Prayer Summary for May 23


Everything comes from You, for You are the source of every good and perfect gift
Our eyes are upon You, and our ears are attentive to Your voice
We are overwhelmed with Your goodness, compassion, and glory
By Your Spirit, You are causing us to be changed from glory to glory
Lord, we trust our lives, the Church, and our families to You!
There is a daily sufficiency that is found in You
Lord, we repent for where we’ve missed it
By Your mercy and grace, lift us up
It is our prayer and cry that the Church would be enlarged
So that we could see Your way and seize every opportunity
We are pressing toward the great arising into Your Word and Spirit
Father, we press on and pray for a supernatural receiving
Supernatural aid and assistance by Your Spirit, Lord!
Help us to not depart from Your will and plan
Moving out in a new and fresh way!
There are vast territories and places that have yet to be explored
Unlock the treasures that are hidden in Your people
There must be an outpouring of love amongst the Church
We will not cave in or quit!
All that we need is found in You!
We release our faith for breakthroughs in the medical field!
Lord, we press and we yearn for the Church to function in all her glory
That as a Church, we would all understand whose we are and whom we serve!
To be highly skilled in Your operations
Lord, we must have a coming up and a coming out!
Walking out in boldness and courage
We will not bend, and we will not bow!
Looking for an enlargement of Your joy, O God!
An increase in operating by Your Spirit
Father, there must be an enlargement in finishing the things You have given us to do
Calling for a refreshing today—we partake of the living water!
The reward is in the finishing!
Calling for a propelling down the road by Your Spirit
There are projects where there must be a joining of assemblies
Laying down things that have separated us—one heart and one mind!
Not listening to many voices, but listening to Your voice only!
Applying the blood over five-fold ministry gifts
There must be a fresh wind of Your Spirit
Let fresh fire from heaven fall upon them!
Pour out a new measure of anointing upon them
Not laboring in our own strength, but it is by Your Spirit that we go!
Everything we need equal to the task at hand is found in You
Applying the blood over the command to “go ye!”
We simply believe that as we “go ye” today, You are going with us
Binding any limitation that is holding people back!
Father, it is our desire for You to be seen and glorified!
Let us be delivered from the busyness of life and long more for You!

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