Prayer Summary for Thursday, June 09, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

♪ I’m redeemed from pain… In Jesus’ name, hallelujah! … I’m redeemed from the curse, and I put Jesus first, hallelujah! … I’m redeemed, I’m redeemed, I’m redeemed… And I say so… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

I like that. I’m redeemed. What I got from that was “I’m redeemed from status quo!”

Lately, we’ve been going over things about revival. I read new things about two men involved in revivals. William Seymour of the Azusa Street Revival and Evan Roberts in the Wales revival. William Seymour would minister with a box on his head which is unusual. For the visitors especially. His podium was made from a box crate. He would put it over his head. The reason he did it was so that he would be able to hear what the Holy Spirit was telling him to do. In the building, people were weeping and laughing. So much was going on because the Holy Spirit was moving on the people. He put the box crate over his head so he could hear nothing else but the Holy Spirit.

I always wondered why such a huge move of God only lasted three years. How could that be? I read that there were two leadership people that were involved in the revival who started planting seeds of dissent. They were not in agreement with William who was the pastor. They didn’t like it that he had a desire for revival. They weren’t in agreement with it.

What? What were you all doing there then?

It was two ladies. They decided to steal his huge mailing list. First they planted seeds of dissent and other leadership people got in agreement with them against him. And then they split and moved to Oregon and started their own ministry with his mailing list. They used his list to plant seeds of almost strife, so that people would start to think, “What’s going on? It’s chaos.” The fact that they stole the list and moved away and planted seeds of dissent is what stopped the revival. Their plan actually worked. But William Seymour stuck with it. When he exited earth, there were only a few family members and friends at his service. But he stuck with it until the end, in spite of what happened. He wasn’t really after the bigness of it. He just was after God.

Then there was Evan Roberts. I think the Wales revival lasted only two or three years in the early 1900s. He made such a point of not being the leader. However, he was the leader! He was the one that had the anointing. He was the one that answered the call. And he’s the one that started praying. We have this old print out of a picture of him and his prayer people (who were all women). It was just brother Evan and the women. The women prayed and prayed. He’s the one that carried the call as far as the beginning of the revival.

He had this thing where he always wanted to be kind of “nothing” in the services. Sometimes he would come in and just sit there in the front pew and wouldn’t do anything. He would just sit there and let the Holy Ghost move, which He would do. But eventually he had some kind of mental breakdown, some kind of mental attack. This woman who was used by the Devil convinced him to actually pull back or pull out. They said the revival will increase many times more. But it didn’t work because he was the one that had the call. He was the leader of it, even though he didn’t want to be lifted up. He had the right heart. But he never ever recovered. Once he left, the revival went down the tubes.

I thought about Evan. If he would have just kept listening in his spirit, I don’t think he would have pulled out. I think it would have kept going on. He listened to the voice of another person on this earth instead of his Heavenly Father. We have to listen and obey, right?

I want to read from this book by James Steward entitled Open Windows. There’s a lot in here about revival. This is a quote from James, “A church that needs to be revived is a church that is living below the norm of the New Testament pattern.” A lot of times, we look back at Pentecost and are like, “Whoa!” But we should be looking ahead. It’s still unfolding. He goes on to say, “So low has become the spiritual life of the average believer, that the glorious state which revival brings would seem abnormal to him.”

I love this story about revival that started to break loose in a church where James was ministering. What they would do is try to trace it back. When the Holy Spirit started to move and things broke out, they’d try to trace it back and see who was praying, what was going on and how did this happen. They tried to find out who was calling for it. He said revival doesn’t just come because of eloquent, great preachers or because of great organization.

Remember Pastor Lynne’s prophecy from March 9, 1995, where she said this is not an organization. The Holy Ghost said it’s a living, breathing organism. We’re not to be so organized that we organize Him right out of the church. We know revival does not come because of that.

He said, “It is the supernatural, spontaneous work of God, which commences in the secret place of intercession, because some believers dare to believe that God can fulfil His word even today. (Revival never begins with a great noise or with great crowds.) I could give countless illustrations of this blessed fact. I have known of whole groups of churches lifted up to a high standard of holiness and thousands of souls saved as the result of a few believers who held onto God to do a “new thing” (Isa. 43:19).”

