Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Pastor Ken…

Good morning, everybody. Welcome to prayer.


Lord, let there come a new order of the day to our hearts, to our priorities, to our perspective, to our leadership and callings.

For the time ahead, prepare us… God forbid that we would be caught off guard individually or collectively.

Let our hearts be fully plowed through, Holy Spirit… may you work in us today. May you take things from us today.

Lord, we yield and offer up to you every weight and sin and thing that would beset or detour us or distract us or slow us down in our journey of faith.

Lord, we give to you every care, every trauma, every fear that’s trying to limit us.

Lord, we surrender it to you. We have no business grappling with it, trying to cope or put up with it.

We say, “No, not another day, Devil. This is it. I’m done with that. I’m done with those low-level things. I’m done with those works of the flesh. I’m done with that self-defeating pattern of thinking. I’m done with spiraling emotionally. I’m done with negative self-talk. I’m done throwing up at the mouth with doubt and defeat. I’m done with the past, Lord.”

We just surrender all that must be surrendered. We bring it to your altar today and we say, “Lord, we cast it over onto you… every weight, every care, everything that is not of you. We serve it notice today.” And we say, “Not one more day… You will not steal from me. No more. This is it. This is the end. This is a fresh break. This is a breakthrough moment. We say in Jesus’ name.”

Breaking out of patterns… Breaking out of limitations. We declare, Lord, that you are the Lord of the breakthrough

We call for heaven to come through and be established fully and to a whole new level of dimensionality in Living Word… in our homes… in our city… in our nation.

We speak to every enemy operation and we say, “Break it up in Jesus’ name… move it out… Go in Jesus’ name.”

We just agree today with your plan. Let your plan for Living Word be so in Jesus’ name. Let it advance … let it be enlarged in Jesus’ name…

We lift up that divine separating… work the work that must be done in us, to separate now and to set us in our places… to lead us up to the front lines of where you desire for us to engage now.

We refuse to acquiesce to what is defined as normalcy from a church or spiritual definition. No, Lord, we say we contend this morning for what you desire… the more that you are granting, the greater that you are in the process of doing… revival, the moving of Your Spirit in a bold and bigger and burgeoning way for this hour and this generation.

We contend for a breaking out of God and the operations of the Holy Spirit and the works of Jesus in our generation…

Lord, we pray for divine disruptions today… in the body of Christ. Let there come a spirit of humility and repentance… that we would judge ourselves.

Open up to a new day… open up to some new things that the Father intends. Open up now to something you didn’t think yesterday… open up in Jesus’ name to a new level of understanding, a new level of revelation, a new level of operation of God in you and through you.

We stir up the gifts of God on the inside of us… over our congregation, our churches, and our families.

We refuse to do without gifts and callings and assignments and creative initiatives and things you desire to bring through us from heaven through us into the earth in Jesus’ name.

Father, we pray for a stirring up today… hearts stirring, yes thoughts stirring toward God.

That which is latent and dormant, let it be resuscitated and revived and brought to the forefront of our hearts and our lives.

We expect the breath of God to breathe upon the fire in our hearts, and the fire in the calling and the assignments that you have granted us and called us to in Jesus’ name.

Word of exhortation…

Just give Him permission this morning, just to fan into flame the gift of God that’s within you. Ask Him intentionally to fan into flame those dreams and those purposes and those assignments to pray… to fan into flame the initiatives that He wants you to spark… the steps He wants you to take… the commitments that maybe you even once made, He’s breathing on those again.

We as humans tend to leak in our remembrance of things and other ways too, but the Lord says that we’re to be filled and be being filled. So just let your heart be filled with revelation knowledge of the Holy Spirit right now. Let the Spirit of God breathe upon your soul. Let it be inspired. Let it be lifted. Let it be expectant. Let it be hope filled in the pursuit of God, yes, but also in the specificness of what He has for you and what He wants to do in your life in the coming days.

Success leaves clues…

One of the things that I was just reminded of this morning is that a great leadership sage once said, “Success leaves clues.” And when I think of that quote, I’m reminded that Jesus left us with a really epic clue in His life and ministry in the success that He realized, in the works that He accomplished. Right? And the clue really in His success was that prayer was the way. Prayer and relationship with His Heavenly Father led the way in His life. It was the priority of His life.

And so I don’t know about you, but when I think of my journey, I think of going back to when I was in high school and just being drawn obviously to the Word, but also to the presence of the Holy Spirit and to prayer. And I’d have to say that my journey up until this point is still a pursuit of being more consistent in my prayer life. But I always knew even when I was young, that prayer was an important key… it was “the” key to “the more” that we sang about, to the going farther, to the going deeper to the fullness of God.

And I know this seems really obvious and like, “Well, duh, Ken.” But I think it’s just important to realize just how chock full of power prayer really is and can be for us.

In James 5:13, it says “Is anyone among you suffering…” Or one translation that says, “going through a tough time, let him or let her pray.”

