Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, June 14, 2024

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Brother DJ…

We are going to worship this morning for few minutes before we start praying and seeking, asking and knocking.

Good morning, everybody. He’s strengthening you by His Spirit in your inner man. The Bible says a strong spirit sustains the inner man so we need a strong spirit. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Father. You strengthen us by your Spirit in our inner man, that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith.

I pray you’ll be rooted and established in His love. You’ll have power. Rooted in love… to know this love that surpasses knowledge. What kind of love? The deeper, the longer, the higher, the wider… our Father’s love.

To know this love… we know this love… To know this love… which love? The deeper, higher, longer, wider… To know this love… now we know this love. Hallelujah.

The Father’s love. Now we are filled with the fullness of God, filled with the knowledge of God, filled with the glory of God, filled with the purpose of God.

Now unto Him who’s able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above what we can ask, imagine, think according to His mighty power that is working within us. Thank you, Jesus.

It’s the same power which raised Jesus Christ from the dead working in us, through us.
When I think He said, I pray for you that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened, to know the purpose and the glorious inheritance in the saints. I pray you will know the mysteries of His will.

Mysteries… I pray that you’ll get ideas. Oh, I pray you’ll get a witty invention.

I pray the eyes of your heart be enlightened.

Oh He’ll give us wisdom, direction to businesses, creative ideas.

And He is giving us all the time… eyes, all things, all things.

We pray the Lord God will give you ideas… plans… open up… open up businesses, doing things.

Go get it…

Someone said, “But I’m too old.” No! We can bring it in existence on this earth as it is in heaven because we have the breath of God inside of us. Creative power of God in us to create, rearrange.

Father, we thank you for next six month. We are talking about the next six months. He said the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous. The only thing is we have to go get it. Go get it. Go get it. Hallelujah.

I don’t make it work, you make it work…

Two weeks ago, I was putting a real estate transaction together with quickly showing the condo, filling out the paperwork, running ot over. Now I got everything done. Met the guy, got the checks. So I’m driving to drop it off because we want to hand it over to them and I prayed, “Lord, I ask you to make it work.” I said, “Lord, I hope you make it work.” The Spirit of God said, “I don’t make it work. You make it work. You make things work.” He said, “I go with faith. Faith without works is dead.” He said, “I give you all seed-bearing fruits, seeds on this earth. Now you go and prosper.”

The pastor was saying “all things are possible for those who believe.” All things! We are blessed coming in and blessed going out. He says all things are possible to those who do something. But we believe. We are above and not beneath. We have to do. We are not done yet.

All things are possible to those who believe and do something. Faith without works is dead.


When I hear you say, “Go get it,” I hear “Okay, I hear go get it because we are not chasing after it. But once we get into the place we need to be, it comes from the east, south, north, west and overtakes you. It’s the favor of God. We don’t chase after the favor of God. We go and get it, which is where we belong. The place that He’s telling us in the faith that He’s given us. If we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we will get in place. Whatever He is telling you to do, do it. That’s the fruitful place where everything chases after you. Not the world that chases after these things. We’re not of the world. These things chase after us. The fruitful place.

Brother DJ…

A few years back in the morning, I got up. I was thinking, praying like everybody else does. I heard very clearly, “Go get it.” Just three small words. “Go get it.” If you need a car or the house or anything, you’ve got to go get it. He said, “The car is parked at the lot, the house is in the market… Go get it.”

So then after that, a week passed by. The same week, we are driving on 35 W South and suddenly we saw the big sign… And it said, “Go get it.” We are like, “Whoa.” The Lords speaks through signs. And it was the Minnesota Vikings, that year their logo was, “Go get it.” Meaning, “GO get the ball.”

You said, “But God’s going to do it for me.” Yes, He is. But through us! His mighty power working “through” us. I was reading this morning in Zacharia and it said, “The Lord delights in the small beginning.” Meaning start something. He rejoices when we start something. Just start! He said He will begin a good work. He’s faithful to complete it. We have to start something. So He’s faithful to help us to complete. But we started. He who began a good work when you start something… He can help us to finish.

June is the month for habits…

I didn’t know that the month of June is a month of habits. Did you know that June is the month of habits? How to create new habits? I didn’t know that until today. A good habit would be to attend church faithfully. You should see habits as a gift from God. Habit is an action, conduct, or behavior that you do over and over again. It may be a bad habit like smoking or a good habit like brushing your teeth. This means anything you do twice becomes easier. It is God’s way of helping you to succeed. Some experts believe that when you do a specific thing for 21 days repeatedly, it’ll become lifetime habit for you. Habits!

I didn’t know that June is the month of habits because a half year is gone. We are focused on goals. Then the scripture says every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of light in whom there is no variable, neither shadow of turning.

Another one. Establish good family habits. This is so good. Susan had 17 children. She habitually set aside first day of each month to devote total attention to her oldest child. Day two, she will spend her second child and so forth. This may explain the greatness of her son, John Wesley! You guys know John Wesley. Great families usually have great habits. Follow daily, weekly habits that will create that family unit to desire. Designate one night a week as a family night. Cherish it. Build your weekly agenda around it.

We’re talking about habits. Six months have passed by, now we have to change habits. He said “Another habit: attend church faithfully. Get into the presence of God regularly. Your best will come out of you in His presence. Sit under the teaching of a man of God you respect. Put your time, influence, finances there faithfully.

I didn’t know this: “Even Jesus attended church regularly. There is no substitute for the golden link of godly relationship. Then the scripture is ‘Not forsaking the assembly of ourselves together as the manner of some is, but one another so much more the day that is approaching.’

Then another scripture says “As his custom was, He went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day. So Jesus had a habit… a good habit, to going to church.

One more and then we’re done. Habit: Begin the Bible habit. Pick a time, preferably morning. Call it your wisdom hour. Read the Bible aloud. Don’t back down to the theology of Greek/Hebrew translation. Just meditate on His Word. His Word is life. His Word creates faith. His words will change the course of your life. Oh, brother, that’s a good habit.

This tells me on this Good Friday, Jesus is saying, “come unto me.” It’s a good habit to come unto Him in the morning… meeting Him in the morning.

The morning is good, but some people work in the night so it’s not possible. So whatever time is, it’s called the Bible time, the wisdom time, the healing time, the quiet time, the listening time. Or I thought about this too. “Meeting of the mind with God.” You know, we have a meeting of the mind with people.

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