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Sister Jeannie…

Welcome to Morning Prayer. Last night, our church played the movie, “Letter to the
American Church.” And on the way home, I was talking to a friend and said, “I
literally can’t lead prayer tomorrow without joy knowing everything that’s
going on in the world and knowing the heaviness…” I shouldn’t say the heaviness…
the weightiness of our assignment. And just in that moment, God brought
Chronicles to me again with Jehosaphat. That’s part of why God had them start
with praise. Because praise causes us to focus on Him, on His promises, on His
goodness… and that the battle ultimately belongs to Him. But we do our part and first keeping our eyes on Him, and
His goodness, His promises, His Word. And we stand on that Word. In the middle
of everything that’s happening, we have the assurance of precedents already
being said in the Word that His Word not even one time has lost.
Not one time.
So Father, we praise you this morning. We keep our eyes on you, we focus on
you. We stand on your Word. Your Word is in us. It’s alive. It’s you, Jesus.
You are the Word.

What is our part?

And we do our part. What is our part? That’s a good
question. You know, I think sometimes when these things happen and when there’s
so much coming at us, we can do this. “That’s not up to me.” “No, that’s not my
calling.” “No, I’m, I, no, I can’t. I can’t…” And we kind of turn our backs
on it. But when we face the situation and we know that Jesus is in us, it’s
actually Jesus facing the situation with us. It is actually Jesus, the Lord of
hosts, the Lord of heaven’s armies facing the situation and going on the
offense. So today in prayer, we face what’s happening with the
promises of God… with the goodness of God… and with our eyes on Him.
And we stay on the offense.
And we do it with joy. And we do it with peace. We do it with confident
assurance in your goodness. It’s not by might. It’s not by power. But it’s by your
Spirit, says the Lord. We take comfort in that because everything that’s going
on, our might won’t get it done. Our power won’t get it done. But His Spirit in
us going on the offense, facing it, gets it done. Father, we thank you that these things that we are
praying out today, ultimately are already done and won. And by your grace, we
face those things head on today. We keep our minds stayed on you, the Lord of
hosts… the name above every name.

Jesus led captivity captive…

Think again about how He called it finished when He didn’t
even look like a man anymore. In the middle of it looking like a complete
tragedy, trauma mess, Jesus called it finished. And the Word says He led
captivity captive. Think about that. He told captivity, “You are going to
follow Me to being the captive.” Anything that would cause people to be captive
had to obey the name of Jesus. And that’s the name that we have. Father, we thank you for your name. By your Spirit today, we thank you for your name… for your plan… that you never one time have
changed your mind. Even when we have been double-minded, you never have. Victory
has always been your plan.

We go on the offense…

Victory. Victory. Victory. We go on the offense. Why? Because
we will hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.” We live and breathe the Word
of God. We live and breathe the promises of God. We look and face situations,
and we speak to those things… and they comply. We speak to captivity and we
say, “Captivity, I’m going to lead you captive.” And captivity says, “Oh, that
must be Jesus talking. Yeah, Uh huh, I’m going to be captive.” We bind captivity up with the name of Jesus that already finished it. Aren’t you glad He only needs a remnant and He always only has
needed a remnant? Aren’t you glad that no matter what it looks like there’s
more with us than there are with them? Aren’t you glad that we don’t go by what
we see? We go by what He says. Aren’t you glad that when we go by what He says,
things shift, things change, things move.

We don’t have to rely on our own strength…

The joy of the Lord is our strength. Think about that. We
don’t even have to rely on our own joy. He even provides that for us! We can be
lighthearted today, yet fiercely engaged in the win. Stewarding the finished
work of God in prayer today, awake, leading captivity captive. Because Jesus
already did it. Get in line! We tell our souls, “Soul, Jesus is the lover
of my soul. If He’s the lover of my soul, His perfect love casts out all fear.”
So we get in His perfect love, and we tell fear, “You’re already cast away from
me. I can’t hear you. I’m not even in proximity to you.”

All we see is the win…

All we can see is what He’s doing… what He’s already
doing… what He’s about to do. All we can see is the win! And we stay on the
path to victory and we fully engage. And anytime fear comes in, His perfect
love casts out all fear.We speak Jesus over this state… we speak Jesus over the
state of things. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus have your way.

