Prayer Summary May 16


Thank You, Father, that You are living in us and every day is fresh
We purpose, Lord, not to be a stagnant pond but to be right in Your river of fresh living water
Father, we thank You for freshness in our tongues, speaking out new things
Open that gate—fresh and alive in Jesus’ name
I hear the Holy Ghost say, “We’re getting things done”
Preparations are being made through our tongues, resources being delivered
Father, because we do have faith, we pray in tongues to stir up our faith and it is holy
Preparing to make a way—clear out a path, clear out a way!
Father, we are so blessed to be in this place; what a ride we are on, what a boat we are in!
Thank You, Father, for continually transforming us and showing us the truth; it is free and it makes us free
Going beyond, there is healing in tongues
Father, we thank You that hidden things are uncovered, revealed, and made right
From degree to degree to degree—dunamis power
We ask that You would bring before our spiritual eyes the souls who need strengthening, communicating through the Spirit to strengthen them
Today is the time; it’s not too late
Thank You, Father, for the labors to be free and go forth, for instructions from heaven for the steps to be made
For souls being drawn to seek more of You in the north, east, south, and west
There is no walls that can contain Your Spirit, Father
The Church of the living Christ will be one; it’s going to be all right
The time between the promise and the manifestation is the time to continually sing and praise
Father, we put our trust in You; we confess day by day that “It’s going to be all right”
Healings that need to be manifested will be manifested
Father, we ask You today to strengthen us that we would never quit
Revival will cover this land; You did it before, You will do it again and greater
How great You are God; let us sing to You how great You are
You are great in power, mercy, deliverance, wisdom, provision, and majesty
You are the greatest of the great and so much more than that
Because You are so great, we can say “It’s going to be all right”
Oh, You are great at refreshing us Lord; picking us up and setting our feet on a rock
Taking us from human emotions to our most holy emotions
Father, You are the lifter of our heads
There is no one like you; You are ours and we are Yours
Beautiful are Your feet and precious are You, Lord
You have put a new song in our hearts, and every day Your mercies are new
Father, we keep falling deeper and deeper in love with You, in the sea of Your goodness
Thank You, Father, that Your goodness will shine to all the ends of the earth
Revival is in the air night now; revival is ours, we receive it and walk in it each and every day
Father, because You’ve made the way, all we have to do is listen and obey
We will live in revival, not looking for anything other than simply abiding in You
Father, we receive the fire of Your Spirit by faith – a mighty Holy Ghost driven fire
We give You all the praise, all the honor and all the glory, in Jesus name

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