Luke 18:1, says Jesus told them a parable to the effect that they “ought always to pray and not to turn coward, faint, loose heart, or give up.” That’s how the Amplify Bible amplifies it.

Personal reflection…

And I wrote this reflection down. “It’s time to take the assignment, or really it’s a command, honestly. It’s not even an assignment. It’s a command from God of prayer. It’s time to take it seriously. The mercy of God is hovering over us right now in the season. The days don’t look from the worldly standpoint any better. But yet God is with us, and He’s promised to be with us to the end of the age, to not leave us as orphans, that He would come to us. And He has firstly through the person of the Holy Spirit.”

And when you pray in particular praying in your heavenly prayer language, we activate the ministry, the operation, the revealing ability of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We activate the supernatural download of heavenly resource and strength and courage and the ability to overcome and go beyond our human limitations. That’s where God wants to take the church. That’s where He wants to take Living Word in this hour beyond our humanness, beyond our limitation, beyond what we’ve experienced up until this point. There’s more for you, for me, for Living Word, for your ministry, for your household.

The Lord seeks our partnership…

But the Lord seeks, once again, partnership. He seeks connection with us, operating with us each and every day. That’s why I love what one great old revivalist used to say, “One indication of revival is an awareness of God, that people are just cognizant and aware of His presence in the monotonous and even mundane moments of your day.” You’re just aware of the Holy Spirit. You are aware of Him. Therefore, hopefully available to Him. So that you don’t have to function just in your limited intellect or ability, but rather in the unlimitedness, in the fullness of what He brings.

I believe the Holy Spirit wants to germinate some things here this morning. He wants to bring to life some things in our lives. He wants to lead us into some new places, new encounters, new understandings, new experience of His liberty and freedom… freedom and joy in Him! He wants us to experience life to the full until it overflows. Isn’t that what the Word says? And prayer is such a key and important part of that. Not just Tuesday morning for an hour, but day by day just journeying and walking with Him.

I’ve said this before, but in the early church, Christianity was known as simply “The Way.” He is the way… relating to Him, conversing with Him, listening to Him, feeding on His Word. Those are all ways that we can walk the way.

But Luke 18:1 says Jesus told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not to turn coward, faint, lose heart or give up. Prayer for us in this day must be as vital and automatic as breathing. The time in which we live demands that we invest in our spiritual lives. If you’re going to follow and fulfill God’s plan for your future, you must choose to partner and relate to the Father through prayer. In other words, you’ve got to take that as your top priority every day. Take it to the next level.

Prayer isn’t an item on your “to do” list…

Pastor Lynne has taught us through the years that prayer isn’t even just an item on your to-do list. Prayer and your relationship with God is your life. Brother Hagin a number of times through the years and even through the prophetic operation of the Holy Spirit would say, “Take time to build your prayer life.” It’s a great key. It’s more than a key, but it’s a great key to you realizing and experiencing what God intends for us in the coming days.

If Pastor Lynne and Pastor Mac are correct, which I believe they are, that this church was birthed through prayer, then this church will advance and go into a next season because of prayer, not just by one or two, but by all of us taking up that mantle to pray and to seek Him for ourselves, for our families.

There are certain things about your heart and your life that don’t just affect you. They affect people around you in the cubicle next to you, in your cul-de-sac where you live. And prayer, without a doubt, is a profound and great way that we can affect atmospheres and hearts and lives. And the outcome of the coming days of what happens in our services, what happens in our lobby, what happens out on the streets.

More personal reflections…

So I wrote, “You must choose to partner and relate to the Father through prayer. Whether you realize it or not, your very life depends on it. Your family depends on it. And your calling depends on it.” Leonard Ravenhill, the great man of prayer, wrote “No man is greater than his prayer life.”

Now let me read one more thing. Something I came across that I thought was good regarding prayer in particular, praying in other tongues. When the enemy is scheming in ways we know not of, we have a weapon against those schemes. Second Corinthians 10:4 says, “The weapons we fight with are not weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” The gift of speaking in tongues allows us to war in the spirit, a realm that is just as real as the one we live in now. Our spirit in communion with the Holy Spirit knows exactly how to pray and what to pray even when we don’t.

I love that.

And then this other excerpt says, “When you pray in the Spirit, you are praying God’s will to be done.” That’s so important to remember. “Not just for the things you know about, but for the things you don’t know about. Your victory gets wider and bigger because you’re not just praying for one specific thing. Your spirit prays for more than what you know to pray for. This is a powerful gift. This powerful gift is a way we wage war on the enemy territory and see victory in more areas than we thought possible.”

I like to say praying in other tongues is a way we can take ground and we are able to advance.

Prayer is laying down tracks…

So just know that. Jesus’ success clue to us was to spend much time alone with our Father to pray, to engage with Him. And by doing so, we lay down tracks. And those tracks allow us to proceed forward. Just like there needs to be train tracks for a train to progress and proceed, those tracks have to be laid down first. Prayer lays down tracks… for our lives, for our ministry, for our families to proceed down the call and the purpose of God.

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