Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, June 25, 2021

Pastor Dustin…

Thank you for joining us this morning. My name is Dustin. I’m the youth pastor here at this amazing church. And I have the honor of leading prayer today. And so I’m excited. Are you all excited? If you’re watching online, are you excited? Are you expecting? That’s my big thing. I was just telling Barbara a couple of minutes ago, as I was driving in here today, I had some things that the Lord put on my heart. The Lord began to deal with me about raising my expectation during this time and really expecting for Him to transform me, deposit some new things in my heart and my life. And I believe that He’ll do the same for you. And so, as we’re praying today, as we’re being faithful to declare the things the Lord put on our hearts, let’s just set our expectation.

Could we do this? Would you just close your eyes with me for just a moment? If you’re watching online, if you would just close your eyes. Just to eliminate any form of distraction. And can we just take a moment and set our expectation this morning that we are going to hear from heaven? That’s no small thing. We are going to hear from heaven this morning. He’s going to speak words to our hearts, words that will encourage us, words that are going to edify us, words that are going to strengthen us. He’s going to speak words to us for us to declare that are going to change lives and change situations. Maybe change nations. He wants to minister to you this morning. And He wants us to cooperate with Him so that He can flow through us so that we can be a conduit and a vessel to bring change into this earth that we’re in.

And so, Father, we just do that this morning. We just set our hearts. We set our expectation. We put our focus and our attention this morning on you. Thank you, Jesus. We look to you this morning as our source of joy. We look to you as our source of strength. We look to you as our source of peace. We look to you as our source for everything. You are everything that we need. You have everything that we need. You are the answer to every problem. You have the solution to the things that have been keeping some people up at night, to the things that have been… You’ve been anxious about, you’ve been worried about, you’ve been stressed about… unbelieving in this moment. During this time, He’s going to speak a word to your hearts that’s not only going to bring change and comfort and peace and rest. But He’s going to speak answers to you this morning. The light is going to come on this morning. The Spirit of truth is going to reveal all truth to you this morning. I believe people are going to be healed this morning. So, Father, we just thank you so much for this gift, for this opportunity that we have to join together in your presence. Father, you said if two of us would agree… It doesn’t take everyone who doesn’t believe it. And so, Father, that’s our belief this morning. That’s our prayer. We expect a supernatural time with you today.

Lord, we pray that whether it’s here in this chapel, if they’re watching in their home, on the beach in their car, Father, I pray that your presence would just be manifest in their hearts, manifest in their lives, manifest wherever they are. I thank you, Father, for encounters with you. I thank you, Father, that as your presence fills and saturates people’s hearts and homes and in this sanctuary right now, this chapel right now, Father, I thank you that in that place, there’s freedom. There’s liberty, there’s joy, there’s healing… healing of minds, healing of broken hearts, healing of physical bodies, healing situations…

Father, we thank you that this is a season of restoration. Just grab a hold of that wherever you’re at. This is a season of restoration. So we expect that. We expect that … So with that in our hearts, Father, we are looking forward to wholeness. We’re looking forward to restoration. We’re looking forward to something new… recognizing that you are our source. You are our supply. You are everything that we need. In Jesus’ name.

Pastor Dustin shared…

Before we go any further, if you could lead us in that… and let’s put our eyes our focus on Jesus. Let’s look to Him in this moment. Let’s worship Him together.

Peg led group in worship…
Pastor Dustin…

I feel like this is worship. It’s a song. Somebody else wrote it, but it’s a word for some people this morning. You are already loved. You’re already chosen. The Word already tells you who you are. Oh, there’s somebody here. When I was on my way into prayer this morning, I had the sense so strong in my heart that the Lord had some words for some people. And I know it might not be the typical flow of prayer, maybe it is. But that’s what I had in my heart this morning. We’re going to pray and declare some things over our nation and all of that stuff.

