Prayer Summary for March 22

Pastor Ray shared…

First this morning I want to read this, it’s from a pastor from Brussels. He is not pastoring in Brussels but he is from Brussels. If you read today in the news there was an attack at the airport and metro in Brussels. It is pretty chaotic and most everything in Brussels is shut down for now. This man, this pastor was… we have connections to Brussels through Lillian Rood. Both Lillian and John Rood pastored in Brussels for over 20 years. They are Rhema graduates and they got it on their heart way back then. It came around kind of through a prayer group that Phil and Fern Halverson were leading way back at that time in Tulsa. But we went on a prayer and missions trip in 1996 and so this pastor was an assistant to John and Lillian Rood. He was my interpreter. I had never had an interpreter so until you ever do that it’s awkward. I am not making light of anything that happened but it’s an interesting memory. This man’s name was Denato and this was our first trip to Brussels. While the meeting was going on and I was ministering, Denato fell out under the power. I didn’t do anything. All of a sudden the interpreter is on the floor. No one there understood English. They spoke French so Pastor Lillian Rood got up and finished out the service. I don’t know what happened to Denato.

He was so happy. He is a happy man. So both he and his wife are pastoring in another country right now but this is what he said. It’s interesting coming from someone that this is their home country. So this came out just a couple hours ago.

Donato Anzalone
Our country is under attack. I pray that God gives the wisdom to our government, the forces of the order, the army and to all citizens to learn how to handle this situation. I trust in our government, LED by Charles Michel, as well as to all the forces of the order and relief. We also call on our government to be vigilant at all news searches, and to pay attention when new arrests: each new arrest of characters of such a level that salah abdeslam should automatically be followed by the level 4 Security – (this was probably a mistake of not having done this week). Our government as well as the authorities responsible for the protection of our citizens should assign to residence judgment all suspicious persons as well as all those who have been radicalized by an Islam Salafi or similar. The airports and the department stores should be equipped with upon entry, metal detectors. The Salafis and radicalized should no longer work in airports, in public transport – everything must be done to protect our country. God bless our country, our government, our forces of the order, the relief and each of our citizens. I also think to families who today, have lost, beloved. We are with you.
Translated from French


We plead the blood of Jesus over the whole situation in Europe
Coming into agreement with Pastor Denato concerning Brussels
Hidden things be revealed
For the authorities so they will know what to do and where to go
Things that were meant for future terror would be stopped in Jesus’ name
We lifted some of this yesterday – if there is something else that we could have done, I repent
We believe to be out ahead
Not praying about the news but praying out ahead that some news things would not take place
Father, thank You for the comfort of Holy Ghost to those who have lost loved ones
That they would turn to You and not away
Revival in Brussels
Ministers and pastors to stay strong
Pleading the blood over the borders, all the borders
Devil, we remind you that You are defeated and under our feet
Declaring the name of Jesus over Brussels
Jesus is Lord there and over the whole earth!
Saying no to the spirit of fear
Not leaning on our own understanding but lifting it to You
Restoration over those that were wounded in Jesus’ name
Sending a supply of the blood of Jesus
Eyes to see and ears to hear
Praying over the nation of France – they will not be deceived
Some things from the government should not be spoken out
Uncovering those who try to escape – their location will be revealed
Covering Paris and all over France with the blood of Jesus
Some things decoded today
Every hidden thing brought right into the light
Thank You, Lord, for the rain of Your Spirit
All authority is in Your name, Jesus

Scripture focus…

Because when they knew and recognized Him as God, they did not honor and glorify Him as God or give Him thanks. But instead they became futile and [a]godless in their thinking [with vain imaginings, foolish reasoning, and stupid speculations] and their senseless minds were darkened. Romans 1:21 (Amp.)

That’s so much the case in so many parts of the world today. That’s the negative side of it. They didn’t glorify God as God. They didn’t do what we are doing right now, honor and giving Him thanksgiving as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the creator of the universe and in their own thoughts, imaginations they were vain, they didn’t give God glory. They thought they could do it. You know the Bible says they went into basically into darkness. But I want to just, over on the positive side, the opposite of all this is number one, to glorify God, magnify, just lift up the name. That’s what we are doing right now. We give Him glory, all the honor.

Annie led in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I think this is one of the ways yesterday we were talking about receiving the transmission from heaven that’s always coming 24/7. Opening up our hearts and one way we can do that is by glorifying and magnifying Him, keep lifting Him, keep thanking Him, recognizing the power of our own imaginations. Watch what we are thinking on, watch what we are thinking about and keep glorifying Him. Many times we can move over and start magnifying fear or doubt or lack but rather magnifying the Lord Almighty, our Father.

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for softening our hearts
Keeping them open to what You are transmitting to us
For showing us things to come
Staying tuned in to You by the Spirit
Lifting up the name above all names – Jesus
Declaring Jesus is Lord over the nations
All power is in that name
Thank You, Lord, for the Spirit of Seeing and Knowing
Opening and breaking it up
It’s a cleansing!
Heaven’s power on target in Jesus’ name
Communication lines are increasing
Calling all that is in darkness into the light – understanding
We say no to and break the plans of the enemy
Information increasing
A decisive point of conflict that turns back the enemy of all fronts
Brought to nothing in Jesus’ name
We loose ministering spirits on assignment to do Your will
Declaring light over the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, France in Jesus’ name

Annie led us in singing “Send the Glorious Gospel Light”

Continued praying…

We release the sound of salvation, the glorious gospel light
Nation to nation to nation, across America
Light, light, heaven’s light – the glorious presence of God
An awakening in Jesus’ name
When we declare His glory it keeps moving – we send it
The light goes and the darkness leaves!
Heart changes, eyes opened up, ears hearing from heaven
Thank You for it Lord – Your glory and Your presence

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