Prayer Summary for July 22


Jesus, we worship You in this place
We enter into Your presence; the way has been prepared for this hour

A Word of the Lord came forth:

Walk in more of My power. Enter in. Enter in. Draw like You said You would do… and drink and receive My presence, My power. Enter in, enter in by the blood. For the blood of My Son has made the way; cleared up, cleared out, and removed every other way. One way, by and through the blood, today. Enter in covered, protected, directed; receive again and again and again. Enter in again and again and again and receive, receive.

Better to go this way. It’s better for this way has been prepared and it is a better way. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go. Every care, every blockage, every hindrance. Let go and enter in liberally, freely. Steady, steady, steady, steady, each and every step stay steady. That way, that way, that way—enter in. For that is the way, going beyond.

Rest in Me but move out through Me in My way. Yes, and watch and watch and watch and declare and say and believe and receive. Look, look, look, and run and run and run and look. Beyond that, that is the way but beyond that way. Bring it all. Bring it up, and bring it to Me.

Continued praying…

Father, we thank You for directing us to enter into more of the restoration You have so abundantly provided
Bigger, further, greater—it’s beyond that!
Father, we ask that You would illuminate our understanding in that right way
We cover that master plan with the blood, for this day and hour
Not so low but up above; not so way back but up in the front
Thank You, Father, for helping us to move in the right plan and march in that right way
Renew, restore, renew!
We apply the blood over the names of those, over every detail concerning their callings
Thank You, Father, that You know the names, the times, and the seasons
Father, we call those things united together that have been called but not received
Stay steady in it—endurance in the spirit
Father, we ask for words to speak and declare that would take us out further in Jesus’ name
It’s part of the race, part of the call of the Church to press out in those new ways!
Steps in the way to our final destiny!
We declare an opening up now for every member of the body to run in that right plan in Jesus’ name
Those are words that are keys!
Calling, declaring, and believing to receive—EXPECTATION!
Some things get completed and then there is more
Thank You, Father, that changes have begun in every city and in every nation
That’s restoration—becoming better and going further!
We thank You, Father, that it is by Your blood
By faith, we push aside and move out those obstacles; we see the door
Declaring the right way for every nation!
Staying on our base of operation and preparing for the assignments that have come
Over the shadows and into the light—It’s BRIGHT!
Thank You, Father, for the shifting and positioning of every member of Your body into their specific place
For continual direction, insight, and protection over all of Israel in Jesus’ name
We thank You, Father, for this day and call it supernaturally blessed
We give You, Father, all the praise and all the honor in Jesus’ name

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