Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Pastor Ken…

Hello, and good morning, everyone. Happy Wednesday. Good to see you.

Let your expectation rise…

God is at work in and among His people, and I believe He’s going to do some beautiful and amazing things this morning. Let your expectation rise this morning. Maybe the morning began a little rough, a little too raw or something in some way. Bumpy? But, remember, you may not be able to control the circumstances around you, but you always have the ability to choose what your thoughts are going to be, what’s going to come out of your mouth, what your expectation is going to be.

Hope in God…

The Bible reminds us over and over again to “hope in God.” It’s almost so simple that it gets overlooked. But it’s profound—“hope in God.” In other words, let your heart lean forward in a positive outlook and perspective that God is at work and that He can, and in fact, is turning situations around… that He is going to route the enemy in some ways, even as we engage in prayer this morning. That those situations in your life personally are being transformed and that your prayers and expectation are assigning the power of God to fix what’s wrong, to turn upside right what’s upside down, to bring hope and salvation and healing and deliverance and provision to not only your life and household, but all those God has called you to influence and impact through your strong stand of faith.

Memorial Day announcement…

Before I get too far out there, I need to give you a heads up that at least here in the States, so forgive us, those of you in other countries. The announcement is that this coming Monday is Memorial Day here in the United States. So it is a holiday. And so we will not have morning prayer because our building is closed. Our staff is off next Monday, Memorial Day.

First of all, you can go to our online church channel on Monday and we’ll be streaming one of the “best of morning prayers.” Still same time, only just on our online church channel. And I would encourage you to check out our YouTube page and go to the morning prayer playlist. Yes, there’s a morning prayer playlist or library of content going back at least three years where you can watch myself and others who lead prayer and catch up on those from the past as well, if you’d like to. We’ll resume, once again, on Tuesday and the remainder of the week. Is that good? Alright.

Faith decree…

Let me lead us in a faith decree or a prayer decree right now. I just sense this in my heart. Just declare this after me:

Devil, take your hands off me right now, in Jesus’ name.
Fear, Leave my life.
Every obstacle and opposition, Go in Jesus’ name.
Take your hand off my family.
Loose and let go of my provision, my breakthrough, my answers, the promise of God.
Get out of the way. Go! in Jesus’ name.

Now say this after me…

Take your hand off my mind.
I command harassing thoughts, harassing spirits to cease! Go! in Jesus’ name.
I command my body to be made whole.
I speak shalom over all of me… over all of my household and over the path before me.
I receive healing power, peace for my soul, provision for the plan, and joy for my spirit.
I receive refreshing joy.
I receive God-ordained strength.
A spirit of wisdom and answers.
Today I will walk in the will of God.
I will be quick to obey and strong to take hold of that which God wants me to take hold of.
I declare my future is bright… things are opening up for me… things are getting better.
I’m getting stronger, wiser, more skillful in the things of the Spirit.
I declare I prosper in everything I set my hand to.
The favor of God crowns my head, goes before me and makes a way.
For I declare success. I declare breakthrough. I declare I’m on the rise and will not be denied. For I’m a child of the most high God.
I declare victory today, breakthrough.
I say in the name of Jesus, I will not be denied.
I receive the promise of God. I step into God’s dream for my life. And I break through every obstacle.
I declare victory. I declare victory.
Did you hear that, heart? I declare victory in Jesus’ name!
[end of faith decree]

Can somebody say amen? Amen. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

Refuse to put up with whatever weaponry the enemy brings…

Sometimes that’s what prayer looks like. You just exercise your authority. My goodness! Do you know who you are? You! Little ole you… Little ole me. We’re children of the most high God. But we have once again been endowed with such authority and such power. Refuse to put up with or cope with or just get along with those things… Even those little foxes that come to spoil the vine in our lives. Refuse to put up with them. Drive them out of your life. Employ the weaponry of binding and losing as Jesus taught us. Use that name that we sang. Use it skillfully, right?

It’s clear…. It should be clear… what is Antichrist. What is against God or not God’s will, in other words—sickness, disease, harassing spirits, doubts, fears, a demonic spirit… anxiety is a low-grade cousin of fear. Trauma, past issues, regrets, shame.

I don’t discount that you’ve experienced that, and I’m empathetic toward what you’ve been through. But I’m here to say that Jesus came to give us answers. And those answers come through us… often through our prayers and through our words, and through our strong and determined stance on His Word that we’re going to have what He’s promised.

God wants us to live fully free…

Something as simple as living a liberated and free life, not constantly limited and cowering and making decisions based on anxieties and fears. God wants us to be a fully free people. And, once again, I just know in the courts of heaven and I know in my heart today that Jesus is speaking victory over us. He’s declaring and preaching “You’re going to have all that He intends for you to have. You’re going to see all that He intends for you to see. Answers are going to show up where you have prayed and where you have yet to pray.” We are to be the most prolific people on the planet doing great exploits, pray-ers, believers.

You got this, church…

And so the Lord is speaking that over you today. He is encouraging us. “You got this, church. This is to be your finest hour. Let’s go! Let’s go with the Holy Ghost! Let’s go and take ground! Let’s go in the strength and the might of God the Holy Spirit, knowing that we are unstoppable because we have already, as the Bible announces, WON! Don’t sweat the failures. Shake them off and keep going.

“Oh, Ken, you don’t know what I did the other day.”

