Prayer Summary for November 13


Lord, we worship You
We humble and bow ourselves before You!
We worship who You are—our King, Savior, Healer, and Way-Maker
You have set us free with the blood that was shed on Calvary
Through that, You have given us a seat in the heavenlies
Show us what we are to do in these days that Your will may be fulfilled
Help us to speak the Word of life over things
Bringing forth the anointing that delivers, sets free, and heals
You get all the glory!
Thank You that we can come before You through the blood!
We thank You for the blood of Jesus today!
Through the blood, we are made children of the most high God!
There is an empowering of strength through the blood
We have been made righteous
Seeing people from every country, every background coming into the kingdom
Alterations and changes being made
The Spirit of God changing the atmosphere
A steady accumulation of names is being written in the Lamb’s Book of Life
Praying for boldness and courage for the new ones to come up and be bold about it
Calling for fresh baptisms of the Holy Ghost
Many in these hours being turned from Saul’s to Paul’s!
Positions of authority taking their stand
All Your ways are beautiful, Lord!
Father, we lift up the people groups in the entertainment business, the media, and the medical fields
Praying for a greater influence for those who have been called to those arenas
Visit those who have a divine heritage that they may be apprehended for Your purpose
We know there are godly people in the media—men and women who have been called to be voices of truth!
Lift them up to a higher standard and make them Your mouthpiece
Covering every aspect of their ministry in that field
Seeing divine intervention in the media!
Strengthen the men and women that they may stand strong and not back down
Loosing angels and ministering spirits to take over the airwaves for Your message to go forth
Lifting up the financial end
Moving over into the medical scene
Praying for men and women who have been called to rise up in this time
Bring forth divine utterances and discoveries of You, Father!
Calling forth men who will humbly bow their knee
Applying the blood in a fresh way over every crack and crevice
No fear can abide there in Jesus’ name!
There are divine truths that must be resurrected!
A joining of the old and new
House calls won’t just be bags of medication but will be an empowerment of God!
Change is coming!
Things are being restored now naturally and spiritually!
It is necessary to keep praying and God will work out every detail!
Lifting up connections that must be made in the entertainment and media fields
Jesus, we lift Your name above all of these people groups!
We pray over the entertainment field and the Church
For churches not to become places of entertainment
Lord, we know we will be in the right place at the right time
We give You praise for all that You are doing!

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