But I just have the sense this morning that there are going to be some people that come in this room and they’re going to be some people joining us online, and you need a Word from God. You need some encouragement. You need some strength. And I believe that that’s what this song is. That’s what some of this time will be…. a reminder that you are loved. You are called. You are chosen and you have everything that you need on the inside of you. You have more than enough. Maybe you’ve been feeling deficient. Maybe you’ve been feeling like you’re at a deficit. Maybe you’ve been confused. Maybe you felt lost, but I believe the Spirit of God wants to remind you this morning that you are loved. You’re called. There’s a purpose to your life. There’s meaning for your life. There’s purpose for your life. The best days are not behind you. They’re in front of you because you serve a God that takes you from glory to glory, to glory, to glory. He’s infinite. He doesn’t run out and He’s more than enough. He didn’t use up everything that He has. And now you’re just coasting. Now you’re just existing. No! The best is yet to come. The best is in front of you. And He loves you. He’s not upset with you. He’s not frustrated. He’s not annoyed. He’s not bugged. He loves you. And He has a purpose for your life. When He was laying the foundations of the earth, He had you in mind. He knew your name. And He created you uniquely and specifically. And He graced you and gifted you and put things on the inside of you… He placed you right now during 2021 for a specific purpose. You haven’t outlived your purpose. No! You’re in the middle of it. You have everything that you need because you have Him. You have every resource, all the wisdom, all the strength, everything that is required for you to do what God has already put in your heart to do, everything that you need, you have it. Because you have Him and you don’t just have enough. You have more than enough. He said, He’ll do exceedingly, super abundantly far over and above all that you could dare ask or think, pray, imagine, hope for. He’ll go beyond it.

You haven’t thought too big for Him. You haven’t prayed too big for Him. He’s God, He’s infinite. Before there was time, He existed … and He’s alive on the inside of you… And He wants to work through you during this time. He wants to pray through you. He wants to speak through you. He wants to heal through you. Jesus said, “behold, I have come that you might have and enjoy life and have it in abundance. He wants to fill you till you overflow. He wants to fill you with His power. He wants to fill you with His strength. He wants to fill you with His goodness this morning. So taste and see that the Lord is good. Drink of Him this morning. Allow Him to fill you. Maybe you were filled yesterday. Maybe you were filled a month ago, 30 years ago, but He wants to fill you this morning … with a fresh anointing, with fresh strength, with fresh power. So just receive from Him this morning… allow Him to fill you this morning. Filled in Jesus’ name. Fresh vision, fresh strength… there’s more and you’ve gotten glimpses of it… but there’s more to be revealed … there’s more that He has planned, but there’s more to be revealed …

Can we sing that song again and just allow the Spirit of God to just rekindle that flame in your heart? Fan the flame in your heart, stir you up. Come on, just hook up with what’s the Spirit of God.

Peg led group in worship…

I’m already loved… I’m already chosen… I know who I am… I know what You’ve spoken… I’m already loved… more than I could imagined… that is enough… that is enough… ♪

Pastor Dustin…

I just get this sense. Part of the reason we’re singing this is because the Lord wants to remind you who He is. He wants to remind you of His goodness, and He wants to remind you of His faithfulness. And He wants to remind you of the fact that He’ll never leave you or forsake you. And that He’s close to you. And He’s with you right now in this moment, because for somebody it’s probably more than one. I think it’s for all of us in a general sense, for sure. But I just get this sense that there’s somebody here and you’re entering into a new season of your life. And so He’s asking you to let go of some things… trusting in His goodness and in His character. It’s not going to… How do I say it, Lord? It’s like, you have such an appreciation and love for what was, and so you’re not dishonoring the past, but you’re embracing the new thing that God has for you in this season. And so He’s reminding us this morning of his character, so that we’ll step out in faith and do what He’s directing us to.

You think of the Israelites when they were leaving Egypt to go to the promised land, what they were moving toward was the plan of God for their life. The plan of God for their nation. It was better. It was promotion. It was increase. It was favor. It was what they wanted. It was what they cried out for. It’s what they asked for. But when they actually got out of Egypt and they started to see uncertainty, they started to see giants, they started to see some things they’d never seen before, their first inclination was to want to go back to what was familiar. Right? “Take us back to Egypt. It was slavery. It was bondage, but at least it was familiar. At least I knew what to expect.” All of this was uncharted territory and they kept wanting to go back. And obviously, I’m sure most of you know how this story goes.