Hebrews 11:8 says, “Urged on by faith…”

Or we could say “Urged on by trust, Abraham when he was
called obeyed and went to a place which he was destined to receive as an
inheritance. And he went, although he did not know or trouble his mind about
where he was to go.” Did you know that we are destined to receive the
inheritance of His promises that He has spoken over Minnesota… over your family…
over your country… over the world? But Abraham had to go. He had to leave the
familiar. He had to leave tradition. He had to leave religion to receive his
inheritance. “And he went, although he did not know.” Do you see that? He didn’t
know, but he knew he had to go. “And he did not trouble his mind about where he was to
go.” You know, we are in unchartered waters right now. Us. But not the Word. Meaning
He’s already given us strategy. He’s already given us precedence in His Word. But
we have an opportunity to take ground and receive that inheritance, to lay at His
feet one day… to receive the crowns of victory to lay at His feet. And yeah, it’s going to be unfamiliar. That’s why Abraham had to do it by faith. That’s why he had to choose not to allow his mind to be
troubled. That’s why it was someplace he’d never been. Because God will always,
always, always increase you. Always, always expand your territory because He is
God. That’s why everything that’s happening right now is opportunity to receive
the inheritance… the inheritance of people, of schools, of cities, of destinies of children, the identities of people groups, unity. So here’s Abraham. “Okay, God, you told me to go here.” He
goes and he encounters something. He goes, “Oh, no, I can’t handle that.” You
know he probably did. Don’t you think he did? I’m sure he did. I’m sure he is
like, “Okay, God, I’m going to go.” And then he encounters something he’s never
encountered. He encounters some evil that just messes with his mind. And so he
is, “Oh!” And Holy Spirit… “Nooo. Stay here. Don’t let your mind be troubled. Keep
moving forward. I have a plan and it’s working.” That’s what we’re doing!

A friend of mine sent me this text the other day…

…and I knew it would be part of prayer today. And then
when we watched “Letter to the American Church,” it just confirmed it all the
more. “Empower them to know they can change the world. Don’t
teach them to be fearful and disheartened by the state of the world, but
hopeful that they can do something about it. Every person in all of history has
been placed in the time that they were in because of God’s sovereign plan. He
knew David could handle the lion’s den. He knew David could handle Goliath. He
knew Esther could handle Haman. He knew Peter could handle persecution. Okay, did Daniel know he could handle the lions’ den?
Did David know he could handle Goliath?
Did Esther know she could handle Haman?
And did Peter know he could handle persecution?
Did Daniel know he would be thrown into the lions’ den?
How about David? Did he know he was going to approach Goliath when he was
bringing lunch to his brothers on the battlefield?

God has already equipped us…

We might be surprised by these giants, but it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t know we can handle them. It doesn’t mean that we haven’t killed the lion and the bear already. If we are in a situation, God has already
equipped us to handle it. I’m going to say it again. Whatever situation you are
in right now, God has already equipped you to handle it. If it took you by
surprise, it didn’t take God by surprise. Just like Esther with Haman. She had
no idea that’s what was going to happen. Yet, God knew and she was ready and
she was even hesitant. But then she came to a decision, “If I perish, I perish.”He knows that your children can handle whatever challenge
they face in their lives. He created them specifically for it. Don’t be scared
for your children but be honored that God chose you to parent the generation
that is facing the biggest challenges of our lifetime. Rise up to the challenge!Raise Daniels… Davids… Esthers… and Peters. God isn’t
scratching His head wondering what He’s going to do with this mess of a world. He
has an army He’s raising up to drive back the darkness and make Him known all
over the earth. Don’t let your fear steal the greatness God placed in
them. I know it’s hard to imagine them as anything besides our sweet little
babies. And we just want to protect them from anything that could ever be hard
on them. But they were born for such a time as this.

A mustard seed of faith is all that is required…

Right now we have a mountain of reasons to be discouraged
and we have a mustard seed of faith. And that’s all it’s ever required. When
you believe God with that mustard seed of faith and you use the faith of God,
that mustard seed of the faith of God and you start telling that mountain who
God is, that’s what pleases Him. And I have to tell you, there is absolutely no excuse
whatsoever not to speak to those mountains. There’s too much precedence that’s
been set in the Word. There are too many promises in the face of impossible
situations. Jesus conquered death! He led captivity captive.

It’s time to speak to the mountains…

So, church, it’s time for us to get in line and speak to
those mountains. I think the hilarity of God calling faith a mustard seed is
actually ridiculously hilarious. He didn’t say a “mountain of faith.” He said a
“teeny tiny mustard seed” to the mountain of reasoning. How many times do we
reason believing away? Father, we repent of that right now and we go after it
today. We are here taking ground today. Telling things to get out of the way. What
needs to stay will stay. Brilliant. Realtime solutions. The simplicity of your
wisdom. We thank you that we are strengthened with a joyful heart. Your burden
is light. Anytime we get weighed down by things, we remember that your yoke is
easy and your burden is light.

