Prayer Summary for November 14


Father, we exalt You today and abide in Your presence
We pray for America and our leaders
Help them to walk in the light of divine truth and make the right decisions
We ask that You would preserve our deep and dear relationship with Israel
Lord, we believe for You to turn the hearts of the leaders in Geneva, that they would stand with Israel
Awaken the president and this administration!
We bind the deceiving spirit that has tried to take hold of the world!
We pray for the Congress, that they would hold the line and stand for truth
For our lawmakers to have wisdom and discretion
Amplify the voice of those who speak the truth, Father!
We pray for the right plan to come forth during the negotiations next week!
Let the blinders come off of eyes of the leaders
Lord, we believe for every scheme of the enemy to be exposed
We pray for Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel!
Let the nations hear what he is saying, for his voice to be a voice of discretion and light
Father, by his voice, You will raise a standard that will put the enemy in its place!
Let everyone in Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet be stalwart!
Lord, we ask You to send angles and ministering spirits to assist in Jesus’ name!
Shutting the mouth of the evil men and terrorist organizations
We ask for confusion in their plans
We believe this crisis will come to nothing and will stop Iran in its evil plan
Father, You have strategic men and women for this time
Those who have a voice, let them stand and speak forth the truth
Thank You for the fear of the Lord in the hearts and minds of our lawmakers
We thank You for Your presence, Father!
We pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
Lifting up every plan, detail, and condition
Aid, help, and assistance in Jesus’ name!
God, have mercy on our nation!
Lord, help us to be watchful and understand more of the things that are taking place
We lift up every pray-er and their families
Lord, we worship You and know that You are working today!
Father, thank You for the wonderful presence of Your Spirit
We receive an increase of Your strength to do what You have called us to do
We will do our part!


Jesus said in Matthew 24 that times would be dark. As watchmen-on-the-wall pray-ers, it is important to remain engaged, sensitive to the Spirit’s leadings, and joined as a mighty force of agreement in this hour. This is a critical week as Israel and America make decisions regarding their future. Pray every day for Israel, the “apple of God’s eye,” and especially for Prime Minister Netanyahu, especially over the next ten days.

Please click here watch the following teaching on being a “watcher” in these last days and the importance of praying for Israel.

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