Prayer Summary for May 20


Father, we thank You for Your presence today
Thank You for the Holy Spirit that lives, breaths, and moves within us
Your presence is with us wherever we go
We lift our hearts to You, and we repent where we let things slip in our lives
Humbling our hearts before You today, Lord
Thank You for mercy and grace for this time of need in this hour
You have called us for such a time as this
We will do all that You have called us to do, Lord
Lifting up the church today, that we would be united more in these days
Calling for changes and for turnarounds now!
Breakthroughs are breaking through from Your realm to this realm
Those things that have been prophesied are being fulfilled in these days
Lord, we pray that those things would be so
Stir up the hearts of Your people and Your church
Praying for hearts to be opened to You and Your Word
No, we will not stay status quo but we will contend all that way to the very end
Thank You, Holy Spirit, for revealing those things to us
There is a greater opening up now of the flow and bandwidth of Your glory
Lifting up Israel and we pray for the blood of Jesus to be around and over them
We declare that we are that generation and today is the day for all that You have called us to
Doors and floodgates are being opened
Declaring that there will be hotspots all across this nation, Lord
Hotspots of Your glory
The glory of God is spilling forth into this nation
Praying for holy ordained breakouts, breaking out of the status quo
Casting down religious standards
We pray for revivals to breakout all across this nation
Calling in a harvest of souls in these days, Lord
Yes, we call for an increase of salvations and baptisms
Casting down all opposition, obstacles, lies, and deceit
We loose angels and ministering spirits to go and work on our behalf
It is a new day; it is a new hour!
Things are breaking out from heaven to earth
Thank You for signs and wonders and turnarounds
We lift up those that are headed in the wrong direction and we pray for a turnaround
Declaring mercy and grace to be over each and every believer
Father, we lift up those who have been deceived and we pray for their eyes to be opened
We call them back in Jesus’ name!
Those who have been offended, we pray for the blood to be over them
Yes, we contend for them that they would come back to You
We pray for a breaking down of strongholds, indifferences, and barriers
Thank You for supernatural mercy and grace to cover them
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear all that You are speaking to us, Lord
We call for repentance, we speak grace to their hearts and their paths
Grant unto them a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You
Wake up, America, wake up, church!
Come back to Jesus, come back to the church
We lay hold of all that You have for us, Father
Doors are being opened, and we pray for a greater stepping through those doors
Correction and direction, we speak that over America today
Praying for the leaders, open their eyes to the truth of Your Word
Help us as a nation to see again
We plead the blood of Jesus over our nation’s capital and over our borders
Calling in the light that it would pierce through the darkness
Thank You for Your glory that is penetrating our land
Casting down all limitations, Father
Every obstacle shall be cast down in the name of Jesus
Glory be to God
We reverence and recognize You, Lord
Jesus is the name that is above every other name
Father, we thank You for Your Word
We pray for a greater awakening in these days
Declaring for a turnaround, we pray for a turning back to You, Father
Speaking to every opposition and every stronghold and we cast them down
In the name of Jesus, we pray for light and glory to cover Minnesota
Lifting up the election and we refuse to back off
We pray that America would go more and more in the right way
Change in Jesus’ name
Your plan shall be done in America in these days
Open the doors in Jesus’ name
Lord, we give You permission to go and bring forth souls
Calling for signs, wonders, and miracles in these last days
Father, lead those out of the darkness and into the light
Declaring mercy and grace over them today, Lord
No, we will not stay status quo but we will come out
Come out, come out in Jesus’ name
Father, we pray over Israel and we cover them with the blood of Jesus
We pray for a spirit of wisdom and understanding over the nation of Israel
You are leading and guiding them in the way You want them to go
Yes, we pray that all of Israel would be saved
Bless Israel in Jesus’ name
Thank You for Your faithfulness, Father
Speaking favor over each and every believer in these days
You are leading and guiding us into this new season
Pleading the blood of Jesus over the body of Christ today

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