Jesse Duplantis talked to the Apostle Paul…

I remember Jesse Duplantis was talking about how he went to heaven and he told God he really wanted to meet Paul. And he met Paul and he was really happy because he thought there’d be a long line. And he got to meet him right away. He was telling Paul how happy it was to meet him. And Paul was
astonished. He said, “We want to meet you. You’re the saints that are alive in the last days.”
Let that sink in.
You are the saint that’s alive in the last days. You are the saint that He
trusted with the last days. You are the saint He trusted with the chaos that’s
happening. You’re the saint He trusted to lean on His promises and speak those
things to the mountain in these days.
And if He trusted you with it, He empowered you to do it. A massive wave of revival and awakening is upon us. We’ve
seen trickles of it, but it’s nothing compared to what’s upon us. Only a witness will we be to the reward of the wicked?
Have we been witnessing it? Yeah.
Is there proximity? Yes.
Do we have the authority to speak to it? Yes.
Have we repented for not moving in our authority? Yes.
Is He healing our land? Yes.
Does it matter if we’re qualified? No. Because He is. He is qualified and He is
in us.

This is from Dutch Sheets, “Give Jim 15 Today.” In 1988, I had the thought which I knew was from Holy
Spirit, “Study the watchman concept.” I already knew about watchmen. It was my
immediate thought. I had studied the subject, taught on it, and was very
familiar with the concept. Yet I had the immediate and strong impression that I
was missing something. There was more.” There’s always so much more with Him. Somebody
needs to hear that. Status quo is not God. He has so much more for us. He has
so much more for Minnesota. He has so much more for America. He has so much
more for the world. But it’s our part to keep speaking those promises over
these things. “I obeyed Holy Spirit’s prompting and indeed there was
more to the subject than I had seen. I discovered that the Watchman concept is
not just defensive, protective prayer.” Did you hear that? “There’s also an
offensive or aggressive aspect to it. I found that the Hebrew words for
watchmen are also translated ‘to lay siege, spy, ambush in order to conquer
cities or people.’”Now, isn’t that amazing? That He led Dutch to, “Okay, now
it’s time for this strategy.” The strategy to lay siege, to spy, to ambush in
order to conquer cities or people. Now we’re talking about spiritual warfare here… …principalities that are influencing and causing evil on
the earth. The reason these words are used in this manner is because all of the
actions involve watching. Okay? So here we are, we’re watching and we’re seeing
something. And instead of doing this, “I can’t take it. I can’t take it. I’m going
to watch Netflix. I’m going to do this.” No! We do this. We face it. We face it
with Jesus. And we lay siege, we spy, we ambush, we conquer, we occupy. When I saw this, I heard Holy Spirit say the following… and
I’m declaring this: “I am about to release revelation to the praying church
that enables them to deliver individuals, cities, regions, and nations for Me. New
strategies and concepts will emerge. Discernment of Satan’s strongholds will be
given and sieges will begin that will break his hold over people and places. This
will be a broad work with strategies and actions coming from many different
ministries. I will give part of a plan to one person or ministry while
simultaneously imparting another part to others. Have you noticed it in these
times, the streams are coming together? At times they will not even realize
they’re part of a larger scheme. But I will orchestrate the efforts in order to
lay sieges in the spirit realm, cutting off Satan’s supply lines, literally.”I just have to say this. When we do this, “I can’t do it.
I can’t do it.” When I’ve done this, Holy Spirit does this with me. He meets me
and He goes, “What are you going to do, Jeanie? You’re in it. So you’re just going
to be miserable and lose? The only option is to face it!”We really only have one option. If we don’t face this,
the win is delayed. Do you realize that? If we do the sovereignty God thing, and
hesitate in participating, the win is delayed… the answers are delayed… and
your joy is sucked away. There is no joy when you don’t face it. But when we
face it with the face of Jesus, with the promises of God, He empowers you… He
gives you joy… He helps you to see what He’s doing. And you can grab onto
those things. There is a mandate for the church…This is what He has for us now. This is how Jesus was
able to say “It is finished” in the middle of a mess and then lead captivity
captive. That is the power that is alive in you. And there is a mandate for the
church to utilize what He did for us, to not waste one whipping, one element of
torture, one drop of blood from that cross. We lay siege and we speak to these



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