Prayer Summary for June 19


The following excerpt is taken from Contact With God by Jeanne Wilkerson:


Intercession is not strange. Despite what some people may think, it isn’t outlandish. Intercession is simply bringing two beings together who are separated by differences.

God illustrated this “bringing together” in His Word: God and man were once separated by sin. Therefore, it was necessary for One who knew both parties to bring , the two back together into harmony and relationship. As you know, Jesus performed this function.

In the same way, intercessory prayer reconciles God to man. Intercession is the prayer by which one reconciles two parties. When an intercessor prays, he or she brings two parties who are separated by differences back together again. But intercession isn’t a formula.

Do you know why the Gospel writers did not discuss Christ’s prayer life in detail? Have you ever wondered why we don’t even know much about how Jesus prayed? The answer is that God didn’t want any of us to cut out a mold and say, “If you don’t do it this way, you’re not doing it right.” In other words, there is not just one correct way to pray.

The act of prayer is as unique, intricate, and beautiful as God Himself. Hallelujah! Therefore, it is wrong to tell people that if they don’t pray like you do, they’re not praying correctly. That is simply not true!

If the universal church of the living God focused all the tributaries of prayer that flow from the main stream of God into the world today, we could turn the world right side up in no time. That is the truth! There is unfathomable power in prayer.

I sense that we Christians today have never yet realized the power at our command through prayer. Through the powerful release of prayer, for examples we can influence the world’s system and bring to pass the … promises and blessings of God!

For every promise, there must be a day of fulfillment. It isn’t enough to keep talking about the promise. We must see the promise come to pass!

Do you know why we need to pray? It used to always bother me when Christians talked so much about prayer. I thought, Why do we talk about prayer all the time? What’s the necessity of prayer? Why is prayer so important? And why are we commanded to pray, being assured of its blessings and benefits? Why? There has to be a reason.

God showed me why, and I’ll tell you. The reason we are commanded to maintain a vital prayer life is so that we can commune with God. When He created man in the beginning, He put him in that perfect paradise known as the Garden of Eden. It was there in the cool of the day God Himself came to earth to walk and talk with man face to face. (Gen. 3:8.) Unfortunately, the vision barrier caused by sin prevents mankind from seeing God. But God has never ceased speaking. When the Holy Spirit of the living God was poured out on the Day of Pentecost, He began to remove the sound barrier so man could hear His voice.

Likewise, because of sin, our eyes are incapable of seeing God. Consequently, we can no longer meet with Him face to face as we once could before sin entered in.

Now, we must come back into communion with God, talking and walking with Him through the new birth and by the Holy Spirit. Until the day comes again when faith will become sight and we can again walk and talk with God face to face, we must commune with God by faith. In the meantime, the only avenue of seeing Him, hearing Him, and touching Him is by moving with Him in prayer. Hallelujah!

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Lord, we come before You and we reverence You!
Our eyes are turned to You
We pray about the spiritual tools given to the body of Christ
Receiving direction and instruction
Calling for stability
Move more in the right way
Pushing out the boarders—there are steps that are to be made
There is deliverance in the right way, so step out and move further
The way will turn when it needs to turn, and it will stop when it needs to stop
Inaccuracies, get out and be removed
Fear, you have no place for victory is here!
Declaring restoration for that—it is better than it ever was!
Boldness, courage, and an enablement to go
Making the right decisions for the land
Loosing angels and ministering spirits—go and work on our behalf!
Pleading the blood over embassies
We lift up every branch of the military—eyes to see and ears to hear
Praying for right decisions and plans to be made
Father, we pray for the president and everyone who is speaking into him
His mind is covered in the blood
Lifting up the leaders of the nations
Great cooperation with the Word in these days across every nation
No boundaries or limits—a fresh move and renewing
Mounting up and taking a place of authority now
By faith, we reach further
There is all kinds of reaping
Lifting up Dubai
Nothing can stop the Holy Ghost from moving
We get up on our post and watch
The Master has called You to walk out into Your destiny
One turn, one decision, and everything is new
Father, we thank You for the new for it defeats complacency
We let every limit be removed
Receiving new strength, sight, and hearing to receive all of the new
Pleading the blood over all things new
By faith, we can do all things through You, Jesus!

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