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Pastor Ken…

Good morning, everybody. Welcome to morning prayer.

Holy Spirit is searching for open hearts…

Even before Noah began to sing about “opening up” and the Holy Spirit moving, I was sensing as well that the Holy Spirit is moving throughout this place this morning, searching for open hearts. Not Christian hearts. Hopefully we’re all that. But open hearts.

I had a sense that He’s searching for hearts that are open and laid bare before Him, which is something we choose to do. And so let’s just do that right now. He’s here. He is manifest. He’s where you are if you’re streaming this online this morning. And He is at work functioning in His ministry. Let’s be reminded this morning that He can do what we can’t do, what our best efforts can’t accomplish in a lifetime of good works or Christian striving. We can’t get it done, but He can.

Prayer of repentance for closed hearts…

And so Holy Spirit, we just open our hearts before you. Your Word commands us to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God. And so we do this morning, Lord, we humble ourselves unto your hand. And we repent, Lord, where we have closed our hearts off to you, where we’ve shut the door, rolled up the windows, locked it, and thrown away the key in some way. We revisit those places right now in our own souls, in our own lives, in our own circumstances, situations, and relationships. And we just say, “Lord, I open up to you.” We open our hearts. We invite you in a fresh and new way.

Holy Spirit, I pray that you would just crash in now into hearts, into lives, into hopelessness that you would crash into where there’s fear and angst and hurry and distraction and self-effort thinking that’s what is going to get the job done. When only you can do what must be done now on the inside of us.

And so we pray that you would just move among us as a people, as a family, as individuals. We pray for the fire of God to be administered to those areas that need to be purged and pruned and burned out in some ways, that you would work in our thinking, in our neuros synopsis. I know you can do that, Lord. To create some new expectations and some new ways of seeing that we might identify the new that you are at work and presently doing in our lives, in our church, in our families, in our nation, in the world even as revival rain pours forth, even as revival fires begin to ignite in various places.

Prayer to recalibrate hearts…

So we pray, Lord, that you would recalibrate our hearts and our lives and our leadership and our prayers and our expectations of faith, Lord.

Even right here this morning, Lord, in our own families, Lord, help us to see with new eyes, help our hearts to receive that which you desire to do, to soften, to prune, to prepare, to reshape to remold us into a people that is set and prepared for this final push. For what remains in our individual callings and our church’s calling, and what you want to do throughout the earth. Thank you, Father.

Prayer to invite Holy Spirit in our lives…

We’re “no holds barred” today. We take off the limits. We open the doors. And we just invite you in, Holy Spirit, to do the coaching and mentoring and supernatural surgery that only you can do right now. Address those things, Lord, those specific things right now. We give you permission, Lord, to bring some things up in our heart right now. Where we’ve been distracted and living a numbed life in some way, away from the pain, away from having to deal with it. We come to the altar today. We come to your presence today to meet with you, to transact business with you, to mean business with you today. Not another day should go by. No, no, no.

I sense that in my heart. Not another day must go by. It’s time. It’s right now. Right now. There should be a line right now. Whatever that is, it might be sin. Call it out to the Lord. Humble yourself. Apply the blood, receive His mercy. Receive His patience, kindness. Where you’ve given up on the call of God, where you’ve given up on the plan of God or an assignment in some way. You’ve kind of like acquiesced to the status quo and said, “Oh, well, I guess that’s not going to happen.”

Word from the Lord came forth…

The Lord would say, “No! Today is a day of new beginnings. Will you not be aware of a fresh start and a renewed surge of My presence and My fire and My inspiration to propel you forward into the fullness and into the certainty of what I promised you and I’ve declared to you? Oh, does not My word read that I am watching over My Word and My promises? And surely I will fulfill them.

So let your heart engage once again. Choose to connect your heart to Me… My words and My family. And let’s run! Let’s stride, big strides with grace and Me by your side, knowing that you’re getting stronger in the pace of faith. And you’re rising higher in the fullness of My Spirit’s holy breath upon you.

So receive all that I am able to do, the Spirit of God would say. Let your life be immersed in My presence and preciousness, knowing that I’m able to not only sustain you, but raise you higher into a new place individually and collectively to go forth in this day shining brightly, doing great exploits.

