GPAN 6-8-16

Scripture focus…

(3) “Restore us again, O God; and cause Your face to shine [in pleasure and approval on us], and we shall be saved! Psalms 80:3 (Amp.)
(Revive us again Lord)”

(14) “Turn again, we beseech You, O God of hosts! Look down from heaven and see, visit, and have regard for this vine!” Psalms 80:14 (Amp.)

(18) “Then will we not depart from You; revive us (give us life) and we will call upon Your name. (19) Restore us, O Lord God of hosts; cause Your face to shine [in pleasure, approval, and favor on us], and we shall be saved!” Psalms 80:18-19 (Amp.)

(There are many different ways we could look at the saved part. This morning I just looked at it like saved out of our complacency, out of own deals, plans that are just ours and not His, saved out of deadness that we might be revived, restored, lit up, and lifted up.)

Pastor Ray shared…

There are a lot of things we can say about revival that are not really revival. They could be a part of revival but I wrote down a few things when I went through those scriptures.

1. Revival is the glory of God invading man’s plans, man’s ways, the church, the earth.
2. Revival means change.
3. Revival is always inevitable to those who welcome it. How do we welcome it? We yield ourselves to the Holy Ghost, to the glory of God, we are open to it, we are hungry for it, we keep desiring it.
4. Revival is an encounter with the power of God that changes you so deeply that it affects every area of your life and everyone around you, every member of your family, every relative, every friend, everyone you come in contact with. This encounter with God changes us and it continually is working through us.
5. Revival most of the time is offensive to the religious norm.
6. Revival is life invading the half dead. Sometimes we allow deadness, complacency to come in almost in a religious way.
7. Revival is the power of God breathing life back into His people
8. Revival is a light to lost souls. Just because people are being saved, that is not revival but revival causes the power and the momentum and an increased anointing to minister to those who are lost.
9. Revival is breathing fresh passion back into the Church.
10. Revival is normal. It should be normal Christianity.
11. Revival is a restoration of compassion in us, through us, and that’s how it works for the lost, compassion for them.
12. Revival is bringing the Church back to God’s purpose.

I remember when Vicki Jamison Peterson came here to minister. After one of the first services she did, I remember talking to her facing this sanctuary on the left side of the platform. She came up to me and said “You people are dead. You have gone cold.” I said “What! We are?” I had thought we were doing pretty well. But just her observation from an outside perspective, she could see that we were not where we used to be, even where we were before and that, I believe, was one reason why she came at that time because she was a fire lighter, a distributor of the fire of God.

We as members of the Church and people called to pray, we’ve not come this far to step back or step away or yield to complacency or status quo. We have been called to press ahead like never before. There is resistance, yes, but that is from the enemy. And we have been given the authority and the anointing within us to go through. We can call it breakthrough, we can call it an awakening, revival, a fresh stirring, a fire but it is God’s glory upon us. We need it. We want it. We are hungry for it. We have to have it. That’s how we must be. We need it. We have to have it.

Ms. Sharon shared…

When you were talking about revival, this is one of the things I observed when Vicki and I were in the Ozark meetings that went on for over two years. Revival is not convenient. It doesn’t come when our schedules are empty of anything else. It doesn’t come when everything is going great in our lives. Revival comes when people are crying out for it with every fiber of their being and they’re willing to lay aside schedules, they are willing to lay aside vacation time, they are willing to do whatever it takes to bring that presence and that change into the community and into their lives. And until we get to that place, where nothing else is as important as revival, we won’t see it like we want to see it. And there are people in this church that have been fervently crying and praying out for revival with all their hearts. That’s why you are here because you want to draw closer to God. And that’s very much what revival is and it’s not convenient to be here at 8:30 a.m. or 7 a.m. in the morning, it’s not convenient to be here at night for a Bible study and prayer but it is what it takes to see it. And so when we get there… we’ll get there.

Ms. Sharon led us in singing “I’ll Say Yes, Lord, Yes”

Ms. Florence cried out in prayer…

Father, we cry out to You this morning!
Oh, revive us again, Father!
Send Your Holy Spirit and come!
I pray this morning for Your new mercies!
We are tired of the status quo, Father!
We are tired of the status quo!
We need a fresh touch of Your Holy Spirit, Lord!
We cry out for revival this morning, Father!
We cannot make the next step without You, Lord!
We pray for the fullness of Your Spirit!
Lord, we empty ourselves this morning!
We lay aside every weight! We lay aside every little deal oh, Father!
We enthrone You this morning, oh God, and cry out for revival, oh Lord!
Will You revive us, revive us Lord!
Cry out, cry out, cry out to the Father!
He’s able to save you to the uttermost!
Cry out to God! Lift up your voice and cry out to Him!
Not a lukewarm church, either be hot or be cold!

Continued praying…

Glory on us, glory through us
Each one of us
OOooohhh the Glory!
Signs and wonders – more and more of You
Saturate us Lord – we yield to the more
It’s the sound of rain
See the way to go
Signs and signs and signs
We yield to that more
Restoration of All THINGS – we are contending, Father
Yes, that’s increase – proceed
Open all the eyes to see as You see, Father
Beholding as in a mirror – the glory!
The fire and love shed abroad in every heart by the Holy Spirit
Looking into the perfect law of liberty – transformed
Restoring – a spirit of adoption that cries out Abba Father
Identity as sons and daughters
The earth cries out for the revealing!
There is a call – the sound calls to remind us “To contend!”
Revival, that’s the way you will see it come
Open, open, open…
For there is a way, this is the way, this is the day
To have what we say, this is the day for revival
For the glory to fall, for the glory to flow
Pour out Your glory, walking in the way
We say yes, we keep saying “Yes Lord!”
To all Your ways, to all Your plans
Quick to obey and say I’ll go that way – yes, yes, yes, Lord!

Ms. Sharon led us in singing “I’ll Say Yes, Lord, Yes” & “Revive Us Again”

Continued praying…

By faith we do receive the greater infilling of Your Spirit this morning, a fresh baptism of fire with us that equips us and strengthens us to say “Yes” to You. We purpose to be quick, when You speak, to say yes and to do… use our feet, hands, mouths to carry out Your plans. Thank You, Father, that You are reviving the Church. Revival is beginning to rise up! We believe it. By faith, we receive it. The whole body, every tributary, every part revived, awakened, up out of complacency with fresh fire and new desire, greater desire! Hallelujah, we thank You for it.

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