so comfortable in where we are and what we have that we could actually slide back without even knowing it. We could get used to what we do right here in the chapel. I don’t want to get used to it. I am not used to it. To me every time we come before Him and connect to the Spirit in a corporate way like this, it’s new. I don’t know what He wants us to do but He does. This is so important for each and every one of us so we don’t just continually go back into our old ways.

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for the manifestation of Your presence
We come covered by the blood of the Lamb this morning
Words to speak that we don’t even know—giving it forth as the Holy Spirit directs
It’s Wednesday—it’s a new day, it’s a Holy Day!

Pastor Ray directing us to lay our hands on our fore heads and declare:

In Jesus’ name, we believe for the increase in and through us right now. We lay our hand on our self this morning and declare a fresh fire, a fresh stirring, a greater desire and more equipping to do the perfect will and plan of God almighty. We declare from the top of our heads to the very souls of our feet we are healed in every way. Healed internally, healed externally, healed, healed, healed, healed, restored and made whole (ha! ha! ha!). We think straight based on the Word. We speak right based on what we heard and the fullness of the Holy Spirit for the joy of the Lord is our strength and we’ve been equipped to do the miracle way that He has called us to do. Signs and wonders and supernatural events unfolding everywhere we go. Instantaneously bodies being made whole, lives being changed, situations turned around in Jesus’ name. Things that should be stopped, being stopped; doors that need to be open, we declare open in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah, thank You, Father.

Because of the fullness of the Holy Ghost, because of the presence of the Spirit upon us, we have been called up to another level to bring forth that glory, that presence, that authority, that wholeness, that wellness, that completeness to others we come in contact with. And it’s not just that we do lay hands on them, although we may, but it’s the presence of God almighty upon us that will reach out and touch others that we come in contact with. It might be in a store. It might be in a line where we are waiting for something. It might be in our car. Oh, thank You, there is no limits, no boundaries, nothing that can hold it back. For when we are filled to overflowing, the Holy Spirit will flow and rivers will go out toward others and bring about these things we have been praying on, talking about, believing for, and by faith expecting more. Hallelujah. Thank You, Jesus!

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for rivers of living water flowing in and through us
Impossibilities turned around by the power of the Holy Spirit
These are new days, no more yesterdays

Song came forth…

Places in the Spirit are going, are flowing. Let the rivers… leading you, leading you over here; over there. Making deposits here and there. As you pray and as you go you will see more and more in the days ahead—they are very, very near… holding on to those things that you have seen. Ascending, ascending… Only receive… stirring, stirring, stirring, stirring the waters, stirring the waters. Come to the waters. Come to the waters, the river of life, so clean, so clear is the river of life. As we come to the river… Drinking, drinking, drinking in You. Drinking, drinking, drinking in You. We will never run dry. We will never run dry drinking of You. We will never run dry. We will never run dry drinking of You, drinking of You, drinking of You.

Continued praying…

Pressing on over into the new – walking in it
Hold fast and watching –closer and closer
No, no, no ,no, no!
Deliveries will come in that way—by the blood and in the name—OOOHHHH!
Standing on the Rock!
Sounding the alarm!
The master key!
All the parts are restored and kept together today!
Out of the shadow and into the light—directions and ways to see
Help for today!
Closing in on it—closer and closer we go into it
Taking our place and walking in the way You—it’s clear today
See it! Expect it! Receive it!
It’s an expansion, it’s a territory OOOHHHHH!
Increases built upon Increases—more and more!
Not one boundary—nothing holding it back but running the race
Clear! Clear! Clear!
RUNNING IT! RUNNING IT! Running right on through!

Preparations that are to be made by words that are to be spoken by the Spirit calling these things up and calling them awake. There is a way and that way is straight forward. Busting out, busting through, breaking forth into the new. We must see! We must walk in it! We must contend for it and call it forth and see it! For it’s not status quo! It’s over into the know! It is continually in the flow. LET THE POWER HAVE ITS WAY—DUNAMIS working its plan!

Song came forth…

Running, the body of Christ is running, running, running their race. Running… over there, over here, running, running, running up the mountain and over the hills. A place, a place, a place to follow the Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost, running, running, running. Fire, fire, fire, days and days and days filled and flooded with the Holy Ghost and fire! Running where He leads for freedom. There is freedom, Holy Ghost freedom. Burning with fire

Pastor Ray prayed…

Such power in the fire, burning hot and burning bright! Fire on the feet, fire in the hands, fire for restoration, wholeness and wealth. Victory everywhere! Ha! Ha! Ha! What a sight for sore eyes! Ha! Ha! Ha! There is fire everywhere. There is fire uptown! There is fire downtown, in the apartments and the cars and fire in the businesses! There is FIIIIRRREE EVERYWHERE!!

Days of Pentecost, but not just in a room but everywhere for the Gory of God has come and set the Church on fire everywhere, in every nation, in every place… the fire of God. It’s Your fire, Lord. We shall burn as we move and occupy and call things that are not as though they were and take our seat high above and watch and declare, speaking to hindrances and impossibilities—getting them out of the way. For the Church is coming through. Victory has been won on the cross—it was done! Receiving the victory that has been done. Hallelujah!

Hold fast to that picture, fire—burning desire to see the body in action everywhere. Not some puny little flames but fire from heaven where nobody stays the same. Ha! Ha! Ha! There goes the body led by the Spirit and set on fire—never to go back again but finish and hear those words “Well done!” Hallelujah!

We thank You for it, Father
Victory, strength, power and desire—filled over and over and over!
You get all the glory for it in Jesus’ name

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