Prayer Summary for November 19


I just happen to turn on the TV Saturday morning and there was a Lance Armstrong special playing. I thought how shocking it was that someone could lie so well on a worldwide stage and how those lies progressively got worse and worse. He even became vindictive against people who commented concerning his situation. One of those people was Greg LeMond who had won several Tour du France titles (the right way). He had made a simple comment and ended up losing almost everything because of it . What he said basically was “Either this is the greatest comeback in any sports history or it’s the greatest sham.” He didn’t say it was one way or the other, but that comment was what took him down because people came against him because they believed the lie.

My brother and I were talking about it, and he said he would always tell his wife, “Why do you read those fictional books?’” He said he liked to read things that are real, but it turns out he has a whole collection of Lance Armstrong fictional books. He had thought he was reading the truth when he was really reading a lie.

I thought, Thank God the Word is true. There are always people who put different interpretations on it but rightly divided, the Word is always true. When people do not tell the truth, they end up getting deeper and deeper and then being exposed.


Years ago, I did a teaching for a prayer meeting on taking your place in the body of Christ. I believe it was inspired by the Spirit to demonstrate the impact of individuals on the body. The Lord had me take hundreds of rubber bands and hook them all together. Everyone put their hand in one and connected to another. Then I began to ask different questions that would enlist them to raise their hand as a response. What happened was when one person responded it caused others to move and be impacted. What we are talking about is the connection that each member has to the rest of the body. It is important that Christians occupy their places and do their parts because it will affect the body as a whole.


Father, we want all that is locked up in You
Thank You for Your body working together as a company of believers and receiving more from You
We come before Your throne of grace today with our cry for more of You
Thank You, Father, for a supernatural outpouring in this nation and across this earth
That You would be seen—Your goodness
That no man would say—where is their God?
We are contending for an outpouring of Your Spirit—start here, Father!
We are a hungry people for Your glory—let Your glory be seen in us!
Undeniable truths and evidences of Yourself
Breaking forth out of manmade traditions, demonic influences, lies, and deceptions into the mercy of God
Stepping out on Your Word, we simply believe You, Father
Father, we ask You to release a supernatural hunger and thirst for You in the earth
It is all about You in the midst of us
You bring a furtherance, increase, and we look to Your plan and Your purpose
Reaching by faith in Jesus’ name
There is a call for it going out, we cover that way in the blood of Jesus
Walking in that way!
Limitations, be removed in Jesus’ name
Details be uncovered in the Spirit
A specific day—TODAY!
It’s a race—deliberately moving and contending for those steps
We see it, we seek it with great expectancy today
More of Your glory, more of Your presence!
We call for the steps to break through into the new—openings in Jesus’ name
Father, thank You that You will reciprocate, You will respond!
We watch over it in Jesus’ name
Binding hindrances that would keep this nation from moving in the right direction in the name of Jesus
Father, open our eyes, open our ears
Moving beyond into a new day!
He is calling You, summoning you because it is time to press forward to that bright and shining day as a nation
It is the perfect time and that is NOW!
This time, this nation
Steady as we move into what we would say is “brand new”
Not one will be missed, not one will be left behind!
Every color, every creed, everyone that has been disenfranchised or kicked to the side
Every part, every element, everyone will be one even as You are one
All of it is going to be Yes and Amen—The Whole of the body IN THIS DAY AND HOUR!
IT’S A JOY!! It’s the contending from Heaven to move forth
We thank You, Father, for secrets being revealed now
It’s a heaven-sent recipe for success, victory!
Now is the time … for this is the hour … for it has been prepared … it has been opened by the blood of the Lamb!
We pray over that show—over that revealing
Pleading the blood over the decisions that have yet to be made
New territories, realms, they may be messy and uncomfortable places but that is okay because that’s what faith is all about!
Shaking in a good way—shaking all that should be shaken
To sense the moving of the Spirit—moving out like a cattle drive—MOVE OUT!
To higher realms, out of the status quo
We call the Church to “MOVE OUT!”
Lord, Thank You for the body of Christ gathering together under the direction of the HOLY SPIRIT
I hear the Spirit of God saying “Who’s with me? Move Out!”
Thank You, Father, for being the Way Maker!
For Your operations, Your purposes, and Your plans all along this way
We give You all the glory, honor, and praise this day

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