Prayer Summary for Thursday, April 09, 2015

Erika prayed…

Father of glory, we worship You. Our eyes are on You. Lord, to whom shall we go? There is none like you. And we declare today that You remain seated in our hearts and in our lives. We’re not coming down off of our place right beside You. Thank You, Father. You’re so good. There are no words to describe it—good isn’t good enough. Great isn’t great enough. Awesome isn’t awesome enough. You are the King of kings and the Lord of lords. You are “I am,” the self-existent one, and we thank You that You are that to us today, that You live in us, that You rule and reign in us, that You lead us and guide us. O Father, You are everything to us. We thank You for this time together today.

Erika shared…

It’s an honor and privilege to be connected in the realm of prayer, to be working with God. It’s an actual work with Him, isn’t that right? Today, Pastor Ray and I are on the same track. We didn’t talk about it beforehand. The last couple days I’ve been listening to some teachings and in the middle of the teaching, the teacher quoted this verse in Proverbs 29:2: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” This is talking about authority, positions, figures, honorable positions of esteem. But then I heard this in my spirit: “When the righteous people stand in their position of authority, the people rejoice.” Think about that. If all across the earth every righteous person stood in his/her position of authority given by God, don’t you think there would be some happy people? The Bible says God anointed Jesus of Nazareth who went about doing good and healing all those that were oppressed of the Devil. What if every righteous person went out and said, “Not here, Devil, not in my city, my family, my state, my nation, my government, not here!” The Amplified Bible says “When the uncompromisingly righteous…” We’re looking for the uncompromisingly righteous to stand in their positions of authority. He has given you authority in the realm of the spirit to take care of business, devils, demons, disease. The Message Bible says, “When good people run things, everyone is glad. But when the ruler is bad, everyone groans.” How many know that a heathen ruler could operate for the good of the plan of God? We’ve seen that… it’s in the Bible. What’s the determining factor? The Church must rise up and say, “God gave that ruler to us in our nation and I’m not having him operate against the plan of God.” Isn’t that right? Young’s Literal Translation says, “In the multiplying of the righteous people rejoice…” How many think we should see the multiplying of the righteous? The righteous people standing in their authority and multiplying righteous people all over the earth. We’re thankful for everything that is transpiring, but how many know that there is more, that we have not apprehended everything for which we have been apprehended for? In all of that, we go to 1st Timothy 2:1: “Therefore I exhort you first of all that supplications, prayers, intercession, the giving of thanks be made for all men for kings and all who are in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and reverence for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God.” Standing in our positions of authority, as we pray for all those in positions of authority brings about rejoicing, so the Word of the Lord can have free course. We aren’t scared of any kind of confrontation from devils, demon powers. If you know the sure word of the Lord and the authority that’s been given you, you can stand with boldness and courage. You don’t have to be ugly. You can get into a position of the political realm and boldly say what God has declared, and boldly pray and not be in fear of being politically correct. That would be refreshing. We can take our places in the realm of prayer and believe. The Bible says to pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God so we understand and have the ability to walk in the revelation of being sons of God with all authority given to us to take care of situations, skirmishes that would try to arise in nations, in your city, in your school, in your family, and not having to come behind. Not having to go, “Oh yeah, maybe we should pray about that.” We have the inside track of the Holy Ghost. He might whisper to you in the night season saying, “I want you to yield to prayer about this situation…” That’s what we’re to do. The righteous in authority standing in their positions. No demon power, no devil in hell, no sickness or disease, no financial lack, no circumstances that squash you down, but you stand up to the true height of the Word and say, “I know who I am and Who I serve and I know that authority has been given to me.” Standing in our position of authority.

Pastor Ray shared…

I was thinking of how prayer is never just a discussion between us; it’s a connection to heaven. We can pray the will of God if we’re in that place of authority. Let me read this. This chapter is called “The Cutting Edge.” It’s from a book called Born for Battle. This is what Miss Erika was talking about.

The following excerpt is from the book entitled Born for Battle by R. Arthur Mathews:

“Prayer is a weapon, a mighty weapon in a terrible conflict. Our prayers are to be a continual, conscious, earnest effort of battle, the battle against whatever is not God’s will.” –P.T. Forsyth

Prayer is the cutting edge of any work for God. It is not a supplemental spiritual rocket to get some well-meaning effort off the ground. Prayer is the work and the working power in any spiritual ministry. It should be the central thrust.

The spiritual history of a mission or a church is written in its prayer life. The expression of corporate life is not measured in statistics, but in prayer depth. The programs of preaching, teaching, and serving; the goal setting; the adoption of news, twentieth-century techniques, seminars on time management, and administrative procedures are all good. But they are effective and productive in God’s economy only as they are subject to prayer.

Considering the importance God attaches to prayer for the carrying out of His purposes on earth, we must be alert and sensitive to common habits and tendencies that impair our prayers’ effectiveness and blunt their cutting edge. Prayers with blunted edges have no power of penetration. They may not get through to the throne. Furthermore, such prayers do not have any deterrent effect on the attacking enemy. Since it takes a sharp edge to inflict wounds, our best endeavors ought to concentrate on preserving a razor-sharp cutting edge.