God does. And He’s saying, “Receive My mercy, receive My grace, and let’s keep going.” Don’t get stuck in the little things. Don’t get stuck in the mistakes and the mess ups. I’m not saying you should continue in them. I’m just saying take advantage of, apprehend the grace, receive His mercy to douse and to plunge that in the blood and give you encouragement and grace to keep moving forward.

The courts of heaven are cheering us on…

You are on your way to some things. We, the church, are on our way to some marked moments of destiny. There are some marked moments of destiny for you and your life and your family. If you continue to go around the mountain again today with complaining… Complaining is the language of victims, by the way. If you go around the mountain with lots of negative talk, status quo-coping-type talk, then you’re going to stay there. But the courts of heaven, the Bible says, are cheering us on. If you’ll sense the great encourager inside of you, that’s your cue to know what to say and what to pray. Amen.

Que into the teleprompter inside you…

There’s a teleprompter inside of you. You know what a teleprompter is? It’s the thing that you read from if you’re recording a video… There’s a teleprompter in your heart. And if you’ll choose to dial into that, praying in the Holy Spirit will help you do that. He helps you to zoom in and dial into what’s going across the teleprompter, the cues in your heart, in other words. And when you perceive them, you decree them. When you see them, you step out in them.

Jesus even promised in His Word that “I’ll give you the words to speak when you encounter situations that are ominous and difficult when you’re brought before leaders. I’ll give you the words to speak. I’ll give you strategies. I’ll even grant you the prayer to pray so that I can answer it because I’ve already said ‘yes’ to the prayer in the heavenly realm. I just need it to come through you.”

Oh, that’s good preaching, Pastor Ken!

I’m glad you agree. Can somebody throw down some prayer emojis in the chat this morning. Woo! Glory to God. Come on now. Prayer is a glorious and joyful endeavor. Our journey to follow Him is so good. His life in us and through us is so rich, sometimes we’ve got to remind ourselves to stir ourselves up in our most holy faith. That’s what Paul said to the early church. “I stir you up by way of remembrance.” You need to be your own best remembrancer, your own best encourager. Come on now! Glory to God!

And prayer ought not just be something we do here for 60 minutes on Monday through Friday. But all through the day, there are unscheduled moments where things are coming off the teleprompter of your heart to say, to worship, to declare, to step out in that will be supernaturally good triggers to trigger or precipitate the will of God in you and through you… Answers to prayer, breakthroughs, transformations in people’s lives, healings.

Holy fire is available to you …

There is holy fire and power right now available wherever you go and you wield it with your words. You wield it and release it with your prayers and your worship and taking a strong stance and exercising your authority in the simplicity of the name of Jesus. Hallelujah.

Passage in Amos…

There’s a passage in Amos that I was reminded of last night that just kind of stuck out to me. And let me read it from the New King James. And then let me read it from the Message translation. I feel like this could be prophetic for some of us, for the church at large. But it says this in Amos 9:12–13:

“Behold the days are coming, says the Lord, when the plowmen shall overtake the reaper and the shredder of grapes, him who sow seed. The mountains shall drip with sweet wine and the hills shall flow with it.”

Now listen to it from the Message translation. It says in verse 13:

“Yes indeed, it won’t be long now. God’s decree, things are going to happen so fast your head will swim. One thing fast on the heels of another. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once and everywhere you look, blessings. Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I’ll make everything right again for my people, Israel. They’ll rebuild their ruined cities. They’ll plant vineyards and drink good wine. They’ll work their gardens and eat fresh vegetables. And I’ll plant them on their own land. They’ll never be uprooted from the land I’ve given them. Your God says so.”

We are spiritual Israel…

That’s a passage for Israel, certainly, but we are spiritual Israel. And I love the part where it says “things are going to happen.” Do you believe that this morning? Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim? One thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will happen at once and everywhere you look blessings.

Pastor Ken’s personal notes…

I jotted this down the other day too, and I think it fits with that. Well, two things. One, renew your mind to the possibilities of this new season. Open your mind to the possibilities that are in front of you. God has something better for you, and you need a new mindset to identify and catch the new that’s before you. God is the one who opens and closes the doors in your life. Get ready for some open doors. But don’t be afraid of others that must close. Some things that need to end. People, obstacles, even the enemy or bad breaks can’t keep you from your destiny. Your answer, breakthrough, or promotion. So get ready for some open doors, some new opportunities, and some sudden turnarounds.

The other thing that I highlighted this morning is this: that God is going to lead us, the church, and lead you and I as individuals to places where your provision is. That’s why we need to follow the teleprompter of our hearts to places or seasons of refreshing, healing, answers, and breakthroughs. Hallelujah. Isn’t that good?

Be mindful of your words…

Expect that. Look for that. Give Him thanks for that. After you pray, don’t go tell your friend or even tell yourself, “Well, I believe God can do it.” That’s just a Christianese way of saying, “I really don’t believe.” Even as pray-ers, let the Holy Spirit catch your attention or “arrest you.” If you’re saying things that refute or counter or stop up and block what God really wants to do, but because our words are stout or in opposition to what God has said or even what we prayed at times, He can’t. That’s how powerful our words are.

So let your words be prolific. Let them be full of life. Let them be full of truth. Let them be full of promise—the promise of God’s Word. Because even as you go about the day, you may not be “praying,” but what you’re saying is prophetic. And at times a form of prayer.

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