Prayer Summary for May 22


Lord, You are all we need and want!
You are our EVERYTHING and the all-sufficient One!
Thank You, Father, that You didn’t just give us a little measure, but You gave us everything!
You are the source and the inspiration—the One who makes everything come to pass
Our hearts are overwhelmed with Your love, goodness, and grace
You gave Your greatest treasure so we could have Your greatest treasure
What amazing love—we stand in awe of You, Father!
The more we look into Your face, the more we love and yearn for You
Thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your presence and for the enabling to finish this race
We trust and lean upon You!
That every believer would know the overflowing power of Your presence
We call for the rivers of living water to overflow from the Church
Boldness, strength, and power are provided by You
We choose to obey and follow through
You have written this vision on the hearts of Your people!
We are looking for everyone to know the one and true God!
Minister by Your Spirit to the needs of humanity
Father, we are looking for an increase in that, but there needs to be an internal change and rearranging
Expecting each heart to overflow to see Your fullness!
Grace and abundance for this last leg of the race
We believe for supernatural stability to walk on Your Word in these last days!
Not having itching ears, but only looking to You
Your arm is not short to call up each part of the body of Christ!
Seeing scales falling off today
Blind eyes seeing—there is an unlocking
Taking authority over self-incrimination!
Father, we lift those who are still bound, and we call them to be loosed and walk in Your freedom!
Unlimited mercy and grace—right it in a right way!
That we would partake of the living bread and the meat of Your Word
Some things need to be left behind!
Applying the blood of Jesus over the assemblies
The timing must be right!
Calling for supernatural wholeness in families!
Courage to obey the orders given from heaven!
Applying the blood over all of the borders!
Lord, we are looking for the great unwrapping and loosing of the gifts in these days!
Give and it shall be given!
We are looking for the inheritance we have in You to be revealed in a new way
Lord, we are looking for the new
Pour out a fresh anointing upon the five-fold ministry gifts!
Where perfect love is, there is NO fear!
Father, there must be a revelation of the holiness of the almighty God!
Starting today, things are being removed by the Holy Ghost!
Men burning ablaze for You!
Lord, we are grateful that You are our EVERYTHING!

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