In a day when new and exciting cutting edges are being recommended, the tendency is to be carried away with new ideas and relegate the traditional trusty weapons to a place of less significance, or to throw them away altogether. We need to realize that God is not going to use any means of operation just because it happens to be innovative. Nor will He use it because it relates to the status quo. …

My purpose is to intensify the inner realities and to encourage God’s people to derive their value systems from the direct teaching of the Word itself. Then I want to encourage them to surrender themselves to the truth as the Holy Spirit applies it, and to use it in prayer. If we do this, there can be no fear that the cutting edge will be blunt. …

The concept that treats prayer as if it were merely a supplemental booster in getting some project off the ground makes the project primary and the prayer secondary. Prayer was never meant to be incidental to the work of God. It is the work. …

If prayer is fostered only be emergencies and is only and always just petition, then it seems to me that some very important aspects of prayer are being ignored. Prayer is more than the church’s ambulance, called out to deal with various crises after the damage has already been done. To use it only in this way is to cheapen and act despitefully toward the deeper significance of prayer that God teaches in the Bible.

To pray in an emergency is altogether right. But to pray only in an emergency cannot be right because this limits prayer to the area of our own self-awareness in the events of life. It makes prayer a convenience, something to which we are driven by our human perspective on the crisis, not something in which we are drawn and energized by the Holy Spirit.

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Pastor Ray continues sharing…

Isn’t that where we want to be? Filled with the precious Holy Spirit, directed by His Spirit. Miss Jerre, let’s sing about the blood. Let’s plead the blood over things we don’t even know about—conditions and things that are about to happen. By the blood of the Lamb, they can be stopped, turned, changed. Doors can be opened. Ways can be made straight. Devils trying to stop things, but in Jesus name’ through the power of that precious blood, things will not stay the same.

Jerre sings…

Your blood, we lift up Your blood, power in Your blood. Nothing can stand against the power in Your blood. We exalt the blood of the Lamb, for nothing can stand before the blood of the Lamb. We exalt the blood of the Lamb, for nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing can stand before the blood of the Lamb.

Ray shared…

I have it on my heart right now to call backsliders back. Backsliders. Back to where they “should” have been. Let’s put it like this… back to where they “could” have been. We can all slide but we must slide forward in Jesus’ name and stay covered by the precious blood of the Lamb. Not one of us is so great, so wonderful, so powerful in our own strength that we cannot be moved by temptation here or there. But by the blood of the Lamb, we call the backsliders back in Jesus’ name. Back where they should have been, right at that place of power and presence by the blood. Some have left the church to go in another way. We call them back today. I believe there is power in the blood that will reach wherever they are. They can’t hide under a rock. They can’t hide in a room somewhere in the dark, but in Jesus’ name, by the power of the Holy Spirit and through the blood of the Lamb, we draw them back. In the name of Jesus, “Come forth, come up, come back.” It’s bigger than what we might think. That’s what I heard: “It’s bigger than you think.” There is more than you know that have slid one way or another. It could be just in status quo, trying to stay the same. Trying to walk in the same patterns, in the same ways, in the same steps that we’ve always walked in. That’s called status quo. We can’t stay at status quo. If we try it, we’ll slide back in another way and go.


We send a supply of the blood in every direction, no limits, no boundaries can hold it back
Ministries, churches—that list of positions of authority from Timothy
Get up and get back where you were called to be in Jesus’ name
Stand up and take it now
We exalt the power of the blood of Jesus
Some are so depressed under the authority of the enemy, taking steps out so far away from the plan and position they were called unto, but we call them back
We send ministering spirits to go get them in Jesus’ name
We say “Go!” Go to the north, to the east, the south and west
Maybe some came back over the Easter weekend, in Jesus’ name we declare the blood of the Lamb around their situation, their family life, around the plan and purpose God has called them unto
They shall not slide back where they were but we declare they’re going forward
Protected by the blood
Unlimited access by the blood
It’s unlimited… there is no end
Nations, come back
Positions of leadership, come back in Jesus’ name
Some shall be removed so others can be moved into positions of authority that can go in the right way
For these are the days of decisions that must be made
We plead the blood over right decisions now in Jesus’ name
Not willing to allow this nation to go in another way
We shall not separate ourselves from Israel
We’ll do our part and stand in our position and declare by the power of the Holy Ghost, that connection will never be broken
We go further out that road, preparing the way, connections, decisions, implementations, and executions of the divine will of God
A cooperation and collaboration with Your Spirit and Your Word
Open that up and cause illumination and revelation to come to the Church, to those in authority
Basing decisions on the Word of God
Moving in the right direction
Some things must be brought to the light and unveiled
Plots will be caught in the name of Jesus
The oil of the Spirit on those rusty parts, to get them moving and exercising, operating in the anointing
That’s the Church rising up
Strongholds are broken by the blood
They’re broken—chains, hindrances, lack, deception, corruption, lies

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