Prayer Summary for July 17


Jesus, thank You that we get to come before You daily
Thank You for the determination You have put within us
We thank You for the days of increase that are coming our way
Lord, we know that we need to be continually refreshed in Your fire!


The following commentary to Matthew 3:11 was taken from the Revival Study Bible:

The Baptism With Fire
Matthew 3:11

Fire Illuminates
Fire illuminates, but no fire illuminates like “the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire.” When a man is baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire, truth that was once dark to him becomes instantly as bright as day; passages in the Bible that he could not understand before become as simple as ABC; and every page of God’s Holy Word glows with heavenly light. This kind of baptism will do more for talking the infidelity and skepticism and false doctrine out of a man than any university education.

Fire Makes Warm, It Makes Us Glow
You and I are cold—oh, how cold we are! And the Lord Jesus takes us and He plunges us into the fire of the Holy Spirit. We begin to grow warm, and soon we glow—glow with love for God, glow with love for Christ, glow with love for the truth, glow with love for perishing souls. Men and women, the great need of the day is men and women on fire.

Fire Imparts Energy
Science tells us that every form of energy can be transmuted unto fire. When a baptism with fire comes, then comes power. That was the principal manifestation at Pentecost. The fire of God fell, and with the energy of that fire, men went out from the Upper Room and three thousand people were converted.

Fire Spreads
Nothing spreads like fire!

Fire Reveals
1 Corinthians 3:13—Each man’s work shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is. The night I prayed to God to baptize me in the Holy Spirit, the first thing that came to pass was that I had such a revelation of myself as I had never had before. A revelation of yourself as God sees you!

Fire Refines
Malachi 3:1–3 speaks of the purifying power of fire. Water will not cleanse as fire does. What we need is the fire of the Holy Spirit penetrating into the innermost depth of our being, burning, burning, burning, cleansing.

Fire Consumes
Ezekiel 24:11–13 illustrates the consuming power of fire, fire of judgment that will consume the filth of Jerusalem. And the baptism of fire consumes, in fact cleanses by consuming; it burns up all dross, all vanity, all self-righteousness, all personal ambition, all ungovernable temper.

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Continued Praying…

There needs to be a fresh outpouring upon every church and ministry
For the Church has been called upward!
Father, we are hungry for a fresh infilling, illumination, and revelation!
Your fire makes us holy and removes all of the old
Self MUST get out of the way
Praying over the position of authority in the Church across the earth
For them to be filled with fresh fire and desire
Seeing the Church aglow!
Miracles will come about because of the fire
When the fire burns, you will walk in a higher position in Him!
Lord, send Your fire today!
All of the old plans will be burned out
By the Holy Ghost, leaders must know the steps to take ahead of time
We are circling around a plan of God
It shall come to pass and it will not be lost
Calling things to be straightened out now
We are asking for Your glory to fall!
Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!
You are helping us to not settle for less
Have Your way in us each and every day
You are our strength and way maker

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