But I just see this for somebody. It’s like God has something new that’s before you. And it’s the promise and it’s amazing, but maybe there are some giants around it and maybe He’s leading you step by step. And it requires faith. And you can’t figure this out … when it comes to what you were used to and what you were familiar with, you knew it well enough where you were kind of an expert in it and you could kind of see trends and you could anticipate things and you could plan for things. And maybe it wasn’t the greatest, but you knew your way around it. And now you’re headed toward a place you’ve never been before and it looks new and it looks different. To go to the New Testament, you think of Jesus when He told the disciples, “I’m leaving. I’m going away.” And the Bible says they were very depressed. They were very sad because they were used to having Jesus in the flesh next to them. That’s what they’re used to, and now that’s changing. And Jesus said, “Don’t worry. I would never ask you to do something that doesn’t benefit you. I would never do something that isn’t better for you.” He said, “I’m going to go away, but I’m sending something much better for you. I’m sending the comforter, the counselor, the advocate, the intercessor, strengthener, the standby, the one who will come up alongside you and aid you and support you and help you. So I’m leaving. That’s going to look different. You won’t wake up and see Me anymore like you did before, but I’m giving you something that’s way better. And it’s necessary for the season of life that you’re in.” Are you hearing me? It’s necessary for the season of life that you’re in. And so it’s different, but different is not bad. It’s different, but it’s necessary. It’s necessary for what I’ve called you to do in this season of your life. And in this dispensation of time, I know you like me. I know we’re friends. But it needs to be different for the plan of God to unfold the way that it’s supposed to.

And I’m saying all of that to say, if the Lord is moving on your heart this morning, and you feel like He’s directing you to make a change. Maybe you know what it is. Maybe you don’t know what it is. Allow this truth to settle in your heart this morning. You’re loved. You’re called. You’re chosen. He knows you. He knows your name. He doesn’t just know your past. He knows your destiny. He knows your future. You’re called, and you’re loved. You’re chosen. And He’s already spoken over your life and let’s come into agreement this morning that every word that God has spoken over you will come to pass. Can we do that this morning? Every word that God has spoken over you… We’re going to forget the words that we’ve spoken over ourselves that don’t align with what He’s spoken over us. We’re gonna forget the words that other people have spoken over us that don’t align with what the Word has said about us.

Every word that you’ve spoken, Father, over this nation. Every word that you’ve spoken over this state, every prophecy you’ve spoken over this state, every prophecy, every word that’s been spoken over this ministry, every word has been spoken over Pastors Mac and Lynne, every word that’s been spoken over every single person in this room, every word that’s been spoken over every person watching online, we come together in agreement in the name of Jesus. And we just say it is done. Fulfillment! That’s the word? Fulfillment. A sense of fulfillment in your heart. But the words being spoken like Jesus, as He lived His life, He accomplished prophecy after prophecy, word after word. And then He hung on the cross and said, “it’s finished.” Every word, every dream, every desire… that you’ve spoken, that you’ve put in their hearts… we declare it will be finished. It will be done. You aren’t a man that you should lie… your word never falls to the ground, but it accomplishes everything that it’s intended to. So let some expectation begin to build in your heart. Let some anticipation begin to build in your heart … allow hope to come in… where there had been no hope, where there had been sadness and heaviness and brokenness… allow the Spirit of God to fill that place with hope… and joy, beauty for ashes, dancing for mourning… how? Because you know what’s going to happen … because you know that’s the truth and everything else is a lie… And so you’re convinced and so now you’re happy… now you’re glad …

I feel like this is a cheesy example, but it’s what just came to my mind. It’s like you got $10,000 of debt and you’re stressed and you’re worrying and you’re staying up at night. You’re like, “God, what am I going to do about this $10,000?” Maybe this is a bad example because it’s gambling. But then you found a Powerball. And it’s winning and it’s $1.2 billion. And you don’t have the money in your account yet, but you’ve got the ticket. And you’ve got this $10,000 debt, but you got $1.2 billion, right? You’re going to have joy in your heart. You’re anticipating, you’re thinking about it. What’s that tithe check gonna look like? How many orphanages can I build with $1.2 billion? How many crusades can I finance? What kind of house can I have? I can buy a college and I can put my kids in that college.

You’re going to be so excited and filled with hope and so filled with joy because you know the outcome. So you can deal with these circumstances. You can deal with what it looks like right now, because you know something. You know how it’s going to turn out. And then as hope begins to fill you, as you begin to get excited about it, you’re going to start to dream again.

