Prayer Summary for Friday, June 10, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

♪ I’m no longer a slave to fear… From my mother’s womb, you have chosen me… Love has called my name… I’ve been born again to Your family… Your blood flows through my veins… I’m no long a slave to sin… For I am a child of God… I am no longer a slave to fear… I am your child, O God… ♪

There’s a prayer in the Word that is very simple; sometimes we pass right by it. Paul prayed it. I figured it was good. This is the little thing that he prayed: “I pray that you would be complete in Him.” Hmmm. Then he mentioned it again. “Be complete.” I don’t know about you, but I’m just going to confess that “I am complete in Him.” Amen? I pray that you all are complete. That says it all. If you want to cover something in prayer, pray, “be complete in Him.” So simple. It’s the simplicity of the Gospel—be complete in Him. We “are” complete in Him. He’s given us every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies. Pray for your families with that simple prayer. Pray for the Church to be complete. Pray for those in authority that they would be complete in Him. It’s so simple, yet so good.

Pastor Ray shared…

I had a strong desire to get back in here today because of yesterday. I was thinking about some of the different prayers prayed this week and about the heartfelt prayer of a righteous man or woman who is complete in Him. Like yesterday, Jerre, when you kept praying “Now,” I just listened and I wasn’t hooked up with it. But I know that if we just stick with it and stay in the flow, there is going to be a flood of the Spirit that will come upon us, a spirit of prayer. The spirit of prayer is a heartfelt prayer. It’s not that we jump up and pray loud or soft, sing, worship, or praise. It’s from the heart. He’s given us everything to be complete in Him… So when we sense that we’re not sensing maybe the heartfelt prayers, it’s up to us to do something about it ourselves individually.

This week, when one of the ladies was praying, I felt such a spirit of prayer upon her, it made me feel backslidden, to be truthful. I just thought, “Father! The spirit of prayer is what is needed in the Church.” I thought about how Evan Roberts would pray something like “bend the church.” I think it was him. Every time I think about that, I see the Church bending before Him and yielding and letting the river flow.

Barb shared…

I like what Jerre was singing about “simple” and Ray talking about the “connection”—getting into your heart and coming from that place. I have a testimony. On Wednesday evening I was going to go to service, and I had about an hour to get ready for service. I was making dinner for my family and I was on a tight schedule. I had things cooking on the stove and I decided that I needed to soften a stick of butter to make garlic bread. I put the butter on a dish and into the microwave and then did some other things and I realized I had forgotten about the butter. It was only supposed to be softened. My microwave is high up at this level. I go to take the dish out and the butter was a puddle. I pulled it out and it went everywhere, all down my hand. I screamed and my daughter goes, “Mom, are you okay? Did you get burned?” I looked at my hand and went, “Yup.” All here was red. I could feel the burn starting to come up. I just said, “I don’t have time for this.” I walked to the sink and turned on the water and as I started to put my hand under the water, all of a sudden I closed my eyes and I just thought of Jesus. And it left! It was all gone. The redness was gone. The pain was gone. It was this fast [snaps fingers]. Praise the Lord! Then I had to clean up all the butter. I was just singing and cleaning up the butter. My time is still ticking away as I was trying to get to church. I’m getting everything ready and thought, “I’m going to have to change my clothes cuz the butter came down on me.” I looked at my clothes and there was not a spot on me. I was wearing a white shirt. I said, “Are you kidding me, Lord? Two miracles!” But simple! It’s so simple. All I had to do was stand there and think “Jesus, You’re so amazing.” And it just lifted. I have no marks or scars. Anything. I stayed in that “simple.” But it’s that “connection,” just taking time to connect.

This morning I was reading about Elijah and talk about somebody who had a connection! That heartfelt prayer, giving him an opportunity to operate in Him. Remember when Elijah was on Mt. Carmel and it was a battle between the prophets of Baal and Asher too and they both built altars and he said the God who answers by fire He’s the true God. Elijah put the word out there that His God was the true God and His would answer by fire and He did. He demonstrated Himself.

If you remember after that, it hadn’t rained in the land for three years and he said, “I hear the sound of rain.” How come nobody else heard the sound? I think he had a connection. Because nobody else said, “I hear the thunder.” He heard the sound and so he went and bowed down and he drew on that connection and kept sending his servant out till he saw a little bitty cloud. “I see something is coming. I see it.” He’s going to demonstrate again. So it’s all about simple, keep it simple. And connect. That heartfelt connection.

Woman shared…

I want to share something that I’m reminded of Wednesday service that Pastor Ray was teaching. And Jerre went forward and she said, before people could be prayed for she wanted to share something. She said she was going to address the devil and commanded him to unlock the doors. I just feel that I know I have been called to prayer and I used to wonder why. Sometimes obstructions and blockages stop the call of my life and I couldn’t get the breakthrough that I wanted. And that Wednesday when I came into the meeting I was saying, “God, I need something from you. I don’t know what it is” and before we even went forward, I really felt the Holy Spirit so strongly that when I stood up I was swaying back and forth. I remember Cindy coming to pray for me and we went down with her. I stood up and couldn’t walk and Pastor Ray laid his hand on me and I went down again. It was all so wonderful. But from that day, I have not stopped crying about the goodness of the Lord. I feel that there is nothing we can do without the Holy Spirit. There is no way we can pray and get a breakthrough until we connect with the Holy Spirit and your heart… He’s after your heart. He wants to light the spirit of man so that we can connect in prayer. So this last week, I have seen the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living and I pray that we would connect with Him …


The principle thing, it is the principle thing
Come back to that place
We prepare for the days
You are our sustenance, Lord
The enormity of You, of Your power, of Your presence, of Your anointing, of Your grace
You are great and mighty; You are exalted; there is none like You; You are good and faithful and true
You are the one—You answer by fire
You set Your ministers aflame, aflame, aflame—all-consuming fire
You cause those things to be burned up—every hindrance to that connection
You be burned out in the name of Jesus Christ
Every piece of dead wood removed
Every blockage in the name of Jesus
Everything that’s been dammed up to be broken away in Jesus’ name
So there is a river that flows freely
The anointing flows freely—every place
Open it up, open up, open, open, open
It’s rising, the waters are rising
The river is overflowing the banks
The mighty river, a well springing out
It’s a deluge, a flood of the Holy Spirit, a flood of the anointing
A flood of the power, a flood of compassion
Obey! Obey! Obey!
Power, power in the name of Jesus
And increase and awareness of the power in the name of Jesus
In that name, everything bows
Everything trying to come against the plan of God, you bow in Jesus’ name
Now, now, now—Get out of the way!
Demonstrations—great happenings in the name
Uncovered, it’s being uncovered… there is a seeing of things being uncovered, to see the way and to yield to that
Momentum, a furtherance
Rivers, the rivers, the waters, I see the waters, I see the deepness of the waters, I see it rolling and unfolding
I see the people, I see the church in the waters
Shake the Church, Lord
No more hearers only, shake the Church, Lord!
Eyes to see, ears to hear what Your Spirit is saying, Father
The love of God, the mercies of God, the presence of God
It’s breaking, it’s breaking
That they would see Your goodness, Father
Consuming fire

Prayer ends with singing in the spirit…

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