Yes! Great works and signs and wonders. Not just through one or two or three or four, but through the company of believers that will go forth in the belief that the wind of the Spirit is at their back, and there is nothing that can hold us down or limit us to a religious dogmatic place.

But instead, we’re stepping into an hour of fullness and freedom and the acts of the Holy Spirit being put on display in ways we have not even witnessed up until this point. Oh, maybe caught a glimpse here and there, but oh, oh, oh, I’m about to put on a show, and I’ll say to you in the coming days, “Look, did you see what I did there?”

You didn’t earn that. You weren’t smart enough to do that. You didn’t pray enough to do that. You just simply chose to open your heart to Me and run your race in My grace. And look what the Spirit has done. Even now, there’s an unfolding of My plan. Even now, there’s progress. Even now, behind the scenes where you can’t see, I am breathing new life. I am raising dead things into life again. I am moving things forward despite what’s been reported or what you might think. I’m moving things forward, so get into that place where your heart is connected to My words that you might run, once again, your race.

And know that I’m called you to a season and a lifestyle of immersion… immersed in My anointing, immersed in My words, immersed in My family, immersed in My presence. Yes, abiding… living… dwelling… remaining. That’s the order of the day. Not out of self-effort that’s arduous and hard. But out of joyfulness that we get to be with our Father in His presence. That He invites us right up into His lap to sit with Him to remain with Him to rest in Him until we receive what He has and what He desires to download in the way of wisdom and strategy and answers… strength and healing… and even decrees that must be made… and songs that must be sung… and messages that must be preached… and new initiatives that must be launched.

That’s in My presence. There are no questions in My presence. There are only answers. There’s only strategy. There’s only fullness to download when you wait upon Me. You’ll receive and you’ll see a greater ease… a greater fullness… a greater “organic-ness” and correctness in the outworking and the display of My plan.

So keep your heart open. Seek to keep it open and laid bare before Me at the altar of My presence. And I’ll show you. And you’ll see a whole new dimensionality of what I have in store. For this is that hour… this is that day… you are that people called to a generation.

Don’t back off! Don’t relent! Don’t think there must be another way! I am the way, the light, and the truth, Come to Me. Stay with Me. And know that I have the answers and the way forward for you, in Jesus’ name.

Pastor Ken continued…

Call out to Him just in praying in the Spirit here right now. If we believe the writings of Paul, he said that when we pray out in other tongues, we’re speaking directly to God and we’re speaking out the wonderful works of God. We’re being prophetic, in other words.

As Mark Brazee once said, “You’re pouring water on dry ground of God’s intentions and God’s purposes.” Yeah, you’re making available the fuel and the fire to take steps today, to make progress today, to rise higher today, to be sustained through maybe a difficult season today.

The 100-Year Prophecy…

Let me read something to you. This is from Tommy Welchel’s book, “True Stories of the Miracles of Azusa Street and Beyond.” I wanted to read this prophecy because it highlights a little bit about what God is doing even now and what will unfold in the time ahead. But it’s about the hundred-year prophecy.

“Sometime in 1910, William Seymour who was instrumental in the outpouring at Azusa Street. Seymour just stood up on the stage, took the box off his head…” [He put a box on his head out of obedience.]

He took the box off his head and started prophesying. He said “In about a hundred years, there would be another revival like Azusa Street. Only this time it would not be in one place. It would be all over the world. There would be a return of the Shekinah glory and miracles. This revival would not be through one person or just pastors. It would be with everybody in the body. This time the revival will not end until the Lord returns.”

“Seymour repeated this revelation more than once. On the opposite coast in New York City, according to Charles Parham’s granddaughter, Parham stood up one day and declared the same prophecy using almost the exact words. This happened within a couple of days of Seymour’s prophecy. They both pronounced that this modern-day outpouring would surpass Acts two.”

Celebrate, as we are now in the hundred-year period, and you are alive in this time.

According to Jesus in Luke 10:24, we are the envy of the prophets and kings to see such an outpouring of the Spirit. For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it. And to hear what you hear but did not hear it.

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