That just hit when I said that. You’re going to begin to dream again. I’ve noticed that when you don’t have a lot of money, when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it’s hard to think about the future. It’s hard to plan for retirement. And I think sometimes it’s the same way with vision. When you’re running from fire to fire, emergency to emergency, sometimes it’s hard to just sit down and dream because you’re trying to think about who’s going to pick the kids up at school and who’s going to do this, all this kind of stuff. And so you don’t have time. No. We’re so expectant. We’re anticipating the promises of God being fulfilled in our life. We’re not responsible… We’re not carrying the weight and the stress of these things… we’re filled with joy, filled with hope, filled with confidence… so much so that it just flows out of us. We don’t have to try to be happy around people. We don’t have to try to seem like we’re full of faith because we’re full. It’s just flowing out to the people around us. And from that place, we can begin to dream again. We can sit down in the presence of God and allow the Spirit of God to create vision on the inside of us. Allow Him to take us by the hand and begin to reveal and unlock things in our hearts.

So since we’re all in that place together, we’re just filled with anticipation, joy, faith. Our eyes are fixed on Jesus forgetting that which lies behind, we’re pressing forward to what lies head. From that place, can we just take a couple of minutes and in the presence of God, just allow Him to create vision on the inside of us, allow Him to begin to reveal things to us, unlock things in our heart.

Don’t take the weight of this. Just allow yourself to dream for just a moment. Allow Him to speak to your heart. Then I’m going to come up and we’re going to pray and agree together. We’re just going to continue to do what we feel like the Lord’s directing us to do this morning.

Peg shared…

When you were sharing earlier, I just heard “Make room for the new.” So make room in your life for the new… for new dreams, for old dreams to come back to life. But I really heard, “Make room for the new.”

Pastor Dustin…

That’s really good.

Barb …

When Pastor Dustin and when Peg just spoke that, I was reminded how Jesus said to the disciples, “go and wait,” because like Pastor Dustin said, He was going to go to the Father and ask Him to send the Holy Spirit. And so they went to wait, but can you imagine what that was like? Their leader was murdered. I think they were maybe a little depressed because they didn’t understand everything that Jesus had spoken to them. And so here they are, they’re going to wait. And we know the Holy Ghost comes and the wind and a fire. And they received the new thing. And from that place, they were transformed into different people. We know they went out onto the streets and people looked at them. They’re talking in different languages that they didn’t know, that other people there from other areas all around were speaking. And there was a joy in them.

And Pastor Dustin touched on that joy… it was just a joy that was so great because they realized everything He said is coming to pass and He sent this one to help us. Oh! And we’re filled to overflowing and we’re so full that we can’t contain it. And so the Holy Spirit moving in them and through, taking them into that new and that’s what the Holy Ghost is saying today. Just let Him do that thing in you and take you to the place that He’s prepared for you to walk in and you don’t have to strive and you don’t have to worry because He’s going to do the work. He’s going to do that thing in you. And He’s gonna lead you.

Thank you, Jesus. We just praise you.

Peg led group in worship…
Pastor Dustin…

I thought of this verse, and I want to read it. Cause I feel like this dropped in my heart with what we’re talking about. 2nd Kings 4:8, “One day Elisha went on to Shunem, where a rich and influential woman lived, who insisted on his eating a meal. Afterward, whenever he passed by, he stopped there for a meal. 9 And she said to her husband, Behold now, I perceive that this is a holy man of God who passes by continually. 10 Let us make a small chamber on the [housetop] and put there for him a bed, a table, a chair, and a lamp. Then whenever he comes to us, he can go [up the outside stairs and rest] here. 11 One day he came and turned into the chamber and lay there. 12 And he said to Gehazi his servant, Call this Shunammite. When he had called her, she stood before him. 13 And he said to Gehazi, Say now to her, You have been most painstakingly and reverently concerned for us; what is to be done for you? Would you like to be spoken for to the king or to the commander of the army? She answered, I dwell among my own people [they are sufficient].

In other words, she said, “I’m not high maintenance.”

14 “Later Elisha said, What then is to be done for her? Gehazi answered, She has no child and her husband is old. 15 He said, Call her. [Gehazi] called her, and she stood in the doorway. 16 Elisha said, At this season when the time comes round, you shall embrace a son. She said, No, my lord, you man of God, do not lie to your handmaid.”

