Prayer Summary for June 13


Father, we thank You for Your presence that surrounds us today
We ask You to cover us with that precious blood of Jesus
Lifting up those families in Florida that have lost loved ones
Surround those who have been wounded, Lord
Give them strength and comfort in this time of need
Praying that those souls would come to know You, Father
We know that You will turn those things meant for evil to Your good
So we lift up those families and we ask that they would turn to You, Lord
Precious Holy Spirit, we send a supply of Your presence to those families
We plead the blood of Jesus over them, today!
Lord, You are the comforter, so we send Your comfort to surround them
Praying for open hearts, to open up to You, despite the tragedy
That they would turn to You, Lord
We lift up ministers in that area, that they would be able to minister in an open, holy, and respectful way
Father, uncover those hidden things, and realign those things according to Your plan and purpose
There are so many preparations that need to be made, and alignments that have to come forth
By Your Spirit, Father, we pray out beyond this situation and out into the future
We are out front, preparing ways, and uncovering things that needed to be uncovered
Lifting up our leaders that need to lead, and lifting up the Church and the body
We need to continually pray in tongues about these situations, because we don’t know how in our English language to pray them out
We know to plead the blood; we know to take authority against the enemy, and the works of the enemy
We call them out, we call them down and we call them away in Jesus’ name!
We hold fast with the blood, we hold fast with the confession of our faith
Give us wisdom from the highest power!
We watch on the wall, give us eyes to see those things that need to be prayed out, Father
Watching over those ways!
The blood, the blood, the blood, the blood, we plead, use and declare the blood of Jesus!
We declare the power and the authority through the blood and in the name of Jesus!
Lifting up all of the plans, all of the details, all of the revelation needed, all of the resources and all of the wisdom
Give them open eyes, Lord
We come into the throne room, covered in the blood of Jesus
Bringing those things before the Father, today!
We will continually come to that place, to the very throne of grace!
Keeping our eyes fixed and focused on You, Lord
That we would stay in that place of perfect peace and rest in Him
Fill us with the power of Your precious Holy Spirit
Watching over those things that we have been called to watch over
Using the blood, knowing the authority that we have been given through the blood of Jesus
We are protected, we are healed, and we know that everything will work out right!
You are the King of all Kings, and the Lord of all Lords
We hold the blood against the enemy in every way!
Continually watching, keeping our eyes and ears opened, listening internally to what You say to do, say, and pray
Your Holy Spirit is leading and guiding every step we take, Father
Holy Spirit, You are so welcome in this place, flood our hearts and fill us with Your presence
Father, we purpose to keep the covering of the blood each and every day
Apply it, use it, believe in it, and declare it
Give us the words to speak, Lord
We are so desperate for more of Your presence in our lives
Keeping our eyes fixed and focused on Your plan and purpose for our lives, Father
We will not be moved by the enemies’ ways, but we would be moved by You
Yielding and trusting in You with all of our hearts
Today is the day, and we declare this day blessed and we cover it in the blood
Lifting up pastors and we plead the blood of Jesus over each and every one of them
Declaring that they are blessed coming in and blessed going out
That whatever they put their hands unto would prosper in Jesus’ name!
We declare that all their needs would be met according to Your plan and purpose, Father
They shall walk out the plan and purpose You have for them!
Thank You for the revelation within them, of Your goodness, mercy, grace, and love

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