Prayer Summary for June 20


We are to continue to move upward
This call upward is greater than us for it is about the world
Jesus is our champion!
We pray for the Church to turn to You and experience Your goodness
As you turn your eyes to the Lord, light will shine upon your path
By the Holy Ghost, revelation, understanding, and anointing will flow
Father, we pray for greater experiences in You
Give us strength to climb and go higher in You
There is greater vision and revelation there
Jesus, You be praised and glorified today!
We see and receive of Your Spirit, and we will not hold back!
The calling of Your Spirit will be heard
Each one will go all the way to the finish line
Eyes being opened
Calling for a little more unwrapping
We are going beyond what we have known
Father, we must have a greater revelation of the blood
For the Church to do more!
This nation shall be saved!

The remainder of Morning Prayer was spent in worshiping the Lord.

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