I think it’s so interesting that when he came to her and said “this time next year, the thing that you’ve been believing for, the thing that you’ve been praying for and desire the most in your life, it’s going to come to pass.” And she looks at the prophet and says, “Shut up. Don’t lie to me. Because it hurts too much to hope again.”

When you guys were dancing, I was crying because I thought for some people, when you talk about this stuff, it’s like, “don’t make me want it again. I already gave up on it. I wanted it for a long time and it hurts to have hope. It hurts to be disappointed. And now I’ve given up on that. Don’t make me want it again.” That’s her response.

And I want to read the next verse to you because it doesn’t say that he even responded to her. The next verse in verse 17 says, “But the woman conceived and bore a son at that season the following year, as Elisha had said to her.”

So I want to pray over every person in here and watching this, and I want to declare over you. I don’t know if it’s going to be this time next year, but I believe that what God has spoken over you is going to come to pass in your life. Even if you can open up your heart just a crack to let that in. I pray that that’s going to take root in your heart. If He spoke it, we believe it.

Maybe you’re saying, “I don’t know what restoration looks like. I don’t know what wholeness looks like. I don’t know, but I trust you and I believe that you’re going to reveal it to me. I believe that you’re going to give me enough in this season to continue to hold on and to trust your Word and to trust your promise.”

I pray, Father, that every person listening to this, every person watching this, I thank you for strengthening them and reinforcing them with mighty power in their innermost being. In the name of Jesus, we come together in agreement. You said if two of us agree, touching anything, we believe in the name of Jesus that you strengthen and reinforce them with the power … grace, great grace resting upon them … to carry out your will and your purpose in the earth … to fulfill your promises … Father, I thank you for these words that you’ve spoken to their hearts and their lives. We plead the blood of Jesus over them. We seal them with your blood and we thank you that no weapon, no word, no accusation, nothing formed or spoken against these people will prosper in the name of Jesus… no fiery dart, no attempt of the enemy… we draw a blood line around them. We plead the blood of Jesus over their dreams in the name of Jesus. And we thank you, Father, for the plan and the purpose that you have for their lives, for the things that you have predestined for them to walk in … the things that you have gone out in front of them in advance … years ahead of time, and you have prepared for them.


Father, we ask you to heal the brokenhearted… those that are in such a place, Lord … heal, heal, heal in Jesus’ name … healed, healed in the name of Jesus …heal, heal their soul, heal their soul, heal their soul … so that they can prosper… even as their soul prospers in Jesus name… mend those places… break down those barriers… break up those places, Father… that they may not even realize are there… break them up … and enter into those places, Lord, so that healing comes to them now in Jesus’ name … restoration and peace… wholeness … nothing missing and nothing broken. … the resurrection power of God… coming to them now in Jesus name … an appointed time, Father… this is the appointed time… for deliverance to come to them … receive that distance… receive deliverance today in the name of Jesus… let the blood of Jesus wash through … your mind and your soul and let that cleansing power come… completely cleanse you today… that there would be no darkness there… no depression, no anxiety… no trepidation, no deceptions in Jesus’ name… we overcome by the blood of the Lamb. We overcome by the blood. The blood of Jesus, whole … hallelujah  .. and the words of our mouth, glory to God… we testify today of your goodness and your glory and your grace… and we receive … all that you have … and a peace that passes all understanding… comes to guard right now hearts and minds in Jesus’ name… like a hedge of protection about them, Lord… your angel of the Lord… to stand and to do the Word of the Lord… breakthrough today… thank you, Jesus. Hallelujah.

Pastor Dustin…

We just thank you, Jesus. Like we said at the beginning, Lord, we thank you that every word, every promise has already been spoken. We know who we are in you, and we know that we are enough because you are enough and you’re alive on the inside of us. I pray, Lord, that we would see ourselves as you see us and as we actually are. And I pray that your Spirit would continue to reveal it to us throughout the day, weekend… that the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives and abides on the inside of us… that greater is you on the inside of us, than he that is in the world.

Father, I thank you for every person watching this, every person in this room, every person that’s going to be touched and influenced by this work that you’re doing in their hearts and in their lives.

Thank you for joining us online. Thank you for joining us in the chapel. We love and appreciate you. We’re praying for you. Have an awesome weekend and make sure you put on sunscreen so you don’t get sunburned. Thank you.

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