Prayer Summary for June 23


The following commentary to Acts is taken from The Revival Study Bible:

Work of the Spirit, Changing the World

Acts might be called the Acts of the Holy Spirit; it is not really just the story of special people, but of our extraordinary God in special times of work with and through people. The crowd who huddled in the Upper Room on the day of Pentecost had no false illusions about their inherent suitability for the task of taking back a whole world. “Tarry,” He said. “Wait. Before you go, wait.” And day after day, they did. Forty days of seeking. You cannot do a supernatural task without a supernatural Savior. There never has been a revival in history without the preparation of the Upper Room. Gathered together, in one place, in one accord. Unity. Continued in Prayer. These are the essential conditions.

Before nine o’clock that morning, God put on a birthday party for the world, complete with candles, that sent out the Church speaking ordinary words in an extraordinary way with such abandonment, ecstasy, and noise that they were mistaken on the streets as being drunk or mad.

The tragedy of our time is that we are rarely so accused. We are not drunk and we are not mad, and if we are, it is not often because of extraordinary visitation. Revival brings the Church back to their first love, not the cold and calculating response to the pressure of the world, not legal pronouncement nor cold and bullying moralism, but joy in the morning.

Sometimes we think of “His-story” as something that has already been written and not a movie in the making. Yet there is no amen in the book of Acts. God is not yet finished working in His world.

Revival Through a Funeral

In 1870, an article in the South Australian Bible Christian Magazine pointed out that it was usually just one single Christian filled with the Holy Spirit who touched off a revival. The Christian needed to pray, believe, confess until he felt his heart “all subdued and melted by the Holy Spirit”; and until his love for Christ was “glowing, fervid and burning”; and until, like Jesus, he was in an agony of prayer over the lost.

In 1874, Rev. R. Kelley reported an influx of thirty converts at a small church near Kadina. At Bowden, an Adelaide suburb, some fifty or sixty were added to the Bible Christian Church—and even more to the Wesleyans. “There is nothing we so much want as a revival,” Kelley concluded. Within a few months, his prayer was granted. He was personally instrumental in what a contemporary witness described as a revival “unparalleled in the history of the colony.” There was fertile ground for such a harvest; some fourteen Methodist churches in the district, including the huge twelve hundred-seat Wesleyan chapel at Moonta Mines.

The awakening began there Sunday, April 4, 1875, with a funeral address by Kelley, for a popular and well-loved girl named Kate Morecombe whose death had been sudden and unexpected. Fifteen young people professed conversion. By the end of the week, through the efforts of the local ministers, the number had grown to forty-five. The following Sunday, a local magazine reported, “O! What a mighty display of the saving power of God! Throughout all the services of the day, God was present among us. Crowds of people came to the chapel to hear the word of life… At the close of the evening meeting…what a glorious sight we were favored to behold. Cries of mercy were heard from all parts of the chapel…”

Forty persons were added to the church. The revival touched both believers and unbelievers—all the members of the church choir and a number of Sunday school teachers were converted! But there were also conversions from unbelievers. During the following week, a circus arrived in town, but nobody attended—“all the people went to the prayer meeting.” The next morning, the circus left.

The revival spread from the Mines to the township. A notable feature was that ministers and members of Baptist, Wesleyan, Independent, Primitive Methodist, and Bible Christian churches all cooperated. In a period of six weeks, the community of twelve thousand estimated that twelve hundred and fifty were converted. (BC)

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Thank You, Lord, for Your precious Holy Spirit
There is authority and power in the name of Jesus!
By the Spirit, there is a shift taking place, and we call those souls in!
Father, we declare today that this city would be saved
Preparations are being made now in Jesus’ name!
No, we will not turn back, but we will press on to a higher calling in You, Lord
Praying that the lost would be found and not one soul would be left behind
Open their eyes, and soften their hearts toward You, Father
We declare that Your plan and Your purpose would be revealed in these days and in these hours
Calling for suddenlies, Lord, that things would be changed in an instant!
Abiding and taking our place of authority in You
We call and declare that impossibilities would become possible!
Whole nations would come to know You in an instant, Father!
The Spirit is leading and guiding us step by step
That we would move into new territories, new avenues, and new places of authority!
No, those things will not be held back in Jesus’ name!
Pleading the blood for clarity, freedom, and strength
What has begun shall be finished!
One by one, we will take our place, moving by His grace
We call for restoration, Father
Energize and refuel them, give them the strength to finish their race
Let the vision and the passion be a burning desire in the body of Christ
The fire, the fire, the fire, Father!
We call for hearts to be moved and touched by You, Lord
Lead and guide them into the plan and purpose You have for them
Accuracy and clarity of and by Your Spirit, O God
Magnify Your voice, Father
That they would hear Your voice above all others!
Keep them moment by moment, and day by day—have mercy on them, Lord
Greater opportunities, greater increase, and greater revelation is on the way!
There will be no more delays!
Words are being spoken to straighten those things out!
Calling for supernatural assistance of and by Your Spirit
We declare that no weapon, no plot of the enemy would come against us in Jesus’ name!
Pleading the blood of Jesus all along the way!
Let Your fire fall, Father
We adhere to Your will and Your plan
Clearing out that way, this is the right time and place
Calling for those that seem untouchable, and unapproachable—we call for their souls!
Divine collaboration, divine connections are being made, today!
We break through those barriers by Your grace, and we go by the blood of Jesus!
Names, names, names!
Asking for a visitation from You, open ears, open hearts to hear Your voice
Calling in the harvest of souls, Father!
Doors are being opened, and we will walk through those doors of opportunity!
Buildings will be shaken, and hearts will be moved
Pressing into new territories!
New contracts are to be signed and are being signed today!
Increase is on the way and it shall abound!
You are lining those situations up, right on time and right in time
There is power in the precious name of Jesus
Victory in Jesus’ name!
Declaring that Jesus is Lord over every state and every nation
We yield to You and bow our hearts before You this day, Lord
Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that You and You alone are God
Thank You, Father, that we take our place and position in You
There are more plans to walk out and more prayers that need to be prayed out
We call this day blessed in every way!

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