Prayer Summary for June 18


In Jesus name, we call for moderation in the weather patterns—not too cold, not too hot, not too wet, and not too dry!
We are praying for a Holy Ghost rain to pour out upon the people
For hearts to be softened and yielded to You, Father
Lord, we need heaven-sent change
We are believing for the rain, wind, oil, and fire of the Spirit
There must come a greater desire and passion for Your presence
Ignite a flame in us
We WILL finish the race
Our eyes are only upon You
We lift up the timing
Calling for new patterns and ways
Going back to the things that were put on the shelf
Tuning up those plans to have greater clarity
Lord, we pray to have more of Your precious glory to move through the walls of separation
Seeing restoration for the things that were broken
Everything being turned around—it is global restoration
Centering in on every detail of the plan
Father, we expect for Your plan to be carried out to the end!

The remainder of Morning Prayer was spent in worshiping the Lord.

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