Prayer Summary for November 15


Father, we are thankful today!
You said to be being filled from one degree of glory to another
We are looking to all of the times of refreshing we will have in the future
Lord, we need You more than yesterday, to hear Your voice daily!
Your words cover and strengthen us, but we must come to You to hear them!
Impossibilities become possibilities
Our strength is renewed as we wait on You
We focus on You, Lord!
There are new things, new places, and new assignments
You are faithful!
We receive special anointings from above for the assignments that will change nations
Pour out the oil and the wine, Lord!
Pleading the blood over those assignments—they will be accomplished
The right words will be spoken!

Scripture Focus…

(14) “Therefore, my dearly beloved, shun (keep clear away from, avoid by flight if need be) any sort of idolatry (of loving or venerating anything more than God). (15) I am speaking as to intelligent (sensible) men. Think over and make up your minds [for yourselves] about what I say. [I appeal to your reason and your discernment in these matters.] (16) The cup of blessing [of wine at the Lord’s Supper] upon which we ask [God’s] blessing, does it not mean [that in drinking it] we participate in and share a fellowship (a communion) in the blood of Christ (the Messiah)? The bread which we break, does it not mean [that in eating it] we participate in and share a fellowship (a communion) in the body of Christ?”
(1 Cor. 10:14–16 Amp.)

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