He talked about a meeting he had in Europe. He “was concerned for no apparent reason, God had suddenly sent revival. In other cities, it usually comes after several weeks or even months of throne ministry. But here on the fifth day, the heavens were rent asunder, and we were deluged with heaven-sent blessing. One thousand believers packed the church building each morning for Bible study.” That was after five days; it started with seven people.

“Thousands heard the Gospel in the evening in a larger auditorium. So great was the hunger for the Word among the unsaved that there was no room for the believers in the evening service. I asked them to go to their own churches and pray and not take up the seats which should be occupied with unsaved. The spiritual distress among the unsaved was great, as the Sword of the Spirit stabbed their hearts night after night. It was midnight and after before I could leave the building. I was greatly disturbed in my mind and could not sleep, being at a loss to explain the “open windows” (Mal. 3:10). I had arrived unheralded and unknown, only by the invitation of the Holy Spirit. The meetings had commenced on a Friday night with some seven people at a prayer meeting.

“One evening the Lord very kindly allowed me to discover the secret of the blessing. Being afraid that I would not have sufficient power of the Spirit to proclaim the Evangel to the thousands who had gathered, I made my way to the basement of the auditorium in order to have a few minutes more of prayer. I began to pray in the darkness, but it was not long before I felt an overwhelming sense of the majesty of God. I knew right away there was someone else in the large basement, praying. I quietly put on the light, and there I saw at the extreme end of the basement some twelve sisters, flat on their faces before God. They were totally unaware of my presence. They were “inside the veil” touching the Throne, by the power of the Spirit, while upstairs God was working mightily among the unsaved.


That is such a good picture of “why are we praying!”

Erika shared…

This is the heart of the Father. This is what it’s all about. It’s not so we can say we’re blessed. It’s not so we can keep the blessing. It’s not so we can say we’re going to heaven. It’s about the heart of the Father. It’s about abundant life, the redeemed life. We have to get more. We have to give it away. We have to give it away.


Father, we lift up the pray-ers
A mighty band that will dare to believe You for revival

Barb shared…

Yesterday, when we were in prayer I turned away and walked to the wall, just like how Seymour would get in the box, so you can hear. Because if you can’t connect, then it’s really pointless. So I turned to the wall and what came out of my spirit was “It’s not enough. It’s not enough. What we’re seeing, what we have here, it’s not enough.” That was the cry that came out of my heart by the Holy Ghost. He was connecting there. It wasn’t just me saying it. It was Him agreeing with me. “This is not enough.” We need to cry out for more. We need to call out for a greater and a deeper. And it’s not because He’s not enough. Like Ray said, it’s because we’re not expecting more. We’re not pulling on Him for more. We need to be less connected with the world and more connected with Him. Because in that divine connection comes the things we desire to see in this earth in the Church. We know that darkness increases but the light is supposed to increase. The darkness is not to overcome the light.

Jerre led in worship and a powerful entreaty…

Now! Now! Now, Lord, now! Now, Lord, we cry. Now! Here! Nothing else will do. No program. You must come now! Father, come now!


The ways
Rend the hearts of Your people, O God
We will receive nothing less but now! Now, Lord!
Now move in Your pastors, Lord
In Your completeness, Father
Now open eyes, move deception out of the way
Righteousness now, Lord
The ways, the ways
The calls, the calls
Open, open the ways
Now the sons of God arise
Now, Lord!
Let the Church be bent, let it bend its knees
The outpouring of Your Spirit
We open ourselves now!
Obstacles, be removed in Jesus’ name… today!
Get out! Leave! Be removed in Jesus’ name

Pastor Ray shared…

Sounds. New sounds. I just heard that in my spirit. They’re about to break forth and they’re not sounds that have been heard. At least the way they will come. Because they are part of the new “now.” Sounds from heaven that will release, penetrate and change hearts and open them wider than ever before so there will be a great yielding in the Church for more. It won’t be man’s plans or ways. But God’s plan and His ways…

Mary sings in the spirit…

Pastor Ray shared…

I heard in your tongues, “People say there is a need and people say I go to church on Sunday. But the Spirit is calling for more than church on Sunday. He is calling for church on Sunday. Do not forsake yourselves from gathering together as members of the body. But there’s more,” saith the Lord. “There’s more than just church on Sunday. The doors are opening for the church to bend like it bent in days of old. Knees will bend and heads will bow and yield to the King of Kings. It may be in your home or it may be in your church place. Watch. Expect. Listen to the voice of the Spirit. And do